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  1. I just went to the HAL site - can you get to this? https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/deals/black-friday.html?ICID=HECIZ1125201110
  2. It conflicts with Seabourn to Antarctica which is already booked and which we really want to do again. HAL seems to offer some variation of the South Pacific at least once a year so hopefully we’ll be able to book it another time.
  3. Just received the email from HAL notifying us that, as expected, the Zuiderdam 45 night cruise to Hawaii/South Pacific next October was canceled. Was hoping they’d tell us they were moving it to Fall of 2022 and we could move to that sailing at the same rate but alas, they did not. 😩
  4. We're part of the opposite scenario (Volendam to Zuiderdam) on 45 night Hawaii/South Pacific cruise in October. We, like you guys, can see a new suite # online but when the switch happened, our TA said pricing hadn't been finalized (we'd expect Neptunes to be lower on the bigger ship). But of course NOW it's highly likely that our cruise is going to be cancelled anyway because it sails October 4th out of San Diego and visits several US ports in Hawaii. Therefore, pricing won't matter because based on current CDC guidelines, they should be cancelling it any day now, just like they've done wi
  5. And if you look on HAL's website, there are no cruises showing available to book until April 2021 so yes, yours is definitely a no-go. Sorry. 😞
  6. Sorry, finger on wrong key. 6068, 70, 72, or 74, then 6069, 6073, 6077, or 6083 (all SS). 6117 is ok - you gain a small angled area inside the stateroom but then the door out to the verandah is also angled so not as much straight-out view to the sea. Also, you need to not mind that everyone down the row is able to see onto the angled part of the verandah and/or getting buffeted by the wind when moving. Also, pretty far aft - we prefer more midship but everyone has their preferences.
  7. First choice would be port side 6068, 70, 72, or 74. Second choice starboard side, 7069, 73, 77, or 83.
  8. The one junior suite we had on RCI (on Serenade) was WAY bigger than any Vista we've had on HAL.
  9. We were notified of our B2B in Alaska (10 and 11 days) this morning as well. This time we're actually taking the FCCs and will have both deposits and the FCCs applied to our existing Antarctica booking in February of 2022, figuring that the 25% is WAY more than what we could make in interest in the next year. And of course if we cancel before the penalty phase starts (October 2021), we can just get the deposits refunded.
  10. We sailed from Vancouver to Auckland (40 nights) last fall on Noordam, with many stops in Hawaii and some of the South Pacific islands along the way. What we thoroughly enjoyed were the surprise opportunities that the head chef did to bring fresh local catch and produce onboard for miscellaneous dinners in the MDR ... some of the best meals we've ever had at sea (or on land for that matter). Hopefully you'll get lucky and have s similar experience.
  11. I'll tag on to canadianbear's post above to say that when we invited friends to share our balcony while in Hubbard Glacier, we pre-arranged high tea for the 4 of us with the Neptune Lounge concierge. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful to sit outside and it was just an OUTSTANDING afternoon!! Out of the 6 times we've cruised Alaska, that was the first time we'd done that but for sure it won't be the last.
  12. We were hoping to do the same thing, once our 10 & 11 night B2B is officially cancelled in July. However, people on HAL threads are reporting that B2Bs, even when booked under separate confirmation numbers for each segment, aren't going to be allowed. I do still plan to ask Seabourn directly but fear it's going to be a no-go. 😞
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