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  1. These were supposed to be in a different post. The bottom is a pick from the loft 19 mini pool looking out on serenity pool. Loft 19 "pool" is only like 2-3 feet deep. I would not pay extra for it. My room is what makes the excel suites worth it, but the Loft 19 isn't anything that great IMO. The Havana area on the Vista class beats it out. And I do not think there is a breakfast buffet in the Havana area. At least not that I have heard of.
  2. I know people got off who did not have ship excursions, but I don't know what they did. I did not see a tram, but I did see some drunk cruisers (like one nearly passed out) at the bus stop so maybe they were waiting on a tram and not a bus. The pools were open. We got in one briefly:
  3. No, the mask protocols are in effect now.
  4. We left our kids at home. There are not too many children on board but they are here. But definitely fewer than normal I would say. I have seen maybe 5-7 families with kids under 12. Albeit, sometimes it is hard to tell a kid's age. Yesterday my husband and I were on an excursion and I commented something about I thought the unvaccinated were supposed to have their own excursions because there were two kids on the excursion. I got to talking to one of the "kids" later and found out she was 17 and her brother was 13!!!! I had thought she was maybe 13-14 and her brother was about my boys' age. I get thrown off sometimes because my first grader is 4.5 feet tall and 90 pounds. And another young girl I thought was maybe in high school was talking about going to college break in 2020. So she is clearly at least 20. But overall, very few kids on board.
  5. I have no idea. This is news to me. We just docked in Roatan.
  6. Sorry I have not checked back in in a couple of days. We went on an amazing excursion yesterday in Costa Maya tubing down the 7 color river and swimming in the 7 colors lagoon. If you have a chance to do that, I highly recommend it. We ate at Chicabaya two nights ago and it was an epic fail. We were there for 1 hour 45 minutes and left before we got desert because we were tired of waiting. We got 1 drink in that time period, it took us close to an hour to get our appetizer, and my husband's steak came out cold...and he got his 15 minutes before I got my entree. The food was not good and it gave us horrible indigestion. I actually threw up later and my husband barely slept because he was up the entire night with acid indigestion. So, I would not recommend it. The tables on either side of us got there before us and had just gotten their entrees when we left...and by the time we left, the restaurant was less than half full so you couldn't even blame being busy. We went back to the MDR last night and the food was great and we were in and out in 45 minutes.
  7. So, we booked one for the first time. If you have a set dining time, you have to wait until like 8 pm to book.
  8. Eli_6


    Where can I go via cab (beach, facility, etc.) to snorkel? (Preferably with a place that has equipment we can rent but if not we can buy some on ship as we forgot ours.) We are docking tomorrow and I have either done all the excursions offered through our cruise or are not interested in them.
  9. Also: They have a non smoking section in the casino. I don't know if they have this on other boats, but I have never noticed it if they do.
  10. We just got back from up there and they have chairs out now.
  11. There are abundance of chairs everywhere. They may have been cleaning or something. Not sure. I took that picture early yesterday morning when I first boarded. Have not been back to that area. But there isn't a shortage of lounge chairs.
  12. The little pool overlooking Serenity with the glass is loft 19. The bigger pool near the outdoor sitting area is Serenity. However, there are 2 pools at the aft and at least one (deck 16) is infinity edge because I can see the water at the glass from my cabin below. Not sure about the pool in the patio area, but it looks like it may be infinity edge.
  13. I don't know if they were required or not, but once everyone sat down, about a third of the people took them off. However, I also was at an early show and it was nowhere near full.
  14. Waterworks. There are numerous slides. Looks even bigger and better than the Vista Class water parks. And unlike Bolt, it is free. (I don't think the Bolt looks that great.)
  15. The Tides Pool at the rear of deck 16:
  16. The Fortune Teller Bar which seems to be a big hit:
  17. I have not tried yet but I suspect so. Here are pics of Loft 19 and Serenity:
  18. And the people in quarantine won't be using the Havana "pool." I think they are just blocking off some of your more isolated cabins on one side (port) of the boat. I don't even know if they have all of the port side blocked off. Frankly, I wasn't going to lurk around the quarantine area to find out! I saw the sign ☢️, snapped a pic, and left.
  19. My husband with his two main courses:
  20. As for masks, the only place they are strictly enforcing them is at the Lido Buffet...which, imo, where they SHOULD be enforced. I don't want people breathing on my food. They weren't even being enforced at dinner as people were walking to and from their seats without them. There are signs all over the ship, but no one is saying anything to anyone except at the buffet. Some people wear them, some don't. All of this fuss seems to be much ado about nothing.
  21. Our dinner last night was amazing as was our Guy's Burger. The best food I have had yet on any ship. I had calamari, strawberry bisque, and brisket with potatoes and carrots. The carrots were amazing. All of it was. My husband had a salad, calamari, brisket and a steak. He said all of it was great as well. We were in and out of dinner in under an hour. However, I did notice the bigger tables were taking longer and there was a huge line outside the Palms Restaurant at 8 pm which I assume was people waiting to be seated for the late seating. We had drinks after dinner at The Brass Magnolia and listened to an amazing trio of musicians. They were so good! There was a really good singer at The Fortune Teller Bar, but it was packed and we were not able to get seats. The Fortune Teller seems to be the new Alchemy where everyone gathers. I am anxious to try it, but I like the Brass Magnolia so much I can not imagine liking it anymore. We then went to the 7:30 comedy show. They have comedy shows running in two different lounges...the punch liner and limelight lounges...for a total of 57 shows. We meant to go to a later show, but went back to the room and fell asleep. I love our room. Only small beef was that they have some sort of light on the side of the boat that makes the balcony always have light. I am not sure if it is from the Lido deck above or what. I am thinking so as I have had aft corner balconies on both Vista and Dream on lower decks and never had this before. We got up this morning and picked up breakfast from the buffet and brought it down to our balcony. I feel like I have a new favorite room location...aft balcony right below the Lido. I always was hesitant to book right below Lido because I was scared of noise, but that has not been an issue at all and I love being so close to the buffet.
  22. This is correct. It is on the port side. If you walk around the Havana Bar and towards where the rooms would be, they have it blocked off with a big sign that says quarantine area. The bar and pool area are still open as I am assuming are the rooms on the starboard side of the ship.
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