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  1. At this point, I don't see how anyone can book a cruise for next year with any confidence that the cruise won't be adjusted or just completely cancelled. I feel like none of the cruise lines have any idea what they are doing at this point. They all seem to be guessing and are just hoping people will continue to put down their money on deposits for what IMO are fantasy cruises in 2021. At this point, booking in 2021 is pointless and this thread is proof of that. Not that it makes me happy at all... it's just the situation we're all in. It sucks!
  2. Amazing they wouldn't table this given the horrible 2020 they've had. If this doesn't somehow get overturned in court, it will be the final straw for many business's on and around Duval. People that will still head there we'll probably see a lot of space for rent signs in the coming months.
  3. It's a start. I really didn't think the CDC would bend this year.
  4. I was there for the entire show. 😄 It was the first time seeing Cats so I wanted to see it all. It wasn't bad, just it was the last time. 😉
  5. If I'm no longer interested in the show, whatever it may be, I walk out. My time on the ship is too precious to waste it sleeping in the theater.
  6. I guess those EMTs don't believe in wearing masks either.
  7. The problem with your analogy is that there is no rule that says it takes 9-months for a woman to develop a baby. I'm no expert in the vaccine business but just like babies, I would think some vaccines take substantially less time to develop than others.
  8. I never said I trust the CDC or not, only that they pretty much have all the power over whether RCi reopens sooner or later. If the CDC decides to not accept the RCi/NCL proposal, or pans it, then it’s back to the drawing board for cruising. And if a new administration is moving in by that time, the cruise lines may not have as many friends at 1600 as they used to.
  9. Love the hot rock too. We also enjoyed the hot pot meal served on Oasis. I suspect I’ll never see that on a Royal ship again.
  10. Has the CDC accepted or even commented on RCI/NCL’s reopening plan yet? If not, then I can’t imagine anything is happening soon. Perhaps the CDC will allow a few of those non-paying test cruises to see how they go, before making a decision to allow paying customers to sail out of US ports.
  11. Enchantment of the Seas and Vision of the Seas have been docked at Phillipsburg, St. Maarten for a while. https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com/
  12. Cruising is happening now. If you mean when will US cruising by RCCL begin, if all goes well I suspect Royal will have very limited cruising out of Florida only in January 2021.
  13. I feel like we have a much better understanding of the symptoms, effects and treatment of the infected since this started in March, and there's testing out the wazoo. We also have a better understanding of how to avoid catching the virus. Nothing we do is ever going to be 100% full proof though until the virus has run its course, but most of us are not going to sit around our house waiting for that either. So the cruise industry knows this and has a template to reopen and deal with the situation as best they think they can. It may work well and there may need to be adjustments along the wa
  14. 0 FCC, 1 Booked (refundable). I'm not going to get too carried away with booking cruises when they don't even know what the future holds for them. Besides, the prices aren't all that spectacular IMO to warrant the risk.
  15. This isn't Europe and those aren't American passengers. What works over there may not work here. I guess it's worth a shot though. I think a lot depends on the decline of services onboard. The ships currently running in Europe aren't anything like Freedom and Oasis Class ships.
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