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  1. I received the second email yesterday and it appears that Princess had listed the wrong cruise date on the list but this email confirmed the cancellation of both cruises which meant I had to go ahead and cancel the hotel as well. Still some hope for our Alaska cruise leaving from Seattle 🙂
  2. We did not make final payment as our two (so far) canceled cruises are with the Casino promotion. We have paid "no-refundable" deposit along with port fees and taxes. In addition, on one of the cruises we paid to upgrade and add beverage package as part of our upfront payment. How much of that should we expect back in FCCs??? I do know that we canceled a later Casino cruise because it turned out our TA could come pretty close to the same price and he sure needs the business. I know we will lose the "non-refundable" deposit but how long should it take to see the rest of our upfront payment to
  3. We have three cruises that fall under this press release but only one is actually listed as being canceled--That being a 7 day coastal from Vancouver to LA. I actually got an email from Princess today with the cancellation notice. What I find interesting is We are booked on a three day cruise from LA to Vancouver which was to have gotten us to Vancouver one day before the above canceled cruise and we are booked for a hotel in Vancouver for that one night. I cannot believe that they will not cancel the three day one as well??? Secondly, we have an Alaska cruise leaving from Seattle in June, w
  4. The good thing--Those of you that were afraid folks were getting ahead of you for MTP can relax 🙂
  5. Interesting-I posted a similar blog on Facebook-Princess cruises group and got much the same reaction. We are presently booked on the Majestic to Alaska out of Seattle in June. I was attempting to find a way to put the Majestic to use if we cannot use Canada and I suggested the Ensenada option. Basically a cruise to nowhere but would allow Princess to use Seattle and one of it's ships rather than anchor or circle endlessly . As has been mentioned, Princess is certainly in deep discussions about possible alternatives I just hope they find something 🙂
  6. I have a different thought-We booked a couple of Casino offers where an inside cabin was free; all we had to pay was taxes and fees plus a $200 per person non refundable deposit. We would be allowed to upgrade if we paid the difference in price so I booked a couple of cruises. I then contacted my regular TA (who is basically being forced out by the "free Casino offers and Virus issues) and asked him what he could do for us. With the discount given to those of us that qualify for it (Casino) he was able to get us the same or slightly better cabins for about the same price with small refundable
  7. I sent email request yesterday morning for two cruises in 2022. By 1 PM both credits were on cruise personalizer. Doesn't get much faster than that 🙂
  8. Interesting. I have such a combination of cruises this could be a factor. A couple where I will get off one ship and on to another the same day (Not sure what coverage will be if first ship gets delayed. Then I have two where I have a day in between and lastly a situation like the OP. Another thought that I hope will get covered is the possible Covid testing before each cruise (or for airline) when there is no time between the two. Best part is I will be vaccinated before any of them start 🙂
  9. I have not seen it mentioned but there can be some significant money earned here. Both my wife and I are elite so get "loyalty credit" and CCL credit. Both are to one per cabin. When traveling with adult daughter or another family member we have gotten two cabins; one in each of our names with one sharing the family member. We each get the loyalty credit; the CCL credit along with mini-bar set up. Not something we do all the time but.....:-)
  10. I just got through booking the same or similar cruise in 2022-We will be getting off a Panama Canal cruise (also booked through Casino) the day this one departs. One Princess rep tried to upsell me for balcony (I was going to do that anyway) along with Beverage package and trip insurance to be paid up front. In talking with another agent I confirmed that I could pay the insurance and get Bev Package as long as I booked them prior to or around time final payment (shown on Casino Invoice) time. That way we should have a better idea of these cruises will sail. I presently have 11 out there with P
  11. A couple of years ago I got an offer similar to this for a couple of cruises out of Australia-$300 airfare reduction. I did not save the paperwork but took advantage of it. I have not seen this offer but I am down for it!!
  12. I cannot speak for the ship itself but on our cruises aboard her a couple of years ago I would hope the ship has gotten a new Captain. Our Captain for 21 days was probably the least personable (To us Yanks) as any we have had in 40+ years of cruising with Princess 😞
  13. Interesting that this got posted today. DW and I were doing some wine tasting this afternoon and talking about many of the cruises we hope to take. This came up in our discussion and almost immediately my wife said she would like to stay away from inside because "If we get disallowed from returning to a port, i don' t want to be stuck in an inside cabin".. I had not even thought about that and now find this post perfect timing 🙂
  14. Try New Fei for glasses They are off Jordan road
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