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  1. Chiming in...we stayed at Avenida Palace in April and it was amazing! Returning to Lisbon this coming weekend and staying there again. The most amazing accommodations and service! Highly recommend.
  2. Be sure to carry it on. My daughter packed a 6 pack of flavored seltzer (non alcoholic) in her checked baggage and it was taken out and a note left in her suitcase by security.
  3. We were on Oosterdam for 2 weeks this Nov/Dec. Bought the highest priced package and had constant connection, no issues and better speed than I expected. (though I didn’t do a Speedtest).Streaming wasn’t great but I don’t know if it was the connection or the source. DH used connection for work without complaints.
  4. Great shot! My DH orders straight through as well. It let’s the reds breathe as well as having your wines available with their proper course 🙂
  5. Yikes sorry... Thanks for the research though! I occasionally find it more convenient to get a double and was surprised it was a problem after many cruises w/beverage packages. I’m thinking it may be up to the discretion of beverage manager.
  6. Lol thanks for taking one for the team! They had a 3 minute rule on Oosterdam 🙄...first I’ve ever heard of that. Once I ‘made friends’ with certain bar staff all was well. Just wondering if it’s now a fleetwide policy.
  7. How are you doing on getting double pours with Elite package? I had a problem with that (for the first time ever with a beverage package) on Oosterdam earlier this month. Really enjoying your reports! TY!
  8. Probably a good thing Poohby Joe doesn't know there are matching slippers to be had with the Retreat robes.🤫
  9. Yes! We were on until 12/2 and it was smoke free every night. Fantastic ship and crew!
  10. Love the Evian misters. We usually have to ask cabana attendants for them. Had them earlier this month on Oosterdam. There’re especially refreshing if you pop them in your ice bucket. We had the mini fan sans batteries but didn’t bother asking for any...
  11. Thanks for checking. Great Pinnacle dinner report. Can’t wait to check it out!
  12. Just caught up on your ‘live’ thread. Thanks for posting! With Club Orange open, is Pinnacle still available for suite breakfast?
  13. As I understand it, Oceana, Seabourn, RCL, NCL, Cunard, Princess, and many other lines use oceanbooks.com, a cruise ship library service. I’m curious as to why Holland doesn’t use them as well considering the ship demographics. Apologies as well for the thread distraction.
  14. Maker’s Mark is my poison as well. It took a few days and finding the right palm to grease before I could get doubles on Oosterdam in ANY bar with my EBP. Either HAL has changed their policy or it really is up to the Beverage Mgr du jour. “Sorry Mum Kris no doubles, 3 minute wait between pours”. I’ll be very interested in your test results!
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