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  1. Perfect, thank you! I just wanted to check as my documents say not to arrive early.
  2. Hi everyone, I have searched and searched and cannot find a similar question and answer so I hope one of you wise and experienced people in here can help... I board Divina on May 5 and my check in time states 2:45pm. When I check out of my central Rome hotel at 11:00am I would like to make my way to Civitavecchia port and arrive around 1:00pm, instead of hanging around. Are MSC strict with check in times, or should it be okay to board earlier? Sailaway is 7:00pm. Many thanks Andy
  3. Hi, I started a Roll Call for our sailing too. The only activity was an auto post! Thanks very much. I will keep my beady eyes open. Have a great cruise!
  4. Sounds like a great adventure! Feel free to email me at ancoombe at hotmail dot com.
  5. Hi Heliopolis, Great to hear from you. Yes, my first cruise was great. It will be good to be slightly nearer to home without so much travelling as SE Asia requires! Glad to see we will get 4 days together onboard. Hope we can arrange to meet up. Thanks Andy
  6. Hi everyone, I have my 2nd ever cruise coming up in just over 5 weeks onboard Divina and will be travelling solo. My only other cruise was with Celebrity in December. We had an extremely active Roll Call so I got chatting to many people pre cruise and met up with many of them throughout our cruise. The fact that Roll Calls are pretty much non-existent for MSC Mediterranean sailings due to embarkation & debarkation at each port, I am more than a little nervous that it will be a lonely affair. Will anyone be onboard during the above dates at all? If not, are MSC ships generally a social affair? I pretty much travel solo all the time but have to admit I am a little daunted by the lack of interaction with other passengers before boarding. Many thanks for any insight. Andy
  7. Only just noticed this as wasn't following. No, I did an overnight in Hanoi 😊
  8. 6048 was great. A really good wide angled balcony. Apart a slight obstructed view of the ocean from the lifeboats below, it was a great position facing the stern of the ship. I didn't get to see 6026 that I originally booked to make a comparison but I don't regret the swap one bit. Apart from the limited choice of entertainment, I think everyone I spoke to really enjoyed the cruise; as did I. 😊 Thanks Andy
  9. Thanks very much Angela. It will be interesting to see what MSC has to offer in the Med in a few months..
  10. Thank you! Yes, you are right. It was offered twice. Enjoy your adventure! 😊
  11. No, it was clearly in Ho Chi Minh. Jet lag has ruined me since I got home. I can't stop sleeping! 😁
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