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  1. Three years is a long time . The world is full of uncertainties right now, one of which is the financial stability of Crystal. Don’t get me wrong, I have a twenty plus year love affair with this line and am hoping for the best. My conservative management of my finances trumps romance.
  2. The fact that there is no mention of a cash refund gives me an uncomfortable feeling. 😳😯😟
  3. What ever happened to the scheduled dry dock from last April? Did it, or will it ever happen?
  4. Refund update. Cruise date 09/20/2020, Cancelled 04/14/2020. Deposit refund from Crystal received 09/02/2020. The refund amount was correct . A dispute was initiated by Visa on 08/31/2020. After a 20 year, multiple cruise relationship with Crystal, this chapter in our lives is closed. The magic has sadly disappeared. 😢💔
  5. I totally agree! Not being told the facts of the situation is making it very difficult for us Crystal loyalists and creating a very sour attitude amongst us. Please communicate Crystal.
  6. As I posted on another thread, the refund process might have slowed further because Crystal has been too busy sending out the Cookbook. Priorities 🤔😫
  7. Maybe the refund process has been slowed even further because Crystal is too busy sending out the 30th Anniversary Cookbook, 🤔. That statement put out yesterday was absurd. Excuses excuses. 😡
  8. The data in one direction or the other is inaccurate . I know of four individuals who went for testing , signed in with the required information and due to ridiculous time delays left before being tested. All were notified they had tested positive . People who have major existing medical issues and die, are being classified as Covid deaths. What a mess. 🙄 Please stop including subliminal political preferences in these posts. This ridiculous finger pointing IMHO is contributing to the horrible situation.
  9. A miracle, two refunds appeared on my credit cards this morning. I had filed disputes, but at 120 days Crystal posted before the resolutions. The amounts were also correct. Still totally disappointed in Crystal’s handling of this process this late into the game. 😢 Please update the deposits for 01/2022 and 08/2022 were received. A thank you
  10. Woke up to a miracle. 😇. Two refunds for 2022 cruises requested 03/10/2020 were on my credit cards. 120 days. This whole process is 360 degrees from the Crystal performance we have grown to love over the past twenty years and many cruises. I was understanding early on, but by now things should be handled better. Heartbroken is an understatement . 💔. At this point , no future cruise plans for us. 😢 By the way , still waiting on an additional refund for a 2020 cancelation requested mid April. Will not waste time looking for that until the 120 days hit the calendar.
  11. Just received four e: mails. Guess it is one for each overdue refund. 🙄
  12. Just woke up to day 108 in the refund waiting game. 😢😡. Even repeated effort by my wonderful and diligent TA is ineffective. Crystal you are breaking my heart. 💔
  13. I am so excited to see all of you optimists booking the just added October cruises! Hope you are making those deposits with real money and not FCC. Maybe Crystal will have some funds now to pay me the three cancellations I have been waiting for over 90 days. 😡
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