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  1. I’ve been on 5 river cruises in December. (I love the Christmas Markets!) I never wear jeans. Once they get wet they take forever to dry. Find some synthetic type pants that dry quickly, Columbia, etc. and pair them with some long underwear. Even though river cruising is casual, people do dress up a little at dinner, especially the 1st and last night with the celebrated Captain’s dinner. You would definitely feel out of place in jeans. Why worry about only a carryon suitcase. You unpack once and put your suitcase under your bed for a week. I always bring a big bag so there is room
  2. Sound of Music Pavilion at Helbrunn Castle on the outskirts of Salzburg. River Salzach, Austria
  3. Thanks for the link, a perfect way to do some armchair traveling. I have in fact rented a bike in T.T. and biked along the Moselle, though not as far as Cochem. Brought back great memories.
  4. I’ve been on both ships. I was on the bottom level on the River Queen. The room was fine, nothing special. On the Antoinette I was on an upper deck and the room was very fancy and a much better and bigger bathroom. I don’t know what the rooms were like on their lowest level. As for the rest of the ship, the Antoinette is by far a more luxury ship. The pool is fabulous, there is a second lounge in the back that is like a night club, there is a movie theater and the main lounge and lobby are beautiful. If you want the full Uniworld experience, I’d choose the Antoinette.
  5. I have been on 5 Christmas Market River Cruises, I love them! I always wear socks that are part wool because when your feet are cold you’re not having a good time. My favorite are Smartwool. I could rinse them out at night and hang them to dry overnight. You also need a warm hat. Bring one from home but at your first Christmas Market look at hats in the stalls. Most are much warmer than the ones we get here, with warm lining bands along the ear area. My family of 4 all bought knitted hats at a hat store in Vienna that we refer as our “Vienna hats” that will even keep you warm on a winter
  6. So I have only been on 6 Grand Circle cruises, maybe other cruises are different than the ones I was on. It all depends on how comfortable you are in your attire. What do you wear when you go out to dinner at a nice restaurant in your home town?
  7. Thanks notamermaid for your info about Sunday of the Dead. Those dates are crucial for anyone planning a Christmas Market cruise. (I’m looking for a deal I can’t afford to miss!)
  8. The ships have a laundry bag and list of prices in the closet. You pay by the piece. My husband loves this service and always uses it. About half way through the cruise they have a laundry “special” about 20% off. I always change for dinner. Having a nice top is needed at their two special dinners. Men don’t need a sport coat, but a button down shirt works. You won’t see jeans in the dining room at dinner.
  9. Old town Lyon has one of the worst cobbled streets I have been on. I walked in the smooth narrow gutter when I could. I have no mobility issues.
  10. Taking Uniworld, starting in Frankfurt and ending in Nuremberg.
  11. Any updates on the Main? My Christmas market cruise is less than a month away!
  12. I took that Grand Circle trip and really enjoyed it. Being in the harbor at Honfleur was great. It was so easy to walk down the gangplank and be in the center of the town. There was a fish market very nearby where you could get a plate of oysters for a song. I think Grand Circle trips are under played on CC.
  13. I have been on Uniworld and Grand Circle. The trees and boughs were artificial. Inside the room there was a small arrangement with real pine and fruits, easily something that could be removed. The decorations go up in late November and have to look good all through the season so I’m sure artificial trees are much less work for the crew.
  14. I have been on two Uniworld cruises and neither of them had trips that filled up and were closed to others. One cruise (Bordeaux) had colored tags put out on the reception desk during dinner. People picked the color for a certain outing the next day. If you were worried about it, you could walk to the reception between courses. Most people just waited until they were walking by after dinner. I never was closed out of a trip, I don’t know anyone who was.
  15. The people mover is a train that comes very quickly. I didn’t waited more than 5 minutes the two times I was there last year. This is Switzerland, land of efficiency.
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