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  1. Sorry, I took that as to he was talking about Disney world not dcl. Dcl is not that big of a presence in the cruising world.
  2. Why would Disney change their policy NOW. They have been open for a year without a need for this policy? SMH.
  3. Sorry..incorrect information on DCL. See image from their website.
  4. Umm...this is not factual. Only beer and wine allowed on DCL. DCL stopped the carry on of alcohol many years ago. Check the Dcl site.
  5. I can no longer access floataway lounge. I get an error that the page is not available. Thank you
  6. Lee Majors as the six million dollar man.....my fist teen crush. Oh and Donny Osmond. What can I say, I had eclectic taste😆
  7. I don't understand where this information comes from. My parents were given a paper that said they could take pain reliever, if they uncomfortable. However, I do know that if you are running a fever , my son's pediatrician, would tell us to let him run a SMALL fever, as that helps. However, don't let it go too high 101/102
  8. Just an FYI, this was in rural western NC mountains, very remote.
  9. I rarely post, but deaths were common place with the Spanish flu. My grandfather lost his father and 3 siblings in the same week. Only my grandfather, one of his sisters and his mother survived. They are all buried in our family cemetery in North Carolina.
  10. If we lived in a dense population area, I would have a different opinion. No way would have i visited if we we were from NYC or if she lived in NYC. Dense population does make a difference with the spread. We do not live in a dense population, she did not live in a dense population. The county where I live has had less than 200 cases and 18 deaths, population around 75,000. Of those deaths, all but 1 had pre-existing conditions. The 1 was 110 years old. My county is being responsible and we have been successful. Became of these facts, I feel visiting her would have been sa
  11. I have never posted, but I have to respond to this. I had (keyword is had) a beautiful loving aunt whom I was very close to. Closer to her than my own mother. She lived several states away. My son and I were scheduled to visit her on spring break this year. We canceled due to covid. She begged us to come, but i said we had to protect her. She had two great grandchildren born during this that she only got to see through a window, didn't get to hold them or kiss them. Guess what....SHE DIED ANYWAYS. She didn't have covid, but she still died. We didn't get one last hug, one last kiss,
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