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  1. https://www.expreso.ec/actualidad/turismo-barco-tras-superar-prohibicion-celebrityxpedition-galapagos-AX3123534 looks like it’s going ahead? After overcoming prohibition, Celebrity Xpedition ship will operate in Galapagos The management of the Galapagos National Park specified that Oceanadventures complied with all the requirements of the law and has the corresponding authorizations. Mario Aviles / As of Saturday, September 14, the Celebrity Xpedition vessel will begin operating in Galapagos with its respective tourist operation patent, replacing the Xperience ship, the Galapagos National Park Directorate (PNG) reported. Last June, the Ministry of Environment had definitively revoked the operating permit to Celebrity Xpedition, owned by Oceanadventures. On the 26th of that month, that State portfolio decided to revoke an appeal filed by the vessel before the sanction imposed 8 days before. In his Twitter account, the then Minister of Environment, Marcelo Mata commented on June 27: “Ratifying my commitment to preserve the natural heritage of Galapagos, we revoked the permit to the Xpedition vessel, based on a technical report of impact analysis on the ecosystems". But the direction of the PNG, said, through a statement issued this September 11, that Oceanadventures "has met all the requirements of law and has the authorizations for the replacement and entry of the ship" by that authority and the Council of Government of Special Regime of Galapagos. He added that "therefore he has no legal objection to prohibit his entry." The agency clarified that there is no merger of quotas for tourism operation, as issued by the Ministry of Environment, through the ministerial resolution of June 26, with which the resolution of the appeal was revoked. As for the outgoing Xperience vessel, the PNG indicated that it left the Galapagos Marine Reserve on September 11.
  2. Haven’t been able to find many pics on the balconies. We have been given 1119 as there are only 3 cabins left and all on the side (no aft)
  3. Has deck 3 definitely lost those cabins. The UK site shows that they are still there and when I called, I was told that they would be staying? We are cabin 304 !
  4. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/celebrity-xpedition-on-standby-awaiting-galapagos-permit/ saw this a minute ago. Nothing new but maybe a bit more positive?
  5. Yes, I feel no excitement over these rooms. I would love to try the Edge but would stay away from these.
  6. Oh thank goodness! I read it as though they were adding them to the whole ship! Seems strange to just have one room though...maybe the trial wasn’t a success? Thank you for your quick reply!
  7. They trialled one last year and the below is taken from the UK Celebrity website.... Do you think this reads that the whole ship just has one of these balconies?? And if you're looking for the ultimate in accommodation, Celebrity Constellation® now has the Edge. Looking forward to the innovative staterooms that will be featured onboard Celebrity Edge®, Celebrity Constellation® will now feature one Infinite Balcony – touch a button and your entire living space becomes the balcony, letting you walk right out to the water’s edge.
  8. We had booked a sweetsixteen cabin on the Constellation for Sept 2020 as we liked the look of the balcony size. We had a good offer to upgrade to Aqua class on deck 11 and love the look of the open top balconies. I've just read however that they are remodelling the ship to include infinite balconies. We have stayed away from the edge as we love the old fashioned balcony. Does anyone know if these balconies will be affected?
  9. Well that was easy! One phone call and the op changed it straight away. So much better to deal with than NCL!!
  10. Thanks for the replies. We have only just upgraded (today) i had called to see if we could change to a2 as the price had come down (we’d booked a balcony cabin originally) The agent told me I could take the A1 (which was £800 more) as a free upgrade for being a captain’s club member. Obviously, I accepted straight away ...as there were only 5 cabins left, so never really had chance to see that the balcony sizes differ on deck 11. Not too fussed either way as I’m really happy with the price we got. This is where Celebrity beats the other cruise lines in the U.K. NCL charge for every change and seem quite inflexible.
  11. It might be worth the call then. I know in the UK, we always tend to be a bit more "locked in"
  12. Hi, does anyone know if I will incur a charge, or if it's even possible, to switch to a cabin next door in the same category. We are from the UK and have booked an Aqua cabin on the Constellation. We only booked today but did notice that the price has already increased for this category. Not sure whether to bother calling?
  13. Does any one know.... I've booked 1123 but it looks like the one next door (1119) has a larger balcony. Do Celebrity (UK) allow you to swap to the next door cabin at no extra charge? Won't bother calling if they do...
  14. In the UK, after booking they won't offer anything...You have to loose your deposit to do this too. Celebrity are one of the only cruise lines that are more sympathetic. Worth a call for you though, they can only say no
  15. Would love to have booked this but we don't get back from another cruise until later that week. Celebrity very rarely have taster cruises from Southampton
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