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  1. Cancelled Nieuw Statendam sailing April 12 on March 14, 2020 via e-doc. Refund pending with credit card company on June 9, 2020. Twelve (12) weeks, three (3) days. Way way too long. Have January 2021 cruise booked on Zuiderdam with reduced deposit. Will cancel if they are NOT sailing by final payment due date. I am done tying up thousands of dollars on delayed refunds and will book a last-minute rate if available.
  2. I have some first hand info that these particular pax were not offered assistance. They had a family member buy them an airline ticket to Boston. Cost around $300/each, so it was not horrid. These folks did not have HAL air.
  3. Thanks for sending this. Am being told HAL did not offer assistance with getting home, but perhaps these passengers missed something. I'm sure someone on board will pop on here and provide their experience.
  4. I am told by a friend of mine that passengers are being sent home from Puerto Vallarta and not completing their sailing on the Rotterdam. Anyone know why HAL did this? The mouse boat is in the Panama Canal today and at least finishing their voyage in San Diego on March 20 (at least as I write this.)
  5. The T&C on the email to agents sent March 14 2020:
  6. Anyone have nonrefundable air with Royal Caribbean and take the FCC under Cruise with Confidence? Wondering how they are handling that air and if the costs are going to the FCC, or if it is entirely nonrefundable. Haven't made the decision on this yet as trip is in late May. Thanks!
  7. I give them $5 for coffee, fruit and pastries for two.
  8. I was on the Nieuw Statendam in December and there were a couple of kids. Not many. Saw a couple of boys at the ping pong tables. There were a few in the under 3 crowd. When my kids were teens, we took them on HAL. They hated kids clubs and liked finer dining and the lower key vibe of HAL. Did they like entertainment? Not really, but we had a good time in Billboard Onboard. We did these trips on the Eurodam and had the Family Retreat Cabana booked for all our family trips. They were up there enjoying the break from college and what we did in the ports. (I do not book Cabanas for t
  9. Great thread as I booked the Jan 24 Zuiderdam 10 night cruise. Was debating the excursion, or being on the ship. Based on reports here, I will be out there at 5am! Also... what is a "Panama Bun"? Are they are delicious as the raisin rolls they had on the Nieuw Statendam? lol
  10. I have done several cruises on the Eurodam and was recently on the Nieuw Statendam. Since I need to work, internet is important. What I had on the NS in December was great. Can anyone tell me if HAL has the unlimited internet fleet wide, like the NS? I can't be on a ship for 11 days without it. Thank you in advance!
  11. First world dilemma here! I've been to Cozumel many times, but never past 5pm. Just looked at the itinerary for my next trip (April 12, HAL NS) and our port time is 11am-11pm. Been reading that Tulum and the other ruins on the mainland, and the parks, will close at 5-6pm. Not going to head that way. What is there to do, besides hang out at a bar, until 11pm? I'm game to find some shops, or a restaurant for dinner, close to the pier. But what pier will this ship be at this date? I've always gone to Puerta Maya (Carnival Pier.) Been browsing the v
  12. Ten years after first post the scammer is alive and still banged up. Still from Wisconsin but tonight (Dec 4 2019) as we were walking in to CVS he needed $4 to get his dad out of the hospital via taxi. Said he was at the Sheraton and got lost and ended up in La Perla where they were robbed and he was beat up. Didn't fall for it because I know you can't get anywhere in OSJ for four bucks!
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