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  1. Pretty sure you are correct, Radiance where the picture was taken, but that's not ship's bridge it's hanging in.
  2. Hint - the picture may have been taken on SoS, but it is not hanging on SoS.
  3. Ah - the picture may be older than I thought. I suppose you're on Freedom and Mariner is next door. Edit - Oops, it's Liberty and Nav. 😄
  4. I' think you're on Freedom and my guess is the neighbor is Navigator, before the amp.
  5. I certainly understand your frustration, I'm not booking anything right now. I don't really see the point until I know what to expect. I don't need to be constantly shuffling and shifting cruises I have booked and got cancelled. The cruises I lost due to COVID I cancelled instead of shifting because it's a game and no one knows when the real come back date will be. But don't stress it, there's nothing you can do about it and there are other things to do besides. When the ships come back and it's safe enough to cruise again, I will start booking cruises again, and that's fine. Until then though, just look at this as taking a break from cruising and stop booking cruises if it's stressing you out so much. When they finally do come back FOR SURE, go crazy!
  6. Tried to do a L&S for Indy 5-night Cococay/Labadee but there isn't a comparable sailing next year. So I tried to convince them to put me on a 7-night sailing on Symphony for next year instead but I guess they aren't quite that desperate yet. They wouldn't honor the price guarantee, so I cancelled the booking. This is the first time since 2006 that I don't have at least one cruise booked. I guess I better get busy on that; I feel like I'm missing an arm or something.
  7. Nassau stop isn't all that bad, IMO. There are Islands to go to by boat where I've had a lot of fun and there are some good restaurants in town. I have stayed on the ship a few times too, but then I've done that in St Thomas and Sint Maarten at times as well. I think this new pier area would make a nice addition to the stop.
  8. You think that's bad, just wait for the second quarter. At least first quarter they had sailings in January & February.
  9. The company said any return to service would include "enhanced operational protocols and social gatherings guidelines." I'll be interested to hear about these protocols and guidelines to minimize any chance of an outbreak. One person ended up getting over 800 people infected on Diamond Princess, many of which were infected after everyone was quarantined to their staterooms. If they really do restart August 1st, it's probably going to take a few months of virus-free sailings to prove to me cruising is going to work when there is no vaccine. But if they get to sailing and within weeks there are sick passengers and quarantined ships with no ports taking them back, then this rush to restart could very well sink the entire cruise industry for a very long time. I personally think the states allowing restaurants and bars to reopen over the last week and coming days are our guinea pigs. If it works for them, and there's no "second wave" caused by the rush to reopen, then there's a chance this might work.
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