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  1. Based on the format for other folks at Corporate, you might want to try j.tuck@princesscruises.com
  2. The Red Hook area has gentrified a lot since Superstorm Sandy. While it's still a bit rough around the edges, there are trendy restaurants and wine shops on the main drag as well as an upscale food market and IKEA. Renovated homes are being sprouting up. Great views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from the park near the food market. There is no subway within walking distance. There is a bus along the main drag (can't remember the exact name) that goes to the Borough Hall area where you can catch the subway.
  3. Taking our first Azamara cruise at end of month. Just wondering...Other cruise lines including Azamara's sister line Celebrity offer a discount for dining at a specialty restaurant on the first night of a cruise. Does Azamara do this?
  4. Thanks for info. I was just curious as all of the inside cabins - that's what we have - are sold out. Another question...When does Azamara usually provide documents such as boarding passes, details of hotel/transfer package, etc? We are used to getting this stuff once we pay in full but it seems that Azamara has a different approach.
  5. Couldn't find a discussion thread on this topic. Taking our first Azamara cruise at the end of October. Currently have a cabin guarantee. When does Azamara typically start assigning cabins?
  6. I have been following this thread with some interest since my spouse and I were on the Ft. Lauderdale to Quebec City repositioning cruise over the summer. I'm not surprised by many of the comments. We were once loyal Princess-only cruisers. However, we have drifted away from Princess to other cruise lines including those with higher cruise fares. This year we will be on 7 cruises but only 2 of these will be on Princess ships. In addition to more interesting and different itineraries, we are looking for a more comfortable shipboard experience, and better food. We still sail Princess but only for specific itineraries - e.g., Hawaii, transatlantic, etc. And, we adjust our expectations. Everyone has different priorities but, if you are unhappy with Princess, it may be time to look elsewhere.
  7. Do the quad inside cabins on the Emerald Princess have the extra beds coming out of the side of the walls or down from the ceiling?
  8. We are boarding on the 27th. The Port Everglades website shows this ship coming into Terminal 21 that day even though you left from Terminal 2. If you get the chance, would you ask at the front desk and confirm, if they know, what terminal the ship will be at this Saturday? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know of a place to buy wine near the Moll Adossat dock in Barcelona?
  10. We have cruised on both Princess and Crystal [luxury line similar to Regent). We have also done the Pacific Coastal itinerary on both lines. A straight-up comparison is difficult because of the price differential. We enjoy both lines but, realistically, we don't expect the same level of service and food quality on Princess that we get on Crystal. Crystal, and I would assume Regent, has a higher crew-to-passenger ratio. On Princess, sometimes it feels as if the ship is understaffed. On Crystal, the only crowding we experienced was at cocktail time when everyone seems to be partaking and socializing. Tendering in both directions was heavenly compared to the experience on Princess. With what Crystal and Regent charge, these lines have more to spend per passenger on food and beverages. Crystal has better food and beverages than on any of our many Princess cruises that we have been on. Bottom line....manage your expectations and you will enjoy Princess. We do...next Princess cruise is in July.
  11. We are also on the 7/27 Caribbean Princess cruise. Loaded the OceanReady app. No problem linking the booking although the CruisePersonalizer link will not be completed [per OceanReady navigator] until after full payment. Security photo, profile photo, PIN, and mailing info for Medallion done without any problems. Passport scanning - no can do despite several calls to assistance line. Told Monday that situation has been "escalated", "upper management" has been notified, and "hopefully, it will get fixed this week but no guarantee because it may be a coding problem. May then have to wait until app update. Then again, maybe you are trying to load info too far in advance."
  12. Any suggestions as to where we can buy wine near Pier 66? We would like to drop off our bags and get a couple of bottles of wine for our cabin. Doesn't have to be fancy stuff.
  13. We have been in and out of Southampton quite often. Understand the rail option as well National Express. Would likely consider these options if it wasn't for the OBC that we have (tips already included in fare). Did call Cunard about private transfer - USD280 - which we could cover under our OBC. Can pay for it onboard with OBC if available but, if we prebook, we must use our own money. Coach transfer is USD60 pp. Have used T5 as well as the Lounges. I'm Oneworld Sapphire and know that we will be well-fed and well-hydrated. Love checking out shops. Thanks for confirming our gut-feeling about which flight to book. Less stressful overall. Only thing that we are doing upon arrival at FCO is heading to the Hilton at the airport. Probably will book the 15:40 but, of course, will arrive in time to catch the 12:45. Isn't that always the case! Do you know how early BA-LHR will accept bags?
  14. Booking a Cunard private car transfer is an interesting idea. Will check out. Have heard good things about Smith's so will keep it in mind if we don't go thru Cunard.
  15. We will be arriving in Southampton on the Queen Mary 2 on a Friday. We need to fly to Rome that same day. Because we have a boatload of on-board credit, we are thinking of taking the Cunard transfer to the airport. How early a flight should we book out of Heathrow and Gatwick? BA out of Heathrow seems to have the most nonstop flights. We are looking at either a 12:45 or 15:40 flight. We have access to the BA Lounge but would prefer to not to be there for hours. If we don't take the Cunard transfer, any suggestions as to how to get to either Heathrow or Gatwick? Any suggestion or guidance would be appreciated.
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