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  1. Also looking forward to your post. We will be on the Majestic in November, round trip to Mexico. Smooth sailing wishes to everyone. Cynthia
  2. I just checked the Viking site and you can't book February and March 2021 cruises anymore. I still haven't been notified by Viking about my February/March cruise. I wonder if they stopped notifying us directly and we must wait for our travel agent? Cynthia
  3. Wow! Thanks for the clarification. I'm scheduled to cruise in February and have heard nothing. I was expecting this news but not until next week. Cynthia
  4. Interesting what it says at the end of the article since the Star is suppose to be in Puerto Rico in January. Is there any reason she would go to Norway first? Or is she staying in Norway as was discussed before? Since I'm suppose to board the Star in Puerto Rico in February for the crossing, I'm more interested than most. Good news about the lab. Viking will be demonstrating the PCR laboratory, as well as new design and operating procedures, when the Viking Star comes to Oslo, Norway in mid-November. Cynthia
  5. I'm on this cruise also. I certainly hope we know by the end of November if it is being canceled. There are a lot of people dropping out. Lots of cabins are available. Coming all the way to Puerto Rico for a month and a half seems unlikely especially if the ship isn't full. It will be interesting to see if excursions become available in November as promised. Cynthia
  6. Here are my postings of our 2019 Hong Kong to Vancouver Viking cruise. Mainly about the included tours but some additional information.
  7. My FCC was credited to my cruise within a week. My September 2021 cruise is now paid except for taxes and port fees. Again I only did this early because I needed it back dated and didn't want any surprises next year. I still have some FCC left and I noticed when I did a trial booking it applied it immediately. Cynthia
  8. I contacted my TA to have my FCC back dated. I asked to have it applied now because I booked my cruise before my FCC showed up in my account. She contacted Princess and they said it would take between 10 to 20 days. Cynthia
  9. I wonder about this too. I was going to wait also but I didn't realize about this "back dating" thing. We booked a September 2021 cruise while we were on the Coral Covid Cruise. Just assumed we could use our FCC to pay for it. I guess the problem might be that Princess will stop "back dating" in the future. I'm not sure what to do. Cynthia
  10. We also had barrel chair in our Coral Mini on March 2020.
  11. Buenos Aires was the disembarkation port for about 3/4 of the passengers. Others were to embark there but Princess canceled their cruise. Only about 500 passengers of which over half were not Americans would have been left on the ship. Princess did manage to get all but 1000 off the ship in Buenos Aires before having to leave. So it may have saved some lives. I was on the Coral until Miami. Cynthia
  12. I certainly agree with this. We are home and safe. Some answers to questions. Adult beverages I know wine and beer were available. We bought a wine package and had 3 bottles left when we were confined to our cabins. We just called and they delivered a bottle. Also in the Patter there was a number listed to call for wine and beer delivery. I saw our neighbors on the balcony with beer. Sick taken off I personally saw as many as 8 ambulances take people off on I believe Monday --maybe more. Some I saw were in wheelchairs and got u
  13. We received ours too. Leaving between 1&2. Miami to ATL then Charlotte, then Washington Dulles. Then 3+ hours to home via private transportation. Leave here at 1pm arrive home 1AM. But I'll be home!
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