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  1. We're currently booked for a total of 36 days in 2021: Nieuw Amsterdam Alaska 8-28-21 Zuiderdam Sea of Cortez 11-6-21, then staying on for Hawaii 11-18-21 And god-willing, we're booked for 115 days in 2022, also all on HAL.
  2. Gorgeous field of fireweed. She framed the photo perfectly. Great job! ❤️
  3. Yep, doesn't really matter which thread people are on and this one's been going on since 2020 so ....
  4. Bringing the link forward for today: Juneau Harbor Webcam - Live Streaming Video from PTZtv Rain on the lens now ... hopefully it will get it out of its system by the time NA pulls in! 🤞
  5. You're really being hateful! 😉 Are you doing the float trip that starts on the lake and floats down the river? If so, please report back on what you guys thought. I know it won't be terribly exciting (very little and very few rapids) but it would be something new for us to do there so have been kicking it around.
  6. Dang! My FAVS!! I love those chocolate croissants with a passion but no longer can eat them. 😭 But that omelet looks delish (and that I CAN eat!) So what's on the agenda in Juneau today for you and the kidlets?
  7. This isn't a new thing ... hopefully people are being more diligent about doing it.
  8. Fingers crossed but it's looking about the same on the live webcam at the moment.
  9. My husband's "happy place" 😍 (did you buy a pass for the week or just the day? price?)
  10. @LAFFNVEGAS Hi, Lisa. Do you remember what time they started letting people disembark in ISP by any chance? I think you said you were going to arrive earlier than the 6:00 pm schedule. Thanks!
  11. Good morning! Looks like you’re having a much better first sea day than last week. 👍 Hope we experience the same beautiful weather in 4 weeks. Have a few suite questions when you have a chance - Is there bar soap in the bathroom or just the liquid? What about the other usual suite bathroom goodies? Are there Splenda (yellow) and raw sugar packets by the Nespresso machine in the suite and also in the Neptune Lounge? Do they have someone serving food and beverages in the Neptune Lounge rather than self-serve? Did you have to request the evening turndown or did they just automatically do it? Thanks! 🙂
  12. I could be wrong but I thought masks were required on shuttles (and even if it's not a HAL transfer, required on all public transportation of any kind anywhere in the country).
  13. I was envisioning they'd do a rapid test at the pier. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Would be a PITA if we have to get it done before that since many people will be traveling during the days leading up to embarkation.
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