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  1. My wife and I received "batch" emails from Princess yesterday with some explanations and apologies. The bottom line still seems to be we are working hard and will get to them when we do 🙂
  2. Very true about the dealings with P&O. We first started cruising with P&O in 1964 and then Princess. At first sea days/cruises were combined and then P&O started saying P&O only so we were not able to maintain our P&O status since they required a sailing every 2 or 3 years to keep from going back to the bottom. In 2016 or 2017, Princess decided to no longer count P&O days toward Princess. Now there is confusion, among Princess folks, if all P&O credit is to be removed or only that after Jan 2017. In all cases, it seems that only MSC offers reciprocity.
  3. First a little background-I was introduced to cruising by my parents in the 1950s as my mother would not fly so we took the Lurline to Hawaii. When I married I wanted to introduce my wife to cruising and took her on a Sitmar cruise in Australia. That cruise was a disaster and I never thought I would get her on another ship. A few years later and we tried again with a Princess cruise from Hong Kong to Australia and back. We have now taken almost 100 Princess cruises and if asked which was the best, we would say that cruise but the one we took on the old Regal to Midway Island, as part of a Hawaiian cruise would certainly be right in line. We met the folks that we consider our BFFs and have taken some 20 cruises with them since. We are so ready to get back aboard! Posts like this one are helpful in most ways but do remind me of just how much I miss being on a ship!
  4. I just looked at Princess Bridge cams and many are already there or on their way!
  5. By DSC, I am assuming you mean the gratuities ?? Ours are paid as part of the promotion. I am not worried about is as OBC as we like to eat in one of the specialty restaurants 🙂
  6. Just got an answer--No at the present time but will be in our record if things change. We booked a balcony for an added $140 each. The only down side I see is that the $100 deposit is non refundable- Is will be returned as OBC.
  7. I got a call (answering their email to wait) about half an hour ago. It took about 5 minutes to complete and now have balcony for added $140 per person. The only down side that I see is non refundable $100 deposit>
  8. I received an email this afternoon thanking me for responding to them using their suggested email system. Today's email thanks me for doing so and tells me that my email will be answered in the order it was received. It also tells me that there is no need to resend the email as they are working as fast as possible. Really beginning to wonder if I should call before all cabins are spoken for ?
  9. Just for a distraction-Has anybody tried to book more than one cruise using this promotion? I see B2B on the Caribbean Princess and wonder if I could get both and save on airfare? BTW I sent an email, as suggested, last night and have not heard from Princess as of Saturday afternoon. I wonder if there will be any of the "limited" number cabins available when I do hear?
  10. Offer included cruises in April of next year-If ships are not cleared by then I may as well kiss my Carnival Stock goodbye 🙂
  11. I received an email last night from Princess Casino with an offer of a free cruise+$500 Casino cash+ Drink, free wifi and grats. 7 different "local cruises offered" any others get this?
  12. We are also on this cruise-Our last cruise in January we did not receive medallions until a week before the cruise. friends got theirs a day earlier than we did. Received an email that they had been shipped about a day before they arrived.
  13. We were on the Royal about a month ago when the Captain told the passengers that it would be arriving early into Ensenada-We would arrive well over 12 hours early ( late evening instead of the next morning). We were told that it was because of a medical emergency and later found out it was a heart problem. This sounds like what might have happened in this case as well.
  14. Aboard the Royal a couple of weeks ago we did B2B cruises. On first week, not only was lobster served in the MDR,it was served along with oysters, in the buffet. Thought we would beat the crowd on the second week only to find that they had not repeated the lobster/oyster offerings 😞
  15. There is a Princess excursion called "Paris on our own" The bus takes you to Paris and drops you off, lets you wander for some time and then brings you back. That is what I was talking about. You need to plan well to make the most of your trip!
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