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  1. We missed a 12:15 flight out of Miami. Ship was a little late due to weather and customs was short an agent or two. Answer? Yes you can make it if you don't have any of the problems we experienced.
  2. If you are with the Woodwind group you have nothing to worry about. We have sailed with them 3 times and have left wallets, cameras, cash, passport, etc... They have been in business for years and want to be around many more. One incident of theft would be all over social media and destroy their excellent reputation.
  3. Online check in is open for our Nov 3rd sailing, but it will not allow us to book Rock of Ages. Did you reserve prior to sailing or just show up? If you booked ahead, do you recall when it became available? Hope all seats are not already taken.
  4. The one open to families. The all adult seemed small.
  5. Freedom was able to dock on Dec 13th as scheduled. Had a great snorkel trip with Woodwind Tours.
  6. Sorry, I am just now seeing your post. Riu overall was just okay. Riu did not have anyone serving drinks on the beach. We got there very early and got the last shaded spot. The folks staying at the property had already come out and claimed their loungers with books and towels. You had to walk to the pool. Lots of people smoking which is a huge turn off for us. Buffet food was meh. The steakhouse was closed for unknown reasons. Only 1 beer and all the alcohol, no matter if you asked for whiskey, vodka or tequila, was the same unknown brand and was not good. Pool and property beautiful but we will not return. We preferred the small and less expensive property, Barcelo.
  7. WoW is right! We have sailed her twice and would gladly pay $50, but not $500!
  8. Freedom dock as scheduled on the 13th. We had a great snorkeling excursion with Woodwind Tours.
  9. Welcome back to San Juan. Hard to believe it’s already over. Thank you for taking us along this week. You did a great job on the review. Hopefully you guys don’t have any issues getting off the ship. Don’t know if you heard or not but it was a complete mess yesterday because the dock workers were striking. No baggage handlers and they had picket lines setup so that taxi drivers could not get to the ship. Many people missed flights. Please report back and let us know if the strike continues. Safe travels!
  10. We hit Pizza City a couple months ago. Was just hoping for something different but it’s all good.
  11. Alambique might be a good option. Pizza City is open 24 hours.
  12. Doing a great job on your live review and it's getting us really excited about our cruise. We fly to San Juan tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed the Lava Flow.
  13. American has changed our Saturday flight times twice. Originally scheduled to arrive at 2:30 pm and now we do not arrive until 11:30 pm. We are staying at the Embassy Suites and looking for recommendations on places to eat before going to bed. Prefer a non-chain restaurant. Outback at the hotel was going to be our back up, but just learned they close at midnight.
  14. 14th? Of course. We are (or were) scheduled to be there on the 13th on Freedom of the Seas.
  15. Two sailings on Harmony and one being in a Central Park balcony. We never saw bees.
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