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  1. OK. I'm like a few others on here. Been using AMEX for many years and never knew they had offers like this. I checked and had the $350 on $1000 back offer. Added to my card and I will have no problem charging that before the end of December. Many thanks to the original poster and everyone else for the heads up!
  2. OK, a little searching I found that the Harmony one was Escape the Rubicon, so it does sound like they are different because the Oasis one is Mission Control: Apollo 18, and Mariner's is apparently The Observatorium. It looks like Allure's is Apollo 18: Lunar Landing. So I answered my own question, but in case anyone else was wondering, they do appear to be different. I'm definitely booking as soon as I board if they are running. It was really a fun hour for us on Harmony.
  3. Does anyone know if the escape rooms are different on each ship? We did one (I think on Harmony?) and it was fantastic, but if we did it on a different ship, would it just be the same? Without giving anything away, the one on Harmony was a spaceship setting if that helps. Also, I wonder which ships have escape rooms. We are going on Allure in less than two weeks and Mariner in Feb. It sounds like Mariner has one based on above.
  4. Yes, I had it for our upcoming cruise on Allure (end of Oct) and it was cancelled. A lot of people have reported the same. I don't think they will fully reinstate it until ships are sailing a bit more full than now.
  5. With the unlimited dining plan, you can not pick any venues before the cruise. You have to do it once you are on board.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I didn't want to start another on this topic. If I booked our cruise through a TA, will I still get the double points? The page states something about you are only eligible if your CA number is entered at the time of booking or something like that. I'm not entirely sure if our TA did that? When I log in to see my upcoming cruise, my CA number is right up at the top, so I should be good right?
  7. I have read every post in this long thread - NOT. Sorry if this has been asked before, but we currently have a regular ocean view balcony on Allure in October. I have several "offers" to bid on upgraded categories. The first is a spacious ocean view balcony (not going to even consider this over what we have). The second, though is interesting. It is listed as an "Ultra Spacious Ocean View with Large Balcony". It apparently sleeps six (even though there are just 2 of us). If this is really that much larger, why isn't it considered a junior suite (which is the next category up)? Does anyone know the room category so I can look up where these are on the deck plans? I'm just wondering if it is worth it to bid on that second option. There are also Jr., GS-1br, GS-2br and Owner's suites - but we won't considering paying even the minimum bids on those. I'm really just wondering about that Ultra Spacious with Large Balcony, where they all are on the ship and trying to decide if it is worth bidding on (min is $200pp).
  8. I've never had an issue with clowns, but I would avoid that one for sure...
  9. You can also call RCI and have them mark this information on your booking number. My wife has to eat gluten free (allergies) and when we call ahead and have them note it on our booking, we find that they already know about it when we get on board and they are more than accommodating, usually going the extra mile to even have options that are not normally available (like gluten free bread, as an example).
  10. No, they don't mail them out. Before the pandemic hit, you usually had to wait until about 45 days or so from your cruise date (and after you have checked in). The eDocs used to come out about that time and the luggage tags would be the last page or two. You will have to print them out and fold them up. Or - as someone will surely point out, you can just wait until you get to the port, tell the porter what room number you are in and they "make" the tags right there and attach them to your luggage. I like printing them out ahead of time.
  11. Same here. We are on Allure the last week of October. Hopefully, things will calm down a bit before then, but I don't want to take any chances of not being able to get tested. I just ordered from eMed as well.
  12. Does anyone know the cost of this? Just trying to plan for our late October cruise...
  13. Yes, I was not meaning to say that we use Whatsapp without VOOM. You have to have Internet access. So we get the Internet package and then can call or text (as dasi11 mentioned) anyone else in the world (or on the ship) who is connected through Whatsapp. Just be careful with Whatsapp, load just the base app and do not add anything to it (to avoid hacking).
  14. We have just used the ship's WiFi with Whatsapp, which allows texting and calls with anyone else who has Whatsapp.
  15. ^ This! Port Canaveral is fantastic. Tons of room and I have to admit to being spoiled. We went out of Tampa in March 2020 (right before everything shut down) and it was awful in comparison. The cruise was fine but we much prefer Port Canaveral - way more room and a much better design. We have never sailed out of other ports (like Miami or Ft. L), but if they are anything like Tampa, you definitely will get spoiled by PC.
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