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  1. Does anyone know what will happen if you do not book advance reservations and just show up each night at one of the dining rooms? We usually eat late by North American standards - 7:30 to 8:00 pm - and have rarely had a problem getting a table since we are willing to share. Also, what has Princess said about seating in the dining room for breakfast and lunch? Will advance reservations be required?
  2. I can certainly understand the OP's frustration. I'm computer-literate and love my smart phone. I can't access my account on the Princess website. The Princess reps with whom I have spoken tell me that there is nothing that they can do until "IT fixes everything" and, by the way, don't try to set up the Medallion app until the problem with your online account is fixed. When will there be a solution - time estimate unknown per the representatives. Luckily, our next cruise on Princess is not until December [our October cruise was just cancelled] so it's not an emergency for me. But, for tho
  3. “Due to the ongoing Canadian Transport Ministry’s Interim Order that extends closure of Canadian ports and waters to passenger vessels…”
  4. News release at 11am Pacific this morning…All 2021 New England sailings and the repositioning cruise back to Florida have been cancelled.
  5. I live in Vegas. Lots of excitement about the Resorts World opening. Celine Dion will be one of the "resident performers." The management team is headed by an ex-MGM executive. Of note to those concerned about Genting's financial situation...I haven't heard about any contractors and sub-contractors complaining about not getting paid. If they weren't getting paid, it would be all over the local news. They are not a shy bunch.
  6. We will be boarding the Symphony in Venice next May [Wednesday May 11, 2022]. In doing research, I discovered that there are two terminal areas - Marittima and San Basilio. Does anyone know, based on past history, which terminal the Symphony is likely to be docked at? Thanks for any guidance.
  7. Do the extra berths for passengers #3 and #4 come out from the side walls or down from the cabin ceiling?
  8. No problem with extending Future Cruise Deposits. We had 4 extended for 1 year. No problem since they get to keep your deposit.
  9. Cunard has used the same member number as Princess for many years.
  10. How do I find out which ships will be docking in 2022 at the new International Cruise Terminal vs Osanbashi/Yokohama or Harumi? We are looking at a HAL Noordam cruise followed by a sailing on the Azamara Journey. Right now, online brokers show the Noordam at Yokohama and the Journey at Harumi. Would be great if both were out of the new terminal.
  11. A twist on the B2B discussion...What if you are, in summer 2021, doing 2 cruises B2B but on different cruise lines? For example, we might combine a 7-night Princess sailing out of Seattle with a 7-day Celebrity sailing also out of Seattle? If we had a hotel night in between, would that make a difference? Another option that we are looking at is doing a 7-night roundtrip sailing out of Vancouver, taking the bus from Vancouver to Seattle, spending a night in Seattle, and then getting on another ship in Seattle but not the same cruise line. Has anyone heard what rules apply in thes
  12. Why don't you see if the final payment date can be delayed? Worth asking.
  13. I would pursue action thru your credit card sooner rather than later. Don't wait until it's too late. You may not get any of the extra "kickers" back but you should get the actual cash fare including taxes that you paid. Other cruise lines - e.g. Princess - are differentiating between "refundable" cash fare paid [even after choosing the bonus/goodwill option] and "nonrefundable" bonus/goodwill credits. I don't know anything about the contractual legalese or administrative/penalty fees but I do know that Crystal has been the worse cruise line to deal with out of the 6 - Azamara
  14. 1. Only fixed seatings in the MDR. Times are usually 6:00pm and 8:30pm. Never requested a 2-top so not sure how easy it is to reserve. 2. King's Court is a little hard to figure out. Mixed bag in terms of food. Offerings tend to be geared to Brits and, on some cruises, Germans. Not a problem for us. Have never eaten dinner there - only breakfast and lunch. My impression is that it offers a limited menu and not necessarily similar to what is being served in the MDR. On the QM2, there is a "pop-up" Italian restaurant offering made-to-order pastas and pizzas. No charge. In additi
  15. Regarding the dress code: In most cases (see below), a gentleman will not be allowed in the evening into any dining room including specialty restaurants without a jacket and tie on formal nights. On informal evenings, a jacket (tie optional) is required. For those not wanting to wear a jacket, the Kings Court buffet and the pub (on ships where there is pub dinner) are options. I wrote " in most cases" because, on a 2019 Alaskan cruise , the first and last nights were jacket optional. Yes, even on Cunard, things have gotten more casual. But, the overwhelming majority
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