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  1. Very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your brother's story with us along with Celebrity's gesture of kindness.
  2. It will also include your bottled water and hot/iced teas amongst other things. (These are what I drink all day before and after cocktails or wine!)
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the concept of the bar and the menu!
  4. We're looking forward to trying them! We've only ever sailed Millennium class on Celebrity (over, and over, and over) and one cruise on Edge, so this is our first time experiencing World Cafe Bar!
  5. Greetings all, We're now booked on Reflection and this will be our first time on an X ship featuring World Class bar. Does anyone happen to have a drink menu (or menus if they rotate throughout the sailing) for World Class Bar? I tried searching the forum but had a hard time finding something relevant. Apologies if this has been asked many other times!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! We moved our Sept 2021 cruise to April 2023. Paying more for the new Concierge class room vs. our original Aqua Class room, and we did lose our OBC since that is no longer included in the perks ... but oh well. We'll just be happy to get back to cruising and also experience a new ship for us, Reflection. I'll also be going to two new ports in the Caribbean which I haven't sailed to before. Looking on the bright side! It is what it is. Be safe and well, everyone.
  7. We took the FCC for our sailing this year and booked a different ship/itinerary/date next year. We had a NRD for this year's sailing and were not penalized at all.
  8. We have multiple Celebrity sailings on Connie and Summit, and one on EDGE. We have always loved M-Class at Celebrity. We appreciate the smaller feel of the ship and the many options for getting from one end of the ship to the other on several decks - this was a nightmare for us on EDGE. We also love the Cafe al Bacio area and the Martini Bar. Both of these areas on EDGE were disappointing and overrun to us. We were supposed to sail on Equinox this fall and were looking forward to trying a Solstice class ship. However, we've recently moved the sailing to 2021 and to an itinerary on Milleniu
  9. Oh no, not related to this year. I'm a long-term planner in general so I typically plan/book my vacations pretty far out!
  10. I enjoy the fire and ice mani/pedi! Hopefully it survives whatever changeover is about to occur.
  11. FWIW, we've sailed in Aqua multiple times on Summit and Constellation. I've always been able to order off the regular MDR menu when I've asked if nothing caught my eye on the Blu menu that night. We have our first sailing on Equinox this coming fall - I'll be curious to see if they say we can't order off of the MDR menu in Blu?
  12. I sailed Alaska (on another line) in September of 2018. I found having a balcony very useful as the public areas with windows were always super crowded with people watching the scenery go by. I imagine an aft balcony around the side would have been spectacular as far as views go - so much to see in terms of whales, wildlife, glaciers, etc. But I was perfectly content with my standard balcony mid-ship. I'm not sure about Celebrity, but the other line had a Naturalist onboard so I kept my TV tuned to her channel and announcements so I could see the action around other areas of the ship i
  13. Thank you! We've been watching lots of YouTube videos with Havana tours and general tours of the ship (Horizon) and we cannot wait for 2022 to get here! We upgraded to a Havana Cabana and are probably a little too excited about it. 😂
  14. Awesome - thank you for this information! It makes our decision to upgrade to a Havana Cabana a lot more simple. 🙂
  15. Greetings all, I was just watching a YouTube video providing a tour of the Havana Bar and Havana Retreat area and the host of the video commented that wristbands are checked and enforced from open until 7pm. After 7pm, they state that anyone can be in the Retreat area and they note it to be a great area to watch sunsets and sail-aways. Is this information correct that you can be in the Havana Retreat area after 7pm without booking a Havana cabin? We're currently not booked in a Havana stateroom but friends of ours are. (We're sailing on Horizon.) Additionally, we are contemplating
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