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  1. There is no major religion that is against vaccination. That's why many states in the US are getting rid of the religious vaccine exemption. I am sure the cruise lines will do the math for us. Are there more people who would not cruise if not all passengers are vaccinated? Or are there more people who would not cruise if they had to get a vaccine?
  2. This is not true. COVID deaths are likely underestimated, especially in waves #2 and #3. Please don't twist things to support your conspiracy theory: as you can see, COVID mortality is likely drastically underestimated, especially as this is turning out (like in Australia, who you may recall is in the southern hemisphere and has finished their winter and finished their 2020 flu season with like >90% reduction in flu) as probably the mildest flu season on record. So please, stop spreading the lie that COVID deaths are overestimated. They are underestima
  3. I think the roche pcr uses the E and ORF1a/b gene, not S. I believe most systems are not using S. Just need to make sure you're not looking for S, should be pretty easy to do. Same with antigen testing, similar to HepB testing, just look for N or anti-N instead of S.
  4. at 95% efficacy, 60% of the population may be good enough for a sort-of-almost herd immunity, especially for the summer months, especially since it's going to turn out like at least 10% of the population is going to end up infected. It may flare up here and there again among unvaccinated, but it might be enough to put the big pandemic effects in the rear view mirror. Pretty sure they are going to eventually require vaccination or dr's note saying why vaccination is not possible in order to cruise. Probably unless covid completely disappears from face of the planet or becomes supe
  5. why not? It's really the only thing this might end. I mean, it's already been a year of restrictions, and there's still no end in sight other than vaccines. What's the big panic over having to wait another 4-5 months? There's only 2 ends to this. vaccine that works or everyone gets it, maybe repeatedly, and it stays around forever.
  6. morbidity noun mor·bid·i·ty | \ mȯr-ˈbi-də-tē \ Definition of morbidity 2: a diseased state or symptom : ill healthParasitic protozoans and helminths represent two major groups of infectious agents that are responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality in human and animal populations.— Adel A. F. Mahmoud
  7. These snarky non sequitur arguments based on horrible and incomplete misunderstandings irks me to no end. It's always the people who don't understand anything that think the other side is contradictory. So "Herd immunity" is definitely a thing in vaccines. "Herd immunity" is kind of not really a good thing in natural illness based on math. To expound on it. The probability a virus passes on, the basic replication number (R0) shows how many people you infect. Let's say everyone is living a normal life, then most studies place the R0 somewhere between 3 a
  8. ... What therapeutics? Some better ICU management and better anticoagulation, but no real therapeutics other than early steroids. Everything else has basically failed at this point. Remains to be seen what amount of decreased deaths is due to better care, and what amount is due to weather, masks, age, and flattening the curve. The reason why 95% effective vaccine is so exciting is because it is well above herd immunity level. Since R0 estimated somewhere between 3 and 6, and <2 with minimal social distancing and mask usage, complete herd immunity would be achieved somewhere
  9. ??? It's been all over the science, it's not really a debated thing anymore. To, Kelvin Kai-Wang, et al. "COVID-19 re-infection by a phylogenetically distinct SARS-coronavirus-2 strain confirmed by whole genome sequencing." Clinical infectious diseases (2020). Van Elslande, Jan, et al. "Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 reinfection by a phylogenetically distinct strain." Clinical infectious diseases: an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (2020). Prado-Vivar, Belen, et al. "COVID-19 Re-Infection by a Phylogenetically Distinct SARS-CoV-2 V
  10. I think the worse thing is that green day is now played on classic rock stations... To Gen Z this thread is mostly like old people yelling at other old people.
  11. Ehhh, I think while there is some overlap, there is a clear difference in marketing between the 2. It feels a little condescending to think that everyone <40yrs old belongs in one demographic. VV is going more for the vegas/spring break clubbing/partying vibe. I think CC is going more for the slightly older, boutique hotel, like W vibe. Some partying, with some retreat away from it all. And both definitely welcome genX passengers, as the first post says, they spend the most per passenger. I wonder if the cruiselines are expecting to not be able to sail
  12. There's some more that still have first class. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_class_(aviation)#Operators
  13. right, so, one person boasted that they could fly first class everywhere (maybe they were thinking domestic "first class"?) Then someone pointed out, that the amount of people that fly international first-class is super rare, you have to be super rich to afford that past retirement. Then a bunch of people are piping up bragging that they can fly business class, a total non-sequitur. Like I don't have a horse in this race. Of course some people that can afford to cruise on an upscale line can afford nice plane tickets, whoop-de-doo. But please
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