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  1. Ladyaruba

    2nd Alaska Cruise

    Did our first ever land/sea trip in June to Alaska onthe Noordam. We want to do another in June of 2020 but without the land portion. We won’t mind doing some of the same ports(Juneau & Ketchikan) but would like some others also. We would also like a little bit bigger ship with a little more to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. Ladyaruba

    Team Trivia - maximum team size?

    1 night they had scattegories also Don't know team amounts though
  3. Ladyaruba

    Team Trivia - maximum team size?

    Separate from regular trivia. They had it twice
  4. Ladyaruba

    Team Trivia - maximum team size?

    6 person limit on the Noordam! The Music Trivia was fun!
  5. We did the land-sea tour from Fairbanks to Seward where we boarded the Noordam to Vancouver. I will do a full trip report once I get things settled back here at home. This was our first cruise and while we had a great time and saw lots of Alaska, We don't think cruising is our thing. No particular reason though! HAL was very organized and everything went smoothly thruout the whole trip. I have no other ship to compare this one to so I can't say much about that subject. It does need some updating but was fine for us. Lots of the tips we received from this forum were helpful and some didn't apply to us at all. No need for magnet hooks in SS 8058. Nothing metal! Maybe the inside cabins? No need for highlighters. The navigator App showed everything that was going on for the day. Just add to your itinerary and you were set for the day! If I can answer any questions, please ask. I will try to get a report done soon! There were both pros and cons but like I sad, it was a great trip and Alaska is amazing!
  6. We also just returned from the Noordam trip. We were offered Expediated disembarkment. We filled out a form a couple days ahead. All we did at the airport was checkin, drop off luggage, go thru security, scan passports just once. Very easy!
  7. Thank you for all your great info!
  8. Hubby will wear either Dockers with a nice button shirt or nice jeans with shirt, vest and possibly a tie for dining.
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  10. Ladyaruba

    HAL Know before you go

    Very true! BTW, I am from Ashaway RI!
  11. Ladyaruba

    HAL Know before you go

    Yes, very happy that people share information! I have gotten lots of great tips here!
  12. Ladyaruba

    Specialty Restaurants

    Thanks! I received conflicting information about this very question!
  13. Ladyaruba

    HAL Know before you go

    I am going on my first ever cruise and have read everything I could on the HAL site and also lots on Cruise Critic HAL offers lots of information if you are going on one of their ships! Not sure why the need for some of the questions asked here. I found out all I needed to know about tipping, appropriate apparel for dining, etc from HAL. I have asked for opinions here though and have gotten some great ideas/tips!
  14. Ladyaruba


    We booked with Michelle and Island Wings for the Misty Fjords 3 hour tour! Both nervous and excited! Never been on a small plane before
  15. Ladyaruba


    Might do that if she isn't available!