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  1. Thank you. I figured that would be too good to be true... By the way, I doubt that February will be favorable to cruises either. I used to think this thing would be done soon, but I think we will be lucky to start cruising again by next summer...
  2. So I had a "free interior stateroom" cruise just cancelled for late October. I had scheduled and paid a fee to upgrade the free room to a balcony (maybe about $400-$500 total) and spent money on cruise planner. I think (based on the email I received) that all of the same options still apply (125% of what I paid in FCC, Lift and Shift, or 100% refund). On the Lift and Shift, it sounds like they will honor the casino promotion I received within 30 days either way of 1 year out. So, my sailing was a 7 day on Harmony for Oct 25. Does that mean I can (for the difference in taxes and fees if any) lift and shift this to another 7 day anytime between the last week of Sept and the last week of Nov in 2021? It sounds like I can get 125% of my cruise planner purchases as well (in the form of onboard credit) assuming I do the lift and shift? When I received the original promotion, I was thrilled so I would love to maintain it somehow. Even if I just get a full refund, then I will be happy with that as well. Just trying to understand the options. For those who have done the lift and shift, do I understand that right? Thanks.
  3. Last time we were on Harmony, we did the UDP because we had only ever eaten at Chops (which we really liked). We did Wonderland for one and I agree with others - interesting experience, but there are better choices. Although, the bird's nest and the dessert were very good. The big surprise for us was 150 Central Park - loved it.
  4. I think she was referring to the fact that the marketing is a fail because it literally shows a $400 value, but then proceeds to charge $1400 if you want to purchase - not a different screens, but BOTH right there where you can see it. Either it is a $400 value and that is what you should pay, or it is a $1400 value and that is what you should pay, but BOTH should not be right there on the web page. That is the fail - not the fact that they are charging $1400. Personally, I wouldn't pay $400 for one.
  5. We got an upgrade about 10 days out from our last cruise on Harmony. I had to call and get the eDocs refreshed. The weird (inconvenient, but not vacation ruining) thing is that when we tried to book our UDP reservations, we gave them our room number and they kept insisting that there were 4 of us when there were only 2. Our Seapass cards did not show up, as the ones placed in the envelope outside the door were for (what I assume is) the previous occupants that were going to be in that room. We had to go to Guest Services and get our Seapass cards printed, then go back and get our soda cups because they were not in the room either. The funny thing is, once we thought we had squared everything away, every single restaurant we went to wanted to sit us at a table for 4 and asked us where the other two were. We had to once again (every evening) explain that we received an upgrade through RoyalUp and our ghost friends were following us throughout the cruise. While it did detract a little, we tried to laugh it off. On the positive side, we had two extra Seapass cards in the room so that we could use theirs to turn on the lights and not accidentally leave ours in the room. It was a nice vacation/upgrade, but I'm not convinced the weird issues caused by the last minute shuffling was really worth it. I really don't like having to visit Guest Services if I can help it.
  6. On our last cruise, we made all of our reservations for dinner when boarding the ship. There was no issue with getting any time/restaurant combo we wanted. They told us lunch reservations are not necessary. However, we tried to grab lunch on one of the sea days in Jamie's (this was on Harmony) and the attendant told us to come back later (30-45 minutes) because they were full up (even though there were many, many tables not being used). Needless to say, if we ever do the UDP again, I will insist on making lunch reservations for sea days from the start, regardless of what they say.
  7. Just got an upgrade today (Friday) for my sailing on Sunday. That is cutting it close! I might have already been traveling, but thankfully, we don't leave until tomorrow. Just confirming that they DO award RoyalUps nearly last minute. I was perfectly happy and fully expecting to NOT receive the upgrade and get the Saturday email "rejection" that I have before. On Harmony in less than 48 hours.
  8. OK, this is an interesting thread. I have only been on Oasis and Enchantment and my impressions of crowd management were quite different. To ME, at least, it seems like RC learned a lot about crowd management the later and larger the ships become. Of course, there are crowded times when certain activities end. Since this is an opinion thread based on subjective perspectives, my unscientific opinion goes something like this... 1. Enchantment - smaller, older ship (still a delight) felt MORE crowded in WJ than Oasis by far. There were always extremely slow moving lines and all the food was jammed into the center. On Oasis it is much more spread out. 2. Enchantment has nice views, but at a price. Everywhere I wanted to go on Enchantment, I had to pass through a venue that had activities going on and if they were popular, it was very difficult to simply walk through to get to the next area of the ship. On Oasis, the venues are off the main paths in a way. While at times, still crowded, you did not have to walk through the crowded dance-off or Kareoke if you weren't interested just to get to somewhere else on the ship. I think that Oasis is better designed to "contain" events in their own spaces which is why it might feel less crowded to some. Again, just my opinion, but I think this is why some feel like the larger ships "seem" less crowded at times. It certainly did to us. Harmony is up next for us (30 days!), so I am really interested to see how it feels in comparison.
  9. If you order the plastic luggage tag holders (I love them), it pays to go ahead and tape/laminate your printed tags (if they are color) before inserting them into the tag holders. It depends on the printer, but I ended up going through a few tag holders because the laser color-printed sections rub off the paper and get stuck to the inside of the tag holder. Just print, fold up your tags and put a piece of packing tape over both sides and then put it in the holder. Never have to worry about not being able to re-use the holder again. Many might not think it is a big deal. Just kind of a friendly suggestion if you have never used them before.
  10. Coming from that distance, you also "might" consider any number of "park and cruise" specials by local hotels. This is usually what we do since we like to be there the day before to avoid the rush. For the package, we stay in the hotel, park our car in their lot, they shuttle us to the terminal, pick us up when we get back. If you are planning on a hotel the night before anyway, it's not a bad way to take off a little of the stress.
  11. Does the Key ever go back on sale? We got it once at $19, but for our sailing in October on Harmony, it has stayed steady at $29.99. Just wondering if anyone has seen it go up and down on Cruise Planner or has it settled in at that price only now? Thanks.
  12. Only one date worked (for our schedules) for our free OV offer and when I called in, that cruise was full. Oh well, maybe next time. (btw, it was Majesty 7/3)
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