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  1. Thanks for the head's up. Now that you mentioned taxis, are there taxis available/waiting at Mr. Sanchos to returns us to the pier? I was just thinking I don't want to get down there and not be able to find a cab for the return. Thanks!
  2. That looks good. It appears to be public deck space and may be outdoor seating for the solarium, if the access connects directly into it.
  3. It's part of their new "less passenger space, more passengers" program.
  4. It's a bit pricey right now if it's Adventure 5/21/20 you're talking about. Way too high for my budget. 😡 I'll keep an eye on it though. BTW - it shows 5/21/19 in your signature.
  5. It was a pretty rocky walk out to the bar last time I was there. I was glad to be wearing aqua-shoes. Maybe they've cleaned it up?
  6. If so, I'm thinking that will really kill the forward view from the solarium, not to even mention the additional lost open deck space. I'll be sailing in December so I'll be experiencing the changes soon. Could be my last on Oasis if the ship feels like a sardine can.
  7. This open deck area forward and one deck below the solarium. (not my picture)
  8. Has RCCL confirmed what's going to be above these new cabins - open deck, solarium, roof only?
  9. I was able to book two. The first I was able to choose the day & showing, but the second it gave me only one choice - Day 7 at 10:00 PM.
  10. The shows were added today for the Dec 29th sailing, well except Oasis of Dreams. Seems kind of strange but guess just have to wait and see. It would be surprising for there not to be a diving show after refurb.
  11. That's 2019. I think they're going in 2020.
  12. They have never sent me a cancel conformation in the past, automatically or other. They have always verbally give me a cancellation number when I cancel. It never seemed all that ridiculous to me but then I've never needed it in writing. I'm sure if you need it, someone with a little pro-activeness there will eventually email you one.
  13. Not only Cococay, but it's starting to appear like it's going to be a tricky Labor Day weekend for the cruise lines sailing from the Florida East Coast. Especially Sunday & Monday.
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