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  1. That is unless you are from a country that does not believe in tipping 🙂
  2. One bad experience that took some time getting straightened our and had to wait until I got home. I put $300 US on a casino account before taking a cruise on the Majestic this year. When I got aboard I was told that since the ship was on Australian dollars my credit would be in AUD. OK, but they insisted that the exchange was 1-1 and not what that amount should have been exchanged for in AUD. I think it should have been over 400 AUD. I stayed out of the casino and then went through hoops when I got back to get the money back in $US. Not the only exchange problem on that cruise but since it was casino related I put it here.
  3. Since our kettle is identical to the ones used on P&O UK and on the Princess ships that sail out of Orient-Think Majestic Princess-I would hope that the ships do not put their own passengers at risk.
  4. Yes I care-I have had the ships safety officer in my cabin on at least two occasions and he has told that my pot is safe to use. As a retired Navy man I am fully aware of the dangers of fire aboard and would not even think about doing anything to endanger the rest of the passengers.
  5. I have to be the one opposing voice. On all of our cruises (over100) with Princess we have taken a THERMOSTATICALLY controlled kettle and had not had it confiscated once. That is as recently as this year (March/April) on the Majestic. We have had our power strips taken (and returned at end of cruise). It is not hidden and sits on the shelf next to the refrigerator at all times. We take a French Press or use Starbucks VIA. Just our experience!
  6. This whole thing just makes me wonder?? Since they use the tablets and can tell the winner electronically what is to keep some ingenious IT person from rigging the game?? There just does not seem to be the randomness anymore 😞
  7. Much depends on which country your ship leaves from. I have departed from almost every port that Princess uses in the US and around the world. (Hong Kong, Southampton, Sydney, Auckland, BC, Bangkok etc.) Tips for porters (along with other tipping issues) seems to be more prevalent in the US. That being said, I worked at the pier in San Francisco for many a year and saw the porters at work. First and foremost--In San Francisco, Los Angeles (SAn Pedro), Seattle and FLL there are signs that say in various words--Porters are paid and tipping is not necessary. True those signs are not highly visible but they are there!! That being said it was always amazing to see the porters work the travelers. They were very pushy with folks they could identify as not native. They would be pushy to get to the cars that looked to be carrying high end folks and VERY slow to get to a certain ethnic group. They are highly paid (over $35 an hour in SF) and get the assignment by seniority. I actually turned in at least two porters that were overly pushy and they were left off the next couple of ships. When we travel (cruise) we usually tip $5 for a couple of bags and higher if we have more. Blame that on us being crazy Americans who like to tip 🙂 In most countries with UK ties. we have actually been told that our tips are not wanted.
  8. We invited the Staff Captain to join us for dinner in he MDR and he accepted. Then informed the waiters and Matier DE (sp). Quite an interesting evening and we have remained in touch with the Staff Captain (Now Captain). On P&O cruises it was not uncommon for the Captain to join a table but htat has been a few years!
  9. One of our "Milestone" cruises (this may have been in the era of number of cruises and not days) and we mentioned it towards the end of the cruise. It was put in our record and taken care of on our next cruise!
  10. WE have experienced 750, 1000 and 1250--Earlier in our cruising adventures it had been based on number of cruises and I do not think it started at the 50th cruise but I could be wrong. One thing we found out on our last cruise, on some cruises, they do not count the P&O cruises. That meant instead of an recognition of 1500 days, we redid the 1250 mark. Also, since my DW and I have a different amount of days, she will redo her 1000 day celebration on our next cruise. 🙂 Since the Captain Circle Host/Hostess has to do some math in subtracting previous cruises, it will probably be wise for us to remind him/her. I think our next cruise should be a longer than 7 days to fully enjoy the Sabatini's breakfast as they really spoil you there!
  11. We were asked to come to the naughty room on our cruise on the Majestic Princess earlier this year; I figured they were going to take our tea pot (which we have taken on over 100 cruises with no problem) only to find they were taking our power strip. It was returned as we left the ship on the last day (of that cruise). Since we were sailing B2B cruises, it was taken again as we reboarded 🙂 Finally got it back some three weeks later when we got off in Hong Kong.
  12. One of those that will come on board is an ex-student of mine. If you happen to have Karie Metz, be sure and tell her Dale Newhouse says HI!---Thanks
  13. On our March/April cruises aboard the Majestic Princess all OBC was credited in AUD (Even a casino credit that was guaranteed to be in US$--$450 to be exact). I was able to convince Passengers Service Desk folks that some of the OBC (maybe the FCC) should be in US since I had booked using US$ and US FCC, They did do a "Goodwill" credit but asked me not to share with fellow passengers. I thought I might be able to buy FCC in AUD and then get OBC in US$ if I booked a cruise out the US. That messed up the book keepers as my bank account showed the purchase in AUD but Princess would not issue me the FCCs-Three weeks after the cruise I finally got it straightened out and the AUD was credited back to my account and then we got charged in US$ . I tried 🙂
  14. At one point, it was $5 US equaled a Pound. Somewhere along the way it went to $2.40 and that was great with Pound, Schilling and pence as there were 240 pence in a Pound (I think).. Then again we used to get 360 Yen for one US dollar in Japan and now they are almost on par- And Japanese items have gotten more expensive 🙂
  15. From recent (last month) experience, if the ship is in AUD ALL OBC is in AUD at a 1-1 ratio. This is different, two or three years ago when it was given at close to the current exchange rate. to me it seems we lose about 30% in buying power since prices are in AUD but as has been stated Anything is better than nothing.
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