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  1. We’ll be boarding her in Vancouver the day she comes out of drydock and are looking forward to spending 40 days sailing to Auckland on her after she’s all “gussied up”! 😁.
  2. We also got those lovely handwritten laundry notes on the Amsterdam a few weeks ago, also in Alaska, and thought they were such a nice touch. It’s the little things ...
  3. No, you can't book for lunch ahead of time - still has to be done onboard.
  4. I've found when having trouble printing docs that if I go through Google Chrome, it works perfectly.
  5. Best hotel in Rome (IMHO) is Hotel Artemide. Not outlandishly priced, in a great location for walking to all of the important sites, best service and staff ever, best food, best rooftop bar, best breakfast room food/chef … can't say enough good things about it. There's a reason it's #2 on TripAdvisor. We love it!! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g187791-d205044-Reviews-Hotel_Artemide-Rome_Lazio.html
  6. We disembarked the Volendam on December 19 (2018) so maybe they started after that. I don't see your sig line but if memory serves, it was an option to disable seeing those so I'm pretty sure I still have them disabled since I don't see yours or anyone else's for that matter. Sorry.
  7. The lasts few cruises I've marked cold wash and added cool dry to the directions and have been very pleased with the way things are coming back. That said, for the first time EVER I got back a pair of white undies that were very slightly off-color … hardly the end of the world and a little bleach when we got home seemed to revive them. Are those blue garment bags over the items on hangers, complete with a handwritten note from the laundry, new this year? Neither of us remember having gotten those before. I already rave to everyone about getting laundry back in a basket wrapped in tissue but this takes HAL's laundry to a new level. (I'm obviously easily amused 🙃)
  8. Just off Amsterdam Monday and yes, can confirm regular price (pre-Mariner discount) is $15 pp and worth every penny, in our opinion. In fact, we preferred lunch over PG's breakfast, dinner, and Sel de Mer. 😏
  9. zelker

    hubbard glacier

    Not sure when they’ll publish the schedule for 2020 but here’s where to check- http://claalaska.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Hubbard-Glacier-HUB-2019.pdf
  10. Just got off the 14 night Alaska cruise on Amsterdam, in a Cat SA Neptune: Only received the two initial bottles of Evian. When I asked if they would be replaced as we used them, the concierges said no but they did allow us to swap our 2 bottles (one from HAL, one from TA) of sparkling wine for more Evian which worked out. No special line or area for suite guests in the MDR; breakfast as usual in the PG where service was slow, also as usual, and food pretty much arrived lukewarm at best so only had breakfast there twice out of 14 days. No zippered tote, just the really cheap crinkly plastic ones with the new splash graphics (I asked if they had zippered ones for the suites and again, was told no). One "perk" we tried for the first time was ordering high tea served in the suite (we had it on the balcony while we were in Hubbard Glacier which was awesome!).
  11. zelker

    hubbard glacier

    Currently onboard Amsterdam. Was told by EXC staff onboard that the excursion is being alternated between Amsterdam and Island Princess so they get to do it next week and we don’t. I asked why they even put it on the available excursions list, let us book it and pay for it months ago, and then canceled 10 days before we embarked, thus holding our money all that time and we wind up paying interest on the credit card bill on it as SURELY the two related cruise lines knew that would be the case. The EXC staff person said he didn’t know the answer as that decision would be “above my pay grade”.
  12. Ours was canceled as well ... the September 12, 2020 - 26-Day British Isles & Western Europe itinerary.
  13. A gorgeous day here in Juneau ... supposed to be 71 and not calling for any precipitation. 👍 Seas have been incredibly calm since we departed Seattle on Monday, no precipitation to speak of, just some fog yesterday starting at 500 AM as we started towards Tracy Arm but cleared off by 700.
  14. @puli I know you weren't active on the roll call but I had your name on the Meet and Greet list so hopefully you'll stop by and say hi! Barb
  15. Old thread but new question - I do know there are 4 different patterns for the salad/bread/dessert plates with the hidden HAL logo on each and am wondering if anyone has purchased them yet and if so, how much they cost and do you have to buy the set or can you just buy one? Last year on the Zuidie the maître 'd told us they were for sale but I didn't want to schlep them home at the time.
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