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  1. Amazing how many ships are out there and that they don't "bump" more often than they do.
  2. just under a week. There was supposed to be a sailing on Sunday, April 7th.
  3. More interesting to me is that the Russians have only one carrier. 🤔
  4. That would definitely do it. All you need is a little weight and angle imbalance and all hell will break loose.
  5. I think either they screwed up - perhaps the weight was displaced incorrectly, or something caused the ship or dock to move and threw off the balance, or just catastrophic failure of the dock or crane.
  6. I'm pretty sure the refund is a must but nothing beyond that, they can cancel a cruise at anytime with no additional compensation. The additional 100% is a good will gesture. Should you not like this good will gesture, then simply don't accept it and do something else.
  7. I wonder if they stow all the glasses in bars & breakable items in the gift shops throughout the ship during the drydock process? With the way the ship is sitting, and perhaps this was a sudden jolt or lurch starboard, even rocking a bit back & forth a bit, I could see a lot of superficial damage throughout the ship.
  8. That's making be think the dock was dry and the ship fell to the starboard. Unless that crane is so heavy it is pushing down the ship
  9. I'm not sure Grandeur is as much of a local Baltimore favorite as it seems to be the only ship RCI is willing to place here. Personally, I'd much rather they replace Grandeur with a Radiance Class ship for a change. (I think it's been proven for the most part that a Radiance Class is not too tall for the bridges)
  10. I didn't he know about that, thanks. I think you're right too, RCCL will add whatever they can if they believe it will book more cabins on the ship.
  11. Is there any new scuttlebutt on the topic of Oasis' "Royal Amplification" scheduled for this Fall? I'm excited about most of the potential new venues listed in the above posts, except I'm a little concerned about the slide. We booked our first ever Boardwalk Balcony stateroom for December, but if there's a slide going in then I'm thinking maybe a boardwalk balcony cabin isn't such a great idea. I've been looking at a lot of Harmony pictures posted on the CC boards and it appears there isn't any clear view of the aquatheater or the ocean with the slide. It would be nice if RCCL would announce what they plan to do a lot earlier than they typically do.
  12. That's most likely a crew area; perhaps where they deliver the luggage from on embarkation day. It may be an access area as well for the cabin attendants to store their carts and other supplies. We stayed in a cabin across from those a few times and they can be noisy, but not always. Typically, the noise is from the storage room door slamming shut each time they enter and leave. Sometimes the attendants will congregate in front of the door and chat. You can hear that pretty clearly if you're trying to sleep. A couple of times we've ask them if they could not chat so much in the early AM hours and/or not let the door slam. They didn't appear to mind and the requests worked for the most part.
  13. Maybe theyre calling it the Oasis Pool? That would be my guess. I agree though, I opened the thread to see the new pool and slide for Oasis of the Seas.
  14. I'd love to take advantage of this sale as well. Our daughter's school district however has a policy of more than 3-days out consecutively and a Doctor's note is required to return. I haven't figured-out a way around this policy yet or a Doctor that will write me the note.
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