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  1. Glad to hear that Viking has established vaccine requirements for this next batch of cruises. Thanks to all of you who contacted TellUs to support that idea! I don't know if that was an influence on their decision, but I am pleased with the outcome.
  2. We have also taken the Trade Routes cruise, and in spite of some very challenging weather (which added another sea day when we could not dock in Falmouth) we really loved that cruise. On a fifteen day cruise, I want a couple of sea days, and two would be perfect. We were prepared for three, as there is plenty to do on the ship, but the extra missed port was a disappointment. I loved the variety of places we visited. Bruges was on our bucket list and it did not disappoint. We took Viking's Bruges On Your Own excursion and found the city really easy to navigate. From Le Havre we ski
  3. We love the program of the resident historian and the lecturers, and attend many of them. For those new to Viking, they do have a small troupe of entertainers who appear around the ship, in Star Theater, and in Torshaven (the small nightclub). We have found these musicians, singers, and dancers quite talented, and there is a real range of offerings from classical to rock. We have only ever sailed with Viking, but I do gather that the offerings on the large cruise ships are certainly more elaborate. We never felt a lack of something to do onboard ship, including the time spend with
  4. You are so right that this is a personal preference, but for us it also changes from place to place. We did a private group tour for our three days in Saint Petersburg, but for the most part, we stick to Viking's excursions. We sometimes use the included tours as long as there is a walking component, and sometimes optional ones. We have never been on a bus with more than 30 people, and we like the convenience of Viking taking care of everything. We like having a guide, but often stay after a tour and return on the Viking shuttle to get time on our own. In Brugge we did a "Brugge on your Own"
  5. Even if you don't have the drinks package or pay the supplemental fee for that meal in Chef's Table, you still get five different wines, paired to each course. It is different from the daily selection served in the other dining venues, just not the premiere wines served for the upgrade.
  6. We also have two cruises booked for 2022, both replacements for cruises canceled during this past year. The thing that makes this so complicated is that, in our cases, we are trying to look ahead to something that won't take place for fifteen months. If you think of it, fifteen months ago, most of us had never heard of a coronavirus! Who knows where we will be by then? Will we all be getting booster shots for the vaccine? Will variants of the disease be disrupting our lives all over again? At this point, I think that I would be reluctant to cruise unless all passengers and crew are
  7. Oddly, this is something I had not really considered. Of course we will be vaccinated (finally get our first shots on our March 22 anniversary!), so we will have the protection from serious risk of illness from covid . I hadn't thought about the disruption to a cruise if unvaccinated people are included in the mix. So count me in with the group who will only travel if Viking requires vaccines. We are scheduled for two cruises in 2022, so they have some time to get this right!
  8. Just on a side note, the Viking video I saw on the testing program indicated that it is a saliva based test, not a nasal swab. That should be less objectionable.
  9. I am one of Viking's biggest fans, so I have lots of emotional support invested in their survival. However, anyone who doesn't at least acknowledge the risk that a cruise line may not survive the financial stress of the shutdown is not being realistic. I have deposits on two cruises with Viking for 2022, but have tried to avoid paying final balances by moving scheduled cruises forward. I hope to continue to do this until ships are sailing again. We are lucky that we have booked both cruises when we had one already under deposit, so we only have to make that final payment six months befor
  10. Sounds like an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the photos. Eutruscan tombs and an Italian hill town. Can't go wrong!
  11. I would really love to see Civita di Bagnoregio or Hardrian's Villa, and it is hard to pass on Rome (a personal favorite) even for just a day, but all involve long travel time. This is a 15 day trip with no sea days, so I think it best to plan some shorter excursions. Our schedule has a long day in Civitavecchia ( 7 AM to 11 PM, I think), but not an overnight. If you had to choose only one of Ostia and Tarquinia, did you have a favorite? I am hoping by 2022 we may be able to have some freedom to wander on our own!
  12. Oh, thanks for that information. We have scheduled two different back to back cruises for 2022, and know there is a turn around day in Rome that doesn't show any excursions. I have started researching some on our own options, but it's good to know there may be Viking excursions.
  13. I am happy for you and the folks in your neck of the woods, but at 68 I am still spending some portion of every day searching all of my links to mass vaccination sites, pharmacies, hospitals and so on in search of our first shots. Could you send some of that surplus back east?
  14. I also recognize that Viking ( and other cruise lines of course) , will be seriously in need of trying to make up for lost revenue from the the shut down during the pandemic. I am not saying that as a criticism, but as a financial reality. They have used the 25% bonus to try to hold on to money that was in hand, but that was an additional, unbudgeted expense. I would be surprised if discounts are going to be readily available in the early days. I look forward to cruising with them again soon. We have two cruises booked for 2022, and hope that we will still be able to find trips i
  15. Sorry you have missed this chance for your first Viking experience. May you enjoy it as much as we do! We just canceled a river cruise for September and replaced it with the 15 day Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn (Barcelona to Venice) in April 2022 to go with our already scheduled Ancient Adriatic Treasures (Venice to Istanbul) in October 2022. We will overlap your trip between the two. By the time we finish, hopefully as scheduled, we will have covered much of the Mediterranean. Our first Viking cruise was Empires of the Mediterranean, so perhaps you can guess my favorite area to cru
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