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  1. Just wrote myself a note to tell Justin hi for you. πŸ˜‰ Who was the Canal narrator and were they any good? Who were the enrichment speakers and what topics did they discuss and were THEY any good?
  2. DocJohnB - Assuming our itinerary will be the same - or close to the same - as yours, how many gala nights were there and which evenings? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the update. Glad you loved the cruise as we board her on 12/3 for the San Diego-FLL itinerary and are looking forward to it! Sure hope all those nasty noro-germs are long gone by then but will definitely be uber-vigilant about washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping hands away from face.
  4. zelker

    Christmas Trees for sale

    How festive!! I had no idea they offered this. We're sailing during Hanukkah so am bringing my "gel clingy stick on the mirror/window menorah" so I can "light" (stick on) a candle each night but since we're onboard until the 18th, it would be fun to have a tree, too since we celebrate both.
  5. First time sailing on Volendam and 3+ years since we've sailed on one of her sister ships so I have questions about what to expect in our Cat. A Vista suite: Do they still have a clothesline over the tub? Do they have a docking station or Bluetooth speaker so we can play music from our iPods? Have the TV's been updated to flat-screens on the wall or are they still on the desk? Are the TV's interactive so we can review our onboard account, have access to movies, watch special programs, etc? Is there still just the one US-type electrical plug (not counting the one in the bathroom for shavers)? Have they added any USB plugs? Have the heavy (and ugly) coffee tables been replaced by the much sleeker, modern metal base tables with the glass top? What furniture should we expect on the verandah? Thanks!
  6. zelker


    Only 12?? Our date in mid-November of 2019 is sold out!!
  7. zelker


    We're booked on Uniworld Jordan/Egypt in November 2019 so will be anxious to read your review and also hear about the weather you experience. We're also considering adding on Israel so will look at Tauck's itinerary. Enjoy!!
  8. We did this cruise in 2014. Highly recommend the following tours if they strike your fancy: the trikes in Aruba (book on your own - someone else posted the link above) assuming they're still offering it we did the ship's excursion out of Gatun Lake to visit the Embera tribe (can only be done as a ship's excursion, it's a Nat Geo moment in time, truly memorable) the Jaguar Rescue Center which is about an hour south of Limon (http://www.jaguarrescue.foundation/tours/ … booked with Jorge at http://www.portlimon.com/ … fabulous to work with and we remain Facebook friends 4+ years later). a private full day tour with Natasja at Dushi Taxi (you'll have to Google it because CC won't let me post the link) … she will take you anywhere you want to see on the island and is a hoot! Enjoy! Barb
  9. Just shared with DH that you claim Tim Dorsey as your new fav author. John's a HUGE fan and goes into withdrawal waiting for each new book. If you haven't already done so, he says you "must" read all of them. His new book - No Sunscreen for the Dead - will be released in January and John's #1 on the waitlist at our library. Go Serge!! :cool: PS - Am enjoying reading your trip report. We were booked on it, too but decided to cancel when HAL postponed the Noordam refurb until 2019. Will experience it vicariously through you instead and undoubtedly book it another time.
  10. Can't argue with that logic. Of the four ships you mention, we've only sailed on Statendam and really enjoyed her. We always choose cruises for the itinerary so we'll just go into this one knowing not to expect anything more than what she is and hope we're blown away by the cruise anyway! :D
  11. What was refreshed besides carpet? From what you described, it sounds like everything else is the same... can you elaborate please? And yes, it’s about time HAL joins the 21st century and installs interactive tv systems on all ships as we really did like having access to accounts, direct movies, menus, port info, etc. and on a bigger screen tv. Clothing optional deck?? Is that something new?
  12. Thanks for posting while you're onboard. Sorry to hear that they haven't done much in the staterooms. May have to rethink spending 29 nights on her in 2020.
  13. Quite informational! Many thanks for posting!
  14. Maybe I missed something but from what I can find on here, it looks like the Neptune Suites (and likely all staterooms) on the Maasdam were not updated in this recent drydock and still have the older furniture, carpet, and soft goods, tiny televisions (and therefore not the vastly improved interactive large-screen TVs we just had in a Neptune Suite on the Zuidie), old bathrooms, verandah furniture, lighting, etc. - true or false? And if they have not been upgraded, is there another upcoming drydock scheduled to bring the staterooms to be more in line with the other recent HAL ship refurbs?