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  1. We also had barrel chair in our Coral Mini on March 2020.
  2. Buenos Aires was the disembarkation port for about 3/4 of the passengers. Others were to embark there but Princess canceled their cruise. Only about 500 passengers of which over half were not Americans would have been left on the ship. Princess did manage to get all but 1000 off the ship in Buenos Aires before having to leave. So it may have saved some lives. I was on the Coral until Miami. Cynthia
  3. I certainly agree with this. We are home and safe. Some answers to questions. Adult beverages I know wine and beer were available. We bought a wine package and had 3 bottles left when we were confined to our cabins. We just called and they delivered a bottle. Also in the Patter there was a number listed to call for wine and beer delivery. I saw our neighbors on the balcony with beer. Sick taken off I personally saw as many as 8 ambulances take people off on I believe Monday --maybe more. Some I saw were in wheelchairs and got up and walked into the ambulance. I saw a couple more on the morning we left. American crew I believe 6 or 7 got off. They were put in a bus behind us but were on our plane and left in Atlanta. Some one came on the bus and explained who we were waiting for. It was taking them extra time to clear customs. Sincerely hope everyone is home very soon.
  4. We received ours too. Leaving between 1&2. Miami to ATL then Charlotte, then Washington Dulles. Then 3+ hours to home via private transportation. Leave here at 1pm arrive home 1AM. But I'll be home!
  5. Thank you so much for your understanding. Kind words really help. And yes, I want to know good or bad.
  6. I called yesterday for the first time and they had no information. I'll wait until after 4 and try again.
  7. Nothing since 4 yesterday. We're on the port side and can see passengers leaving, and buses and ambulances coming and going but I have no idea what's happening.
  8. So now only US citizens are being held hostage. (I haven't heard if the South Americans are off) I remember how relieved we were when we heard we were heading to Florida. I thought we could always rent a car and drive home if no planes were flying. Now we can't get off the ship! Everyday they take more people away in ambulances. I wonder if some just have stress related problems. Glad to hear some of you are back at home or on the way. Enjoy!
  9. We still haven't heard anything. I'm very happy for you. Safe travels. Cynthia
  10. I agree, the Captain or anyone official should give us an update. I'm on the portside but didn't see anyone leave this morning but saw busses arrive behind the terminal. I think I just saw four leave on the highway.
  11. No food for us yet. We may just go to bed.
  12. On board From Princess site March 27, 2020 9:45PM PT Coral Princess Update Coral Princess is scheduled to arrive in Bridgetown, Barbados the evening of Tuesday, March 31. During the short time at the port, extra provisions will be brought onboard to keep all guests comfortable during the onward journey. No guests or crew will be permitted to disembark during this time. Coral Princess will continue to proceed directly to Ft. Lauderdale, with an estimated arrival date of April 4. There remains no known risk of COVID-19 onboard. Both internet and guest stateroom telephone service remain complimentary so that guests can stay in touch with family.
  13. Left BA last night at 12 by order of A president. On the way to get fuel and supplies in Montevideo. They won’t let us in however. Then????
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