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  1. Was upset that Maasdam was sold and our 2021 14 day cruise was cancelled! really liked the itinerary! So now it looks like BtoB in 2022! Taking advantage of the sale by booking by Dec
  2. My husband worked with RJ Shaefer in CT who was part of the Shaefer Brewing Co.
  3. I live in the small state of RI and yes , the virus is here also. Anyone coming back from international travel MUST self quarantine for 14 days. Anyone driving into:the state unless work related has to self quarantine for 14 days also. We get a lot of summer visitors to this area. We returned from Mexico on 3/21 so have till 4/4 to stay home. Certainly miss our grandkids but want everyone to be safe. We are fine and don’t foresee a problem from our trip. The state has closed all schools and non essential businesses. Bars, donut shops, restaurants, etc can only do drive thru, del
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