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  1. JamesEM - Congrats on finishing your treatment. It must be such a relief to have finished the difficult journey. Graham, your lunch looks delicious. I just love fish and chips (and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar). One of my favorite songs as a kid. Pauline looks wonderful as usual as do you. Dani, thanks for the holiday primer. That is a valuable piece of information and probably something I would have realized after booking a trip.
  2. Hopefully it goes on as planned. I was hoping to have surgery this year but my retina specialist recommended that I hold off for a while due to the high risk. I have incredibly bad eyes (severe astigmatism) with a fast growing cataract in one eye (typical slow growing one in the other). So, I will be wearing my super thick glasses until then. Luckily I can wear contracts but can't see as well as with the glasses. Contact manufacturers don't make lenses for the small number of people like myself.
  3. I feel bad for the cat not knowing what it was getting into. Hope it didn't get sick or a hangover.
  4. And risk getting electrocuted when you touched the knob.
  5. That would be me. I'm hoping your brother is doing better now. 2019 must have been really difficult for him with all the restrictions keeping people apart when they need to be with others the most..
  6. Wow! I'm not a fan of the real s'mores, but this is a work of art. I'm sure it tasted incredible. Thanks for taking us along, this has really piqued my interest in seeing that part of the country. Graham, you and Pauline always look so nice. She has such incredible taste. I could use some help in that department and getting the DH to put on a suit is a struggle. This was not at all what I envisioned. When I heard Rustica Pizza , I was thinking just a messy pizza. I do rustic apple tarts fairly often and it means not too fussy. This certainly was not thrown
  7. I'm way behind on this thread (and others) but I love what you did. I had considered trying to paint a couple of ours but the bottom line is I should just go to the store and pick something new out. The ones I have are certainly not in the same category as yours.
  8. I thought this was another one of the word games we play on CC. I guess I just wasn't on at the right time to see the word so no offense.
  9. Congrats on all three, especially the last one. I'm jealous!
  10. Why do you anticipate it the fish and chips vs. going back to JR? Are they/did they do away with JRs ? Sorry if it is a dumb question, this coming from someone who has not been on a RC ship in 4 years.
  11. LOL. I'm right there with your husband. Only thing that messes me up is when they change the menu every 5 years or so.
  12. Congratulations. How exciting! More details (aka photos) please. I like to live vicariously through others. How did they get a renter for you?
  13. They also had a fantastic cafe right there at 270 that offered breakfast and lunch items. You could stay all day in that area. Does anyone know if they keep that dining option when they moved the ship?
  14. It sure is. We were on it when it first came out and not only was it gorgeous but the food was amazing. I think they played around with the dining so YMMV but the views out the front and back would make out for it.
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