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  1. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    I'd like to order some of that, please! We begin Russia and the Baltic Sea on April 26, 2019, from Copenhagen to Stockholm by way of St. Petersburg, and I am hoping for the best, but we have nice packable jackets and will bring other gear as well just in case.
  2. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    I know all that we can do is look at the averages, and maybe the last year temperatures, but even if you do that you are still at the mercy of the elements. Even during ordinary times you can have aberrant weather events, and I think that will be even more so in the future. The best you can do is research, and then try to have a good time in spite of the elements. Our recent sailing of Trade Routes of the Middle Ages was influenced by two hurricanes, and some sea days and port days were impacted. Even though it was not exactly what I hoped for, it was still a very good trip and we had enjoyed ourselves very much.
  3. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    I can't remember precisely, but it was a convenient walk from the outdoor cafe where we had lunch after the walking tour of the Plaka district.
  4. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    It did work, so thanks for that. Sorry for sidetracking this thread. Now back to Venice to Athens for those who came to read about that itinerary......
  5. lackcreativity

    Strategy for booking excursions

    We usually stick with Viking excursions, using a mix of included and optional ones. For the first time, when we are in St. Petersburg on Russia and the Baltic Sea next spring, we are using a private tour company. We chose Alla based on their reviews here on Cruise Critic, and they have been great to work with for this three day tour. We do not pay for the tour until the first day of the excursion, and there is no penalty for cancelling the reservation if done by their deadline ( which I can't recall right now). So you could always make a reservation with Alla, and see what you are able to book with Viking if you would rather use Viking's. I was afraid we would not be able to book everything we wanted through Viking, now I am only afraid we will be exhausted by everything Alla is planning for our tour!
  6. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    I would love to see it. Would you post the link? Though to be honest, every time I look at the flight information to China I cringe! Athens is the farthest we have flown so far, and by the time we arrived there my husband was at his limit.
  7. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    That sounds like a great plan, as we left wanting to see more of Slovenia. I wish we had the time to add on to vacations, but I'm still working, so not yet. Something to look forward to after retirement!
  8. lackcreativity

    Just got back from Viking Star Athens to Venice

    Funny timing, this thread has been quiet for ages, but just today I was looking at a Viking river cruise in China, the Imperial Jewels of China. Not wishing to highjack this thread, but is that the one you took? Empires of the Mediterranean was our first ocean cruise, and it was a practically perfect vacation. I think you will love the trip.
  9. lackcreativity

    Change to payment arrangements ?

    We have paid the full balance well in advance for all four of our cruises, suspecting that they were doing so as a means of financing the expansion into ocean cruising. Waiting to book until closer to a sailing date may allow you to hold your money longer, but at least for now, it will greatly limit your choices of cruises and cabins. We book the Veranda cabins, which always fill quickly, and so will continue book early and pay at the required one year mark. In actuality, that will be later than we have paid for our other cruises. Currently, there is a Viking Ocean cruise in April of 2020 that already has the four least expensive cabins completely booked, so I am out of luck. There is one in February of 2021 that appeals, but that is too far out for me to really consider. I look forward to more Viking ships in hopes of more itineraries and more cabins.
  10. lackcreativity

    Final payment due 20 months in advance.

    We have sailed Viking twice, with another one in April, and are willing to play by their rules. For anyone who is not willing to do so, you can always wait until six months before sailing to try to book then, and see what is available. Good luck with that!
  11. lackcreativity

    Venice to Athens

    I happen to be on the short side, with short legs, and perhaps that made the steps harder for me than it would be for others. My husband finished the route, and told me afterwards that the part we did together was the hard part, and the rest was easier! Either way, I was glad that I went, and then we finished with a nice lunch with some Croatian wine and sausage. It was one of my favorite ports on the cruise.
  12. lackcreativity

    Venice to Athens

    I do agree that walking the walls in Dubrovnik was spectacular, and it's worth considerable effort to see it. I would want to be clear that the effort is considerable, as there are over 1000 stone stairs involved in completing the circuit. I would say I am pretty mobile, but the up and down of those uneven stone steps wore me out. There are two entrance stairways to get to the top, and I came back down when we reached the midway point. But that view was unforgettable !
  13. Off Shore: Absolutely not! Why should I gave up the advantage of being on the West Coast? ;)
  14. Since this question of mine has been revived, and apparently I am a glutton for punishment, I have another suggestion. How about 9:00 pm on the west coast, midnight on the east coast, and then 6:00 am in the UK? I imagine that would provide a reasonable time frame for a good 80% of Viking cruisers. It wouldn't help people who work night shift, but even the Austalians would have a 2:00 pm the next day time frame. Personally, I would be delighted to accept any of those time slots!
  15. lackcreativity

    Excusions---when do they become available?

    You can view the potential list of excursions on the Viking website long before the actual list for your particular cruise is posted on My Viking Journey. Go to the page for your cruise on the website, and scroll down to the Day by Day section. Click on Read More for any of the ports, and then scroll down again to find the possible excursions. You won't see prices, and you can't be sure if all the ones shown will be available for your cruise, but you can get some ideas. One will be labeled as Included, so you know you are guaranteed a spot on that one, even if it might not be at the time slot you would prefer. A final word of advice: even after you have booked your excursions, if there were choices that were sold out, keep checking back. Often people change their excursions, and sometimes Viking adds additional buses. For our cruise this week (!) I was able to go back and sign up for two excursions that I wanted that were sold out when our booking window opened.