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  1. We’ve had the email, I have to say I’m not surprised at all, ours was calling at 5 different European countries with probably 5 different sets of Covid regulations, I’m glad we’ve been notified before PIF day, our email didn’t mention what May replace these cruises
  2. That’s interesting the list of upcoming cruises, it doesn’t mention the ones in September that are due to sail to various parts of Europe, Iceland and the Canaries? I wonder why? We’re booked on the Northern European capital cities cruise and payment day is fast approaching!!
  3. I’m not sure if it’s new, it was offered as an option to me when I called X to ask about our Silhouette European cruise for this sept, to me it seems like a better option than the CWC because it’s farther out, but I came on here to ask the question as I’m very new to all this and didn’t know if there might be a catch, it seems not x
  4. Thank you, actually we do have some promos on this as it was originally booked back in 2019 and we lifted and shifted from last year to this year, we’ve got OBC, gratuities, wifi and a drinks package, are those the things that are now called Always Included? So if I understand correctly we’d just choose any cruise as far out as we like and we’d keep our perks? but we can change it to another cruise whenever we want?
  5. After asking yesterday about what may happen with our Silhouette September cruise if it gets cancelled, I’ve now been told by X that if we choose to cancel before we pay in full, we can either go with CWC and our deposit will be used against another cruise but it’s book by April 2022 travel by September 2022 or we can have it made into a placeholder which would be valid until April 2023, what I can’t get explained to me is what’s the difference, surely I’m better off with the flexibility of having until 2023 to decide on a cruise or am I? Can someone tell me in layman’s terms the difference between the two options?
  6. Thank you both, I’ve just managed to speak to a lovely lady at X, she’s said we can possibly delay payment for 1 week, gone through various options with me, one of which would be to have our current deposit as a placeholder valid until 2023, we’ll wait now until nearer our payment date to see what happens, our cruise is still on the X website at the moment
  7. Good morning everyone, we’re booked on the Silhouette European capital cities cruise in September, our payment date is fast approaching, I’ve no idea if this cruise will sail and X probably don’t either, it’s going to 5 different European countries with probably 5 sets of Covid rules!! This was a L & S from last year, would anyone know if we’d be covered under the CWC rules on NRD and if we cancel now we’d get our deposit back as FCC?
  8. Not sure if the passport rules are the same for every cruise line, but it might be worth checking on the MSC forum what their rules are for children x
  9. Do you have a link to the research that says the AZ vaccine doesn’t work well against the Delta variant?
  10. Have they? this is news to me, I’ve seen nothing about this in the news media, do you have a link for me to read up on this?
  11. Good morning, we watched you sail past the North West Wales coast last night, she looked beautiful all lit up x
  12. It’s lovely to read your updates, I’ll be watching out for you sailing up past us in NW Wales towards Liverpool! do you know if the intention is to increase the number of passengers as the cruises go along and all is ok? Also we’re you able to use your Covid vaccine card to prove you’d been vaccinated?
  13. We are booked on the Silhouette cruise in September that goes to various European capital cities, I’m not sure it’ll happen and currently us U.K. citizens are barred from at least 1 of the country’s on the itinerary, we shall wait and see what happens nearer to payment day x
  14. chemmo, enjoy your time here in Wales, I’m on the Llyn Peninsula so not too far from where you are at the moment, have you been tempted by any of the U.K. cruises this summer?
  15. Sorry, I wasn’t saying it was, just that it might prove a problem for brits to join this cruise and that might mean cancellations for X to deal with
  16. I’m guessing there are a fair few brits on this cruise, more and more EU countries are saying we have to quarantine for 14 nights when we enter their countries, that’s going to be a huge problem
  17. Thanks all, looks like it was a website glitch x
  18. All say unavailable/sold out, any ideas if they are about to pull them?
  19. Part of the promotion when we booked was free flights, when you went through the X website you chose your flights and the cost was £0
  20. I could have written this myself, yes they won’t honour the included flights, I think it is in the t and C’s, they also won’t offer (us anyway) anything to compensate for it, in fact I can’t get the lift and shift to work out for us at all, either the no of nights don’t match, the itinerary next year is on a different class of ship or they don’t have our type of cabin available, can you tell I’m fed up of it 😡😡
  21. Well it is a bit of a nightmare, the direct replacement doesn’t include a port we really wanted to do, the cruise that does is on a ship of a different class, they then said we could of moved to a completely different cruise, right no. Of nights and class of ship, but all the cabins in our category are sold out!!
  22. Well done, that’s a great result, I’m currently in the same battle with X and getting nowhere, in fact they’re making me feel like an inconvenience, I’ve been told I can keep a $200 obc that they claim was from a previous complaint, that’s absolutely untrue it was a goodwill gesture when the price went down, I’m staying polite but I wish they’d just cancel our cruise, give me my deposit back and I’ll go elsewhere 😡😡😡
  23. Thanks for sharing your experience, my cruise advisor at X is adamant that this isn’t allowed, we offered to pay the extra, but still no, this was an 8 day to a 9 day, I’ll be going back to her tomorrow to push it further, they won’t even let us carry our perks over to a 2021 priced cruise!
  24. Thanks all, we’re currently on a Med cruise in August and waiting for it to be cancelled or we will cancel, so yes we’re brits looking for a 2021 cruise that doesn’t mean us flying! does anyone know the cost of dining packages, it’s not on the X website unless you have a booking?
  25. In 2021 X have 3 Norweigian Fjords cruises, there are no SS available on any of them, does anyone have any idea why that might be? Initially I thought maybe they’re holding them back for lift and shift, but certainly the August one doesn’t work for L &S because it’s a day longer than it’s equivalent this year, any thoughts?
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