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  1. Supposed to go back to the card used but who knows at this point? We’ve been told so many different things! Thank you for the heads up.
  2. We have now been told by customer relations themselves that they’re working on it and not to expect a refund for 4-6 weeks. Not good Princess!!!
  3. I wish we were that lucky.
  4. No, it was not given as OBC. That was my hope when we boarded. One of the first things we did on day 1 was to go to Customer Services (onboard) to see what they could tell us about it. By the end of the cruise, we had not been refunded for either of the two canceled excursions. We did go to Customer Services onboard a SECOND time on the morning of disembarkation at the end of the cruise. We were told the same thing...wait. I have all our paperwork showing we paid for the excursions and I know Princess will make it ‘right’, it’s just a very poor way of doing business...my opinion. Oh...the credit cards used are in my name, and so were the excursions. Two different cards for two different excursions. I’m going to give them til Monday and if no refund/s, I’ll call again. I have already emailed Princess Customer Relations at the email someone suggested. Received an automatic response saying my email had been received and they’ll be in touch. It’s hard to be patient when it feels like nobody is trying to help rectify the problems, and now we’re HOME and the trip is behind us. Thanks everyone, for your feedback.
  5. Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. No, that’s something I looked for to happen but it didn’t? They owe us over $600 in shore excursion refunds.
  6. We just returned from a spectacular Alaska cruise on the Star Princess. AWESOME trip, and experience with Princess! That said, now that we’re home...we are struggling with getting refunded for two different excursions from that trip. One was canceled 6/29/19. The website states we will be refunded to the credit card originally charged within 24 hours (if canceled outside of five days prior to sail date, which it was). Sail date was 7/7/19. That did not happen. We’ve called numerous times (also to our cruise consultant) and been given numerous answers, and whom else to contact because they are not the correct people. We even checked with Customer Services onboard the Star and got another referral....even leading to them suggesting I misunderstood the policy and it can take up to 15 days. I double checked the cancelation policy and have not misunderstood it. So I wait...and wait... I know I’ll have to start calling again on Monday. Okay, well...while onboard, we had second excursion scheduled for Skagway (7/11/19) canceled by the cruise line for lack of participants. Silly me thought the refund would go to our Stateroom Account, but it did not. Today is 7/19, and we still have not received the refund for that excursion, nor ever received anything stating how our refund would be handled. When home, I called (again), and I was referred to Customer Relations. It was recommended that I call instead of email because email correspondence takes a lot longer. I was also told Stateroom credits are mailed out in around 4-6 weeks, but he could not help me because he doesn’t have access to my account. So, I called Customer Relations. I ended up with a recording stating I must contact them via email afterall, (sigh). I sent off an email on 7/15/19 and am still awaiting a response other than the automatically generated return email from them. I love Princess but this is ridiculous. Nobody seems to have any answers? What was a fantastic cruise is quickly becoming a post cruise headache. It should not be this difficult to talk to someone who can help us, OR find someone that knows what the policy is. We already have another cruise booked with Princess (we’re Platinum Members), but sadly, I’m really starting to reconsider. Is anyone else going through this? We can’t be the only people who are due excursion refunds?
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