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  1. Have you thought about a switch to the Galapagos or are you set on the Caribbean? Max 100 passengers. There's a chance that your cruise will be cancelled, but so much uncertainty ..We have booked the same cruise for Jan 2022 but also L&S our Apr 2021 Galapagos to May 2022. Compared to NCL, Celebrity are very flexible in the UK...maybe give them a call and see what they suggest?
  2. We cancelled this cruise a few months ago. We only had a small deposit which we have taken off another cruise. We already have FCC, so don't want any more. NCL will be cancelling this cruise, so up to you whether you'd prefer the FCC?
  3. We have cancelled/had cancelled 5 cruises between now and next Sept. Like you, I'm fed up with the uncertainty of it all. If I'm spending a lot of money I want to get excited about it. We have cruise credits to spend but will leave it until the last moment before expiry
  4. In the UK NCL won't offer a price drop. Our cruise in Mch (which got cancelled) went down by £1200 and they told me "tough" pay the full price or loose your deposit, which was £1700 and tied up in flights and hotels too. When the cruise was cancelled the week before sailing I was obviously very disappointed but have since rebooked with Celebrity for 2022 at a much cheaper price.
  5. We were due to go to the Galapagos in Apr and lifted and shifted this to May of the following year. We had a good price as we booked this over a year ago when they had the BOGO 50%. This is a bucket list holiday and the current events are sucking the fun out of the planning!
  6. Thank you for your help. I will give them a call to book then as I'd rather pay the cruise off all in one go (with all the credits) They don't expire until next March, so have a few months to decide on a final date to go
  7. We have 6 separate credits between our accounts (hubby and I) Two are 100% FCC and the other four are the 125% bonus. When I do a dummy booking it will only allow me to add the 100% FCC and the rest is blacked out. I had wanted to add it all in? Is it that I need to call to apply the other FCC to the booking once it has been confirmed. The credits add up to £5600 and the cruise is £5650
  8. Thanks for the heads up. We just did a lift and shift so will give the insurance company another call to query before final payment. May have to look for another provider if we aren't covered (Galapagos May 2022)
  9. I'm not doubting you but it's troubling when articles such as Which tell you the opposite. I also have a Nationwide account and nearly upgraded after reading this but won't now. Such a mine field regarding insurance 😞 https://www.which.co.uk/news/2020/08/coronavirus-what-it-means-for-your-travel-insurance/
  10. Isn't this just for cancellation? Ours is a Lloyds Axa cover and they won't cover any cancellations due to Covid but does cover medical from my understanding.
  11. I have had a refund (took 4.5 months) and still have full FCC on my account. I need to call them again regarding an excursion refund and will let them know. I wouldn't use them as I'd imagine that could be classed as fraud.
  12. We had our cruise from Mch 26th cancelled, finally received a refund a couple of weeks ago (although I still have the full FCC sat on my account) I'm still waiting for excursion refunds though....5 months! Have called and keep being told that I should have had it ...."er NO" !! Agents just keep fobbing me off and I may go down the credit card dispute route now 😞
  13. I received my refund after 4 1/2 months earlier in the month but my £6K of FCC is still showing and available to use (which I wouldn't as I'd imagine that's fraud!) Should I call them though to get them removed or just let them run off? Has anybody else had this happen? TIA
  14. The website will also let me book a cruise with the FCC (that's been refunded) not that I would but seems strange?
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