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  1. I've just checked with my Lloyds bank account insurance, Axa and they definitely cover as long as the cruise is a minimum of 2 nights
  2. Do P&O typically have a black tie evening on a three night cruise? Not sure what to pack for our July sailing (or even if anything fits anymore!!)
  3. I think that they are for UK citizens only this summer
  4. I fancied trying the Yacht Club on MSC but not at those prices 😳
  5. Blimey, my hubby sits outside in his birthday suit sometimes 🤭
  6. We have an 11 night from Rome around Greece booked with NCL in Sept. I wish they'd start making some announcements soon. I feel loathed to cancel as we got such a good price on it a couple of years ago when we booked!
  7. I was told by Princess that the full balance is 90 days?
  8. Our doctor's have decided to upgrade their online system (in Dec) and have messed up everyones access. Hopefully P&O will accept a card
  9. Mine is now showing on my App with my prescriptions...it took a little while to appear. There's no point taking a screenshot as there is no name on that page so it could be anyones?
  10. Very tempted by the 1st Sept one to Belfast. It's just the 90 day full payment that's putting me off. Really don't want to end up with another cruise credit if things didn't work out
  11. This is one that I like the look of too but not too keen on the 90 day full payment
  12. I've booked a 3 night break for the 8th Aug. Haven't sailed with P&O before so this will be a nice taster cruise
  13. We are looking at this one...when do you get the cabin allocation. I really don't want deck 15 with an overhang
  14. Thank you...wondering whether to book some excursions to get the 10% discount, just in case
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