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  1. We did Quest to Antarctica/South Georgia over the holidays in 2015-16 and it was EPIC and we've talked about going back some day. Had been told since last year that they thought Quest would return to Antarctica/South America in 21-22 season, that it's itinerary is different enough from Venture's that they could put both ships down there. So when I looked yesterday and saw the boring Caribbean/Canal back and forth into the beginning of 21, we were very disappointed. 😞
  2. @MJN1 Quick follow-up to your post ... I send your post to my TA who then contacted Seabourn, they confirmed that all we need to do for a future booking is give them the booking number for the one they cancelled and we'll get the 5% FCD discount. She also asked them to note it in our record for the cancelled booking. So glad you posted this!! THANKS AGAIN!!! 🙂
  3. This is AWESOME news!! Now I just have to remember to request that when/if we book another cruise with them sometime in the future.
  4. Happy to report that as of this morning we're finally 100% refunded. The final piece was the refund of 2 FCDs that were not applied to anything and that I had requested be refunded on March 24th (so almost 3 months). The credit shows the date of May 29th which was the day Seabourn had refund batching errors but it took 3 weeks before I could actually see the credit on our Visa. Thanks again JPH for starting this thread … has been an interesting "ride" to say the least. And to anyone else still waiting for refunds and/or FCCs, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Peace Out! ✌️
  5. Speaking of being complete, the two 2 FCDs that were applied to our cancelled cruise showed up on our United Explorer (Chase) Visa today, dated 5/29. Had to laugh since earlier in the week when I called, SB told me they were processed on 6/2 so they apparently have "magical accounting" to get refunds to post earlier than they were processed. LOL Regardless, that makes a complete refund for the cancelled 5/23 cruise. Now were down to the two unused FCDs (I requested they be refunded on 3/24) and was told today they were processed on 5/29, meaning they were caught up in the processing error SB had that day and which means they'll be delayed by a few days until we see them.
  6. I vote for Viking!! 😉
  7. Correct - you're 2 FCDs should be sitting on your Seabourn Club accounts and you can ask to have them reimbursed to your CC between now and October 2021, or let them sit and use them against a deposit on another cruise between now and October, your choice. As for the FCCs they gave you, I'm about 99.9% sure that they are not counted as FCDs and can't be refunded as such BUT since the cruise was subsequently cancelled, it can't hurt to ask if it's now an option to have the FCC's refunded. (sorry, I don't know the answer for sure since our cruise was cancelled by SB before we would have gotten around to cancelling)
  8. To be clear, we’re talking about a Future Cruise Deposit, not.Future Cruise Credit that you may have received from Seabourn. Any unused FCDs are good for 4 years from date of purchase. If they are unused at the end of the 4 years, they will automatically be refunded to your cc OR at any tIme during the 4 years you decide that you want them refunded, you call Seabourn and let them know. We purchase FCDs and bank them any time we cruise so they’re available when we decide to book something. In this case, we had purchased 2 each back in 2017, had one each applied to the cruise we should be on right now when we booked it in December, and still had 1 each available for future use until 2021 if we booked something else. When the cruise industry fell apart while we were on a ship in March, we chose not to leave even a dime with any of them so requested refunds of any outstanding FCDs we had with both Seabourn and HAL. So in answer to your question, yes, you can call Seabourn and tell them you want your FCDs refunded but not FCCs.
  9. We have Chase Preferred and they told me it wasn't an option to have a direct deposit so requested a check. Wonder if it's because you have the Reserve card? In any case, yes, another 7-10 business days to finally have the money in hand won't kill us.
  10. Doing the happy dance! 🤑 Our cruise/air refund showed up on our credit card this morning, effective June 4th. Now just waiting the refund of (4) $500 each FCDs and we're square with both SB and HAL.
  11. Without going back through many hundreds of posts on these threads, I can't remember if you've disputed these with your credit cards? If not, why not? For those small amounts, it's likely that your CC company will refund them as conditional credits back to your card(s) within days, and then release them as permanent credits shortly thereafter. That's what Chase did with our deposit of $2,030 anyway and I've definitely read of others having similar experiences with those "peanut" amounts.
  12. Have you talked to Seabourn yet? As an essential worker, they might escalate things for you. Worth a call. Good luck.
  13. GREAT news, DFW and JPH814! We were all booked on the same 5/23 cruise so fingers crossed that we see ours shortly as well. I did dispute it with our CC in early May, got the initial deposit credited within 10 days but still waiting for the bulk of what they owe us for the cruise fare and air. Somewhat related, we did get a refund from HAL this morning for several FCDs on one of our two CCs.
  14. Received $800 in FCDs on one credit card today but still waiting for another $1,200 in FCDs on the other card. HAL told me they all processed on May 27th so hopefully will see the others this week. Unfortunately still waiting for over $30K from Seabourn for a cruise we should be on right now that they cancelled almost 2 months ago.
  15. Regardless of what Seabourn says, it's obvious that the majority of us on this thread are frustrated by the time it's taking compared to what most of us were initially promised and the complete lack of communication. That said, here's an interesting statistic: Out of 59 people waiting for a refund of their cruise fare (and, if booked w/SB, their airfare), only 21 of us have received refunds, or about 35 percent. Was anyone else expecting that percentage to be at least 50 percent (or higher) by now? I know I was.
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