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  1. Sadly, I share your concern about investing too much in cruises right now. We took a cash refund on our earliest cancellation, and after that have juggled things so that we haven't had to make a final payment yet. That comes the end of February, and for my own mental health, I have to believe things will be more clear by that time.
  2. If you anticipate liking Viking as much as so many Viking cruisers do, you now have a second option. If you are willing to put a deposit on a second cruise while you have another one on the books, you can get a six month from sailing final payment date for the second cruise. You do have to ask for it at booking, as the default setting on their software goes to the earlier date. It is a gamble, but if I knew at our first booking what I know now, I would do it. We always keep an upcoming trip and a spare on the books. It's just that right now, they are farther in the future than I would wish.
  3. Interesting. Just last week we changed our scheduled booking of Ancient Mediterranean Treasures ( Athens to Istanbul ) on April 25, 2021 for a few reasons, including the pandemic. We rebooked the Ancient Adriatic Treasures ( Venice to Istanbul ) for October 8, 2022. As you said, our old sailing is now missing from the website, as is the new one. Both our new cruise, and the river cruise we have booked for October of 2021, are currently inaccessible on My Viking Journey. I assume their are site changes underway, but I expect both of my cruises to reappear before long. At least I truly hope they will !
  4. Where did you get the cup? Are they available for sale on the ships somewhere? If we ever get to go again I want one! I really do hesitate to complain, as all those I hold dear are healthy and secure, but there is certainly much in the world that takes a toll emotionally. In addition, we just moved our April 2021 trip to October 2022. We have our next trip scheduled for October 2021. I usually enjoy researching and looking forward to our vacations, but they seem too far away to focus on right now.
  5. I knew I recognized Dr. Hungerford's name, and now I remember why! I am sure his reputation is well deserved, but I am very comfortable with, and confident in, my surgeon. Baltimore may have a host of areas needing improvement, but top quality medical professionals are not lacking ! Thanks, everyone, for your continued input. EJLobster, wishing you all the best!
  6. My surgeon requires that his patients view an online, multi-chapter tutorial with diagrams (thankfully, no photos!) which he narrates. There wasn't a test, but you have to reply at the end of every chapter, so no saying you viewed it if you didn't. Wish I could have skipped the part about unlikely complications, but I guess it is best to be informed.
  7. Thanks for the advice from a fellow Marylander. With our final payment date coming up in just two weeks, and the trip scheduled for April 2021, I am leaning to rescheduling that trip for April of 2022. That will have our next trip in October 2021, and just over a year to hope for the pandemic to stabilize, do the surgery, and the rehab. I don't need to run or jump (was never athletic at all) , but I do look forward to walking and going up/down stairs without problem. Looking forward to cruising again too!
  8. Well, getting older beats the alternative..... My hip allows me to walk down stairs, I just have trouble going up. I guess it depends where our cabin is in relation to the muster station. 😉 I'm not too worried about the ibuprofen. I don't usually take it (just Tylenol Arthritis Strength and a topical NASID) , and the cruise in question is just 8 days + 2 in Istanbul. For that short a stretch, I would use ibuprofen if I needed it to be able to enjoy the trip.
  9. In the months/years before your surgery, did you still cruise, even if you had to limit your activities? I currently cannot do what I did six months ago, but I still argue with myself that if I used the elevator, not the stairs, and took enough ibuprofen, I could go on our cruise in April (if it goes). What made you decide it was time to get your surgery done?
  10. Don't worry about taking the discussion in a slightly different direction. Anyone who enters a thread with "Hip Replacement" in the title should know where they are headed. I have heard that hip replacement surgery is generally an easier surgery than the knee, and when I asked my surgeon that question he said that was 100% true. I don't think he said that just to make this nervous patient feel better. One of my friends had that same doctor do her knee replacement surgery maybe three years ago. They kept her in the hospital overnight. Her recovery was a bit hard, but she still says it was 100% worth it and she wishes she had done it sooner. I think she was about 64 at the time. Maybe it's like childbirth. It's hard to go through that, but you forget about it afterwards because you are so pleased with the outcome!
  11. That sounds like a good plan, except first I have to teach someone else at work how to do payroll before I go. Just in case I'm not back in two weeks!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input. My fears are easing from all the information offered here. The training video the surgeon requires of patients was very factual and informative, but lacking in the emotional support I think I needed. From what I have heard, I think I would feel most comfortable scheduling the surgery 3-4 months before a cruise, which should be more than what I need. I have a personal connection of sorts to the surgeon who will be my doctor. He is well regarded, and focuses on minimally invasive hip and knee replacements. My godson worked with him for twelve years. I know three people who have had successful surgeries with him, and also two nurses I know well have given thumbs up. Generally, I believe the Baltimore metro area has better than average health care facilities, so I do have confidence in that part of the equation. Now, if only I knew how the future of cruising was going to work out, maybe I could start to make my plans!
  13. I have heard this from the doctor and multiple patients. I do believe it, but it doesn't make me any more excited about going through it! I will certainly talk to the doctor again about the anterior/posterior approach. I met him a month ago, and he talked about it but I didn't know how important it might be so I don't remember what he said.
  14. aungrl, Thanks so much for the detailed reply. I will follow up with an email, for a few additional questions. Joanne
  15. I know this might reach a wider audience in the Ask a Cruise Question thread, but I value the information I have learned from the Viking crowd, so here goes. Long standing arthritis in my hip which was just a minor inconvenience has suddenly become much more problematic. While I am coping as is, medical advice indicates that ultimately, hip replacement surgery will be needed. On the one hand, this time when we are unable to cruise seems like a great time to do it. On the other hand, going into a hospital right now at 67 for what is essentially elective surgery seems questionable. The surgeon is doing surgery again, but only on patients willing to go home the same day of surgery. That adds an extra degree of worry for this patient! As the bookkeeper for a florist, there are certain times of year when missing work is much more problematic than others (think Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.), so that impacts my options. And now the cruise part. We are booked on an April 2021 cruise in the eastern Mediterranean (10 days) with final payment coming up the end of September. Of course, there is no way to know if cruising will resume by then. I am trying to decide whether to move that forward to April of 2022. That would give me more than a year until our next booked river cruise in October 2021. How much time should I allow between the scheduling of the surgery and a cruise? Of course, I know that might vary from person to person. There are also the small percentage of people who have complications, but since we have insurance I am only worrying about the more common outcomes. We have missed two cruises from covid already so I am really anxious to go again. Sorry for the long post of interest to a very small audience, but I would appreciate advice from anyone with experience.
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