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  1. If you order the plastic luggage tag holders (I love them), it pays to go ahead and tape/laminate your printed tags (if they are color) before inserting them into the tag holders. It depends on the printer, but I ended up going through a few tag holders because the laser color-printed sections rub off the paper and get stuck to the inside of the tag holder. Just print, fold up your tags and put a piece of packing tape over both sides and then put it in the holder. Never have to worry about not being able to re-use the holder again. Many might not think it is a big deal. Just kind of a friendly suggestion if you have never used them before.
  2. Coming from that distance, you also "might" consider any number of "park and cruise" specials by local hotels. This is usually what we do since we like to be there the day before to avoid the rush. For the package, we stay in the hotel, park our car in their lot, they shuttle us to the terminal, pick us up when we get back. If you are planning on a hotel the night before anyway, it's not a bad way to take off a little of the stress.
  3. Does the Key ever go back on sale? We got it once at $19, but for our sailing in October on Harmony, it has stayed steady at $29.99. Just wondering if anyone has seen it go up and down on Cruise Planner or has it settled in at that price only now? Thanks.
  4. Only one date worked (for our schedules) for our free OV offer and when I called in, that cruise was full. Oh well, maybe next time. (btw, it was Majesty 7/3)
  5. A couple of questions... We are booked in a JS on Enchantment. Got the RoyalUp bid "offer" and I can bid on a GS upgrade for $150pp (or other suites for more). A few of questions... 1. With the JS, we should be getting double points, right? If we bid and get an upgrade, do we still get the double points? I have seen where the upgrades do not include that benefit, but I thought that maybe since we are already in a JS booked, that the double points would still apply. 2. Would you do it at that price ($300 for the two of us)? 3. Would we get access to the concierge lounge if the upgrade were to go through? Thanks.
  6. The last two times on Oasis in August (2017, 2018) both the "Wash your hands" and the mock spy video were shown during the muster calls. Also, these sailed out of Port Canaveral and the Seapass card was received during checking before boarding.
  7. As far as the smoothies question goes, if you are talking about different flavors of frozen mixes like Daiquiri's (non-alcohol), they are included in the refreshment package. That is pretty much the reason I get the refreshment package, along with being able to get bottle water from anywhere on the ship (also included in the package). I'm not really sure about the more traditional smoothies, which I think of as frozen fruits and such blended up. I never found those on the Oasis, but I can't say I was on a mission to find them.
  8. Just be careful with the insurance stuff and read the fine print - it will make your head spin. My (very) basic big gotcha understanding is that for pre-existing conditions to be covered, most plans require that you purchase the insurance within 15 days of the first time you paid anything for the cruise. So, if you put a deposit on a cruise 2 years out, then wait until a year out to purchase insurance, missing the cruise due to what that insurance company considers a pre-existing condition is probably not covered. Most will also point out other possible coverages that you might already have (like a credit card travel coverage if the payment was made on such a card). I know American Express has something like that. Not much of a help, but without a lawyer chiming in...
  9. I may be in the minority based on the response on this topic, but I'm not seeing the cost/benefit ratio that you all are seeing. Right now, for our Feb 18 sailing on Enchantment, I already purchased internet for 1 device when it was on sale for a total of $48 (reg pre-cruise price is $68) for the cruise. If I dropped that and purchased the Key for 2 people, it would cost $160. Between the two of us, we don't really need more than 1 device connected (for emergency contact with home) and we certainly don't spend our vacation online as we can do that at home. There's no Flow Rider on Enchantment, right? (not sure we would use that anyway). We already booked a 3-night package and since there is only one specialty dining restaurant (Chops), we will have our fill of that. I know there is priority seating at shows, but for the difference in cost? I suppose that if you were to get 1 device for each person at the regular, pre-cruise price (2 x $68 = $136), the difference might be worth the extra $.
  10. There is no charge for changing one of the names on a room reservation - but at least 1 person in the cabin must one of the original names on the reservation. You can do this right up until about 3 days before sailing, so well after final payment. I know this because my parents had to drop out of a trip about a month before sailing and while they could not get a refund, we were able to change one of them to my niece about 1 week before sailing, but either my father or mother had to stay as the primary on the room and just recorded as a no-show. Just make sure that when you change the name, they change every name (including the middle name) and make them read the new information back to you (again, just from some unfortunate experience with that).
  11. So, we have only been on the Oasis and are game to try a smaller experience but I have a silly question. On my cruise planner for the Enchantment in February, they are selling a 3-night and 4-night dinner package where you can "try all of their premium restaurants". However, as far as I can tell, there is only one premium restaurant on the Enchantment (which is Chops). Am I missing one? If we purchased the 3-night package, for instance, that would basically mean 3 nights at Chops, right? Is there another choice? Just curious. Thanks.
  12. Same here. On the Oasis end of July/beginning of August. Wife brought the bottle of wine every night to dinner. They opened it on the first night and poured it every night as well - we were never charged anything for that.
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