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  1. I am on the Apex 4/22 TA. I also got the erroneous email that said we didn’t need to test or be vaccinated. There are going to be people who show up at the port based on that email and have serious issues.
  2. I’m sure you’re just joking, but the sad thing is some people will lie and board while positive. Medical care for a severe case will be very limited mid-Atlantic, I truly hope people will be ethical and respectful towards others health and not board when positive.
  3. Hadn’t heard this before. We’re booked in a S1 on Apex (deck 9). The reservation agent looked it up for me and said the bed faces forward toward the wall, not the balcony window (which I was really hoping for).
  4. There weren't any accessible SS's left on our cruise, but I'll keep watching for one to open up. I agree it would be easier for me than getting in and out of that tub. Already warned hubby that he'll have to help me each time, and requested a shower chair from special needs. Thanks for the pics!
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies! We went ahead and upgraded last night into a S1 Sky Suite. Pretty sure it will ruin us for non-suite cruising. 😉
  6. We're doing the math and it looks like upgrading from a concierge IV to Sky Suite on deck 9 almost midship, port side will cost about $2k total for a 15 night TA in late April / early May on the Apex. So we're rather tempted by the larger room and bathroom, and being able to enjoy suite amenities on such a long cruise. Two more questions for the experts on CC: 1) My husband's food tastes tend to be a bit more plain than mine, and while he thinks he'll generally like the food in Luminae, he is curious if you can order from all of the MDR menus in Luminae on the Apex. Especially if anyone knows this for this past week with all the food service changes happening and cutbacks. Will he be able to choose from the full Luminae and MDR menus, if needed? 2) Our cruise is a TA from Florida, first port Bahamas and then over to the north (England, Amsterdam, etc.). I've heard these tend to be warm cruises at first and gradually often become very windy and cool. Will we actually regret NOT having an IV cabin where we can enjoy the view without being in the weather on a traditional balcony? Will the Retreat Sundeck be a desirable spot after we enter the open Atlantic, or too cold and windy most of the time right there on the front of the ship? For context, we spend most of the year in Antigua, Guatemala and find temps below 65 brrrrrr-cold! as we've acclimated nicely to daily temps most of the time between 72 - 78 degrees and sunny year round., LOL. Thanks in advance CC peeps.
  7. I have gone wild adding AMEX offers and then refreshing to pull in new ones, trying to get this to show up for us, but no avail. We have both personal and business Gold card accounts plus some Blue cards, and no Celebrity offers on any of our accounts. Bummer.
  8. We're toying with the idea of upgrading to a Sky Suite on an upcoming TA on Apex. I cannot easily do stairs, so I wanted to check in with people here who have sailed on the Apex in a suite and can share how mobility-friendly are the Retreat and other suite areas?
  9. The Solstice revolution got delayed by the pandemic and I’m seeing lots of comments from recent passengers that she’s looking quite dated and that beds are old and not as comfortable as renovated ships. Has anyone heard if the Solstice will go into dry dock next year? I know the cruise lines are very much in recovery mode but how long can they put it off while raising prices for a modern luxury experience the Solstice can’t deliver?
  10. We saved several hundred dollars with this sale for our upcoming TA and Alaska in 2024 - nice!
  11. We expect to need it for our CPAPs while in Amsterdam. As long as they return it at the end of a transatlantic, that's fine.
  12. This spring we will be taking a TA over to Amsterdam, then saying a week on land, then taking a second British Isles cruise and departing back home from London. For the land part of our vacation, we want to be sure we have all of the EU and UK power options we need. I just ordered two of these on Amazon but now I'm wondering if that was a mistake. They are not surge suppressors - will they be allowed or confiscated?
  13. I'm toying with the idea of taking a Caribbean cruise in early November, just because we miss it soooo much. We also want to test out a cheaper inside cabin to see if we can tolerate inside as a way to cruise a lot more often (and literally do some working cruises). The final payment date for the cruise I'm eyeing is in just a few days. How soon after final payment does X tend to cut prices significantly to bring in more pax? Right away or much closer to departure? We need to take an international flight up to Florida so waiting to save on the cruise could always backfire with more expensive flights. I would love to get advice from those who frequently book within final payment window. We book year(s) in advance normally!
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