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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and help, I have taken this further by emailing the U.K. head of NCL, just really to give my feedback and my thoughts that it seems a little unfair, anyway following that it was quickly resolved and we’ve now been moved to cabin 10200 which I’m very happy about, revised invoices sent through and we’ve paid the extra £10pp because it’s a cat MB and the previous cabin was MC, the agent advised I take my invoices with me when I travel as it seems she had to get their IT Help Desk to arrange this, anyhow a happy ending x
  2. #15 Initially I asked about moving up to deck 10, the agent said that was an extra £10 each so I assume it was a different category, I agreed to that, it was then she said I would loose 2 of my perks, so I said what about if I stay on deck 9 but move cabins, she said it’s the same, you’d loose your perks because that offer isn’t on any more, maybe it’s because we are in the UK?
  3. Grrrr! I’ve just called to ask to swap cabins, yes I can do that but, I’ll loose 2 of my current perks (dining package and obc), I appreciate its my fault as a first timer not researching my cabin properly but I’m so disappointed in NCL 😢
  4. I’ve just looked at NCL’s website, 9242 isn’t showing as available or anything on deck 10, 9240 is available would you think every mini suite on deck 10 would already be booked this far out ( October 2020)
  5. Thanks again everyone, I’m going to contact Norweigian and ask if we can change cabins x
  6. Thanks everyone, I agree it looks like we’ll be either above the duty free shop or the Mojito bar, but should I be worried about the mojito bar on the waterfront? is that likely to make it noisy below our cabin?
  7. Thanks for the reply, we’re in 9228, I’ll take a read through what you’ve included in your reply
  8. We’re booked on the Bliss in a mini suite for a Pacific coastal cruise in 2020, I’m beginning to think I’ve chosen a cabin in not a great location, I’ve chosen a mini suite on deck 9 midship, but on checking the deck plans I think we’re going to be above the restaurants and bars? I Didn’t really want to be much higher up and definitely wanted to be midship, but should I consider changing decks?
  9. Sorry to keep asking so many questions! So we’ve got service charges included which I assume is DSC? so what are tips? I’m a very confused it’s time NCL cruiser 😂
  10. Reading this post with interest, we’re in the U.K. and booked our first NCL cruise last weekend before the offer changed, ive just checked and I’ve got all the included offers listed and an item that says service charge on beverage package, this is listed separately to the included gratuities that was part of the offer does this mean I’ll just have to pay gratuities on the specialty dining package? Or are there other gratuities I’ve not taken into account?
  11. Thanks everyone for the information, MartinCath we do have ESTA’s already so that’s one thing off the to do list, I’ve looked on the NCL website and for our cruise they don’t currently offer any tours for Seattle but I’ll keep checking
  12. Our first stop is Victoria, I’m from the U.K., how can our government control how many agents are working?
  13. Hello, we’re doing a coastal Pacific cruise that’s starts in Vancouver and our first US port is Seattle, am I right to assume that if we go ashore there we’ll do US immigration? As it’s a 4000 person ship could this realistically take a few hours? What happens if we’ve booked a tour to go on via the cruise line?
  14. Can obc be used to pay for shore excursions?
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