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  1. we came over from the West side to watch sailaway and were disappointed in No Love Boat theme. 4 hours of wine tasting prior to departure softened the blow (slightly 🙂 )
  2. there is a person onboard that claimed the ship was on a two day test cruise--He posted on Facebook with a picture. He claimed to be from Seattle. 🙂
  3. We were member of P&O original club (POSH) then stayed through all changes until moving over to Princess. We were able to transfer all P&O when we changed and started at Elite. Around 2015 we were told that Princess would not longer accept P&O; we went back and forth with Princess and found that they sometimes get all credit and sometimes only get partial. I have found that by going on Cruise history in Cruise personalizer I get a total of the cruises counted and the days. I print that and take it on each cruise. Interesting in that P&O changed their rules so that folks that
  4. May or may not be unique?? We have 11 cruises presently booked-We have the medallion ap on our phones from last cruise prior to Covid. It appears that all cruises are in but with some crazy schedules. I.e. This December we are booked for two cruises on two different ships with one day in between. On the Medallion App it shows as one cruise for 15 days. I cannot get out of the blue lane on that one. I then went to the last one booked -Hawaii in November of 2022 and it is trying to link it with a August cruise out of Southampton---I have gotten further, but still in the Blue lane? Really i
  5. One brochure I received says "Spring 2022" for next one. Not sure if there are/were others sooner and the brochure is not date specific 🙂
  6. About half of the cruises in my future are "Casino cruises". If there is one bad thing about them, it is the fact that I must pay for all upgrades (including Princess Plus) + fees and taxes at the time of the booking, On most I added the beverage package and had to pay a year before the cruise. On at least one, I asked the Princess (Casino) rep, doing the booking if I could add the package later. She told me that I could but have not done so yet. Could be interesting as my fare would not change 🙂
  7. I had a TA canceled that was to precede a Caribbean cruise so I added another Caribbean for December 5. I actually got more than I expected when I called Casino folks. Their line was busy and I got connected to a regular Princess rep. She could not give me the cruise free but was able to take off 35% and get us a deluxe balcony for the price of obstructed view. Also got $250 casino credit. Now need to get FCCs from previous cruises credited to my account--So far one has been done with two more to go 🙂
  8. So glad it all worked out--I was going to add that I had 5 cruises (casino) and 7 non casino still out there and have gotten OBC for all of them 🙂
  9. Fairly easy-Pack your clothes or have them ready to move on hangers. Take valuables with you. You will probably be asked to leave ship and then return. Prepare for some time off the ship as they need to clear it for customs. By the time you get back aboard your stuff should be in new cabin.
  10. If you get a coupon book check to see if they have a BOGO for casino 🙂
  11. No--And if the ship is operating in Australian waters the casino uses AUD$. The machines I saw while down under only used shipboard account. When we left for the Orient they switched back to US$.
  12. I guess there is one bright spot about the Pandemic situation--Nobody is gaining on you for chance to attend one of these 🙂
  13. slightly off topic but in talking with my TA yesterday about the number of canceled cruises and FCCs, he told me that he had one client with over $140,000 in FCCs to use. During the same conversation he mentioned a client that was 93 and just wanted to be able to take one more cruise .!
  14. I had to read a little more and hope that the "healthcare professional" that signed my card is adequate to meet requirement??
  15. When you see (or are told) of a new selection of beers being brought aboard--grab one. I have seen, especially in non USA ports, different local beers being brought aboard in limited quantity and most are gone with in the first couple of days. Pays to make friends with on board bartenders 🙂
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