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  1. on the pride in May we got the tevis tumbler there were not that many Platinum and diamonds that sailing. we were very happy with our cruise and all the servers were great and remember our names.it was our 19th Carnival--6th time on the Pride--- Maybe you are sailing on the wrong ship LOL
  2. thanks everyone I did call Carnival and everything is handle by the online form she was able to confirm that the email request had been sent to the pride they did say they would do their best to find the ring. Said only security officer has the authority to search the safe. Which may take a couple of sailings. I felt better after talking to them. She said they do find majority of lost items.
  3. My DH left his wedding ring of 40+ years in the safe. I put in a lost item request on line, Is there any thing else I can do?? He is so upset. We sailed May 5th on the pride Cabin 6283
  4. thanks everyone! I know we will have the big bottle in the cabin I usually fill from that first and usually that enough or cabin sink after I sanitize with wipes.
  5. So I know the rules about bringing water on but what about an empty bottle?? we are going thu Baltimore and I know from the past they are straight on rules. I want a small bottle like 16oz to make crystal light drinks. Last time I bought the case and like took home 11 bottles! So can I bring a empty water bottle in my purse I won't have a carry on I know I will get the big one in the room but is the wrong size for 2 qt.
  6. been a couple years since we did a Carnival cruise. We are on the Pride in May so here are my questions to all you savvy cruisers. 1. when doing our check in time it said pike either 2:30-3 or 3:3:30 for check in. do they really keep to the schedule? We are Platinum and in the past we just park and went in the terminal. 2. in the past we were able to book a future cruise way in advance with a booking number and then change to another trip using the same booking number and keep the future cruise credit. Can you still do this? thanks everyone
  7. thanks everyone. We may be selling our house best case it will be all done-- worst case the realtor may need to connect us. If we could just buy on sea days that would be great.
  8. The way I found it was I didn't sign in and do find a cruise-it was in the banner
  9. I'm so excited about OM this is our 3rd time looking for it. we always book same cabin so If anyone is out there could yu check and see if B234 have OM and let me know???????? I love all the new screen but could access since we didn't have OM
  10. We are going on the Pride and been couple of years since we cruise on Carnival and sadly we have become intent junke. buying pre-crusie is for the whole week. Can you buy on the ship daily, for only the days we want to check email? Sorry if there are threads explaining this. I tried to do a search but came up with all the other line but Carnival
  11. that is super news!!!!!!!!!!!!! this Feb is the third time we have sailed hoping for OM and finally we will have it! Yahoo!
  12. internet is back to standard 150 min free for plat and elite. what i meant was that the free unlimited was gone. I don't know about purchase plans
  13. I'm looking at the patter as we speak Allegro Traditional deck 6 aft dinning room 5:30 & 7:45 Concerto Traditional deck 6 midship dinning room 5:15 & anytime 7:30-9:30 Symphony deck 5 midship anytime 5-9 The special themes in Horizon court included First night Mongolian BBQ, Italian on princess cay day, Tex-Mex st Thomas night, Brazilian on St Marrtin night hope that helps
  14. Positive! We each had 150 min that counted down. We r platinum now with Cruise elite. Now we did not use all 150 mins. But we're told that we had to use w/o buying mim
  15. just back--- internet is back to standard 150 min for plat and elite. dining time not what was in our peronalizer --they were 5:45 and 7:45 OM was on mid ship not forward cabins- if you have OM your tree mail basket is gone when getting off elevators port side is the side with deck info screen-- the starboard was the calendar of events any other question I can answer?
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