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  1. I booked this deal once and it’s only one dinner through the entire 15 days of my cruise. I’m honestly not too worried.
  2. We’re cruising in a couple weeks and we’re doing the reduced flights. I’m nervous about flying in the same day so I paid $25 each to fly in one day early. I was told that my flights would be assigned at 40 days out. At 39 days out I still hadn’t heard anything so I called them and they said that was weird so they asked me if I wanted to hang on while they book the flights and I said yes. They gave me direct flights to Miami. The flight there is early in the morning and the flight back is at 12:15. I’m pretty satisfied with the flights so far.
  3. My cruise is in November and for a few weeks my eDocs wouldn’t come up. I just tried every day and now they come up. I’ve heard that they might be locked while they’re updating peoples flights and rooms.
  4. The NCL blog says that Six will start on the November 10th cruise on the Breakaway. My cruise is November 17 and they haven’t updated the website to show Six yet. Rock of Ages still shows and it’s not yet known if Six is replacing Rock or Ages or being added as an additional show.
  5. I also have a step son and when we took him out of the country we always made sure we had a notarized form signed by his mother which states that his mother was aware of where we were going and granted permission. I’m in Canada and I found the form on our government website but I’m sure there must be forms available on US government websites that serve the same purpose.
  6. I think cruise lines are just listening to the people and giving them what they want. They probably don’t want to set up a formal dining room with a dress code that 3 people will use.
  7. I remember someone telling me that a Carnival cruise was a Motel 8 of the seas. I had never been on a Carnival cruise but I had been to a Motel 8 so I understood they were saying it’s pretty basic. But recently I saw a video on YouTube and this lady was in a really nice suite on a Carnival cruise and there was a hot tub on her balcony and it looked pretty fancy which makes me think that people might let their own personal preferences influence their descriptions of cruise lines.
  8. My cruise is in November and I’ve noticed there were certain days I couldn’t open them and other days I could. Just try every day.
  9. It was 100% your choice to take a cab. I think you have to take responsibility for your own decision. The ferry was going to be free.
  10. It could change. You won’t know what your flight looks like until 60 day (or less) out. Maybe book something cancellable in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale and once you get your flight cancel the accommodations you don’t need.
  11. We opted to deviate a day early and the cruise line automatically added the transportation for an additional charge. I had to specifically tell them I didn’t want their transfers and they removed the transfers and the corresponding charge. We’re flying into Miami and the deviation is $25 each and the transfers were going to be another $50 each. I felt like we could uber for less. I think they try to just automatically add the transfers and hope you don’t notice and just pay whether or not you actually use them.
  12. I would go with uber. If you request uber xl it will be a larger vehicle which is nice when you have bags. Cheapest might be public transportation but it’s not fast.
  13. Someone posted the terms and conditions of NCL air the other day and I read the entire thing and they state that domestic flights are no more than one connection and international flights are no more than 2 connections
  14. You could go give your bags to a porter then go explore then come back and actually embark. Just make sure you’re there in time for muster
  15. Door decorating is really popular on Disney cruise lines and we’ve done a few of those cruises. If you’re celebrating a special occasion you can have it on your door design and people will probably wish you happy birthday or happy anniversary if they are passing by as you enter or exit. And it helps you tell which door is yours when you’re in a long hallway with doors that all look alike. And kids like door designs with their favourite characters. I think maybe it’s not as popular on other cruise lines.
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