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  1. UnorigionalName

    Our solution to lack of footrest on EDGE veranda

    haha, this exactly reminds me of the complaints about the W hotel chain. I don't think it will ever go away because the group it is targeted to likes the noise. The younger people like the noise, like the energy, in all the common areas. If you want to relax in quiet, put in your airpods and listen to your own relaxing music, or go to the spa, or go to your room.
  2. UnorigionalName

    Passport validity

    some countries don't let you in if passport expires in less than 6 months.
  3. UnorigionalName

    Passport validity

    why risk it? is it that hard/expensive to renew the passport? Is it worth putting all your travel plans at risk for such a trivial thing?
  4. UnorigionalName

    Shorts not allowed anywhere except the buffet ?

    I guess this is the part that confuses me. The thing that gives me the feeling i am eating at a shopping mall food court... is the shopping mall, not the other customers. If half the people were wearing suits I would still feel like I am eating in a shopping mall food court though think it must be business people lunch rush or something. On a cruise ship... I am on a freaking cruise ship. The sea doesn't disappear if someone walks in with a baseball cap. It's also not like the food is some michelin starred 15 course tasting menu. I think in socal the food would be worthy of like 1.5 - 2 yelp stars. From socal, I don't think any restaurant would throw you out for shorts and flip-flops. Anyone's money is as good as anyone else's. Who cares if you saved for a year to afford a nice restaurant or if it's a drop in a bucket of your entertainment expense. Everyone is paying for the product, everyone's money is as good as everyone else's.
  5. UnorigionalName

    Need hotel near Miami airport for day use

    can also store luggage at MIA then head back out. http://www.miami-airport.com/baggage_storage.asp
  6. UnorigionalName

    Shorts not allowed anywhere except the buffet ?

    Yes, you are old school. Just like the generation above you would be disgusted you don't wear a suite when you fly. Life is a lot more pleasant when you accept time changes.
  7. UnorigionalName

    Edge vs "S" Class Ships in Appearance

    I like the look of the Edge. The inverted bow is nice and distinctive. I guess I have no attachment to the standard cruise ship look. I like the color and the paint scheme. I like the rear and the asymmetric eden. Overall I think it's a handsome ship. I'm not too big of a fan of the giant x smokestack, a little ostentatious, but I guess not out of line with the modern like flashy vegas aesthetic.
  8. I think loud restaurants are just a thing now https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/11/how-restaurants-got-so-loud/576715/ Until the zeitgeist changes to a different aesthetic with better acoustic muffling, that's the way it's going to be.
  9. UnorigionalName

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    I think the debate is because the Edge is the super new "premium"-but-not-luxury-so-somewhat-affordable-to-many-people cruise ship with many cool new features and a lot of people are unhappy that it seems to not fill their needs. For the past couple decades, every new ship seems to have gotten nicer and cooler and modern with cool features and every new ship line was exciting to see and be on. But now, a lot of people who make up a good portion of the board and a good portion of passengers who are willing to pay premiums to go on the newest ships, are worried that it is targeted at a different, younger, population. The hype on the ship was pretty huge compared to most new ship lines. It has a lot of unusual features. People on this forum are worried that this is the start of the future. They are worried that new exciting ship lines won't be targeted at them anymore. They want to go on coolest new ships and don't want to be stuck going to the same old thing and are worried that the industry is overlooking them. They hope the Edge fails and that things go back to the way they know and love. They hope the music never changes. They are satisfied with the staid old cruise food. They want good old-fashioned service. They, like every generation before and after them, feel that they are the most "correct" and older people are too traditional, and younger people are too unruly and poor with poor tastes.
  10. UnorigionalName

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    misread, comment deleted
  11. UnorigionalName

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    Compared to a random message board composed of random mostly americans who for are satisfied with more traditional cruising, I think celebrities' (and more importantly royal caribbean international's) internal research is a lot more accurate. I am pretty sure they are moving rapidly to change their offering because their internal research shows that it is actually quite popular and is projected to make them a ton of money.
  12. UnorigionalName

    Edge Overpriced???

    I think you have a serious misunderstanding on how cruise prices work. No modern cruise ships sails with significant numbers of empty rooms. That is a waste of money. The price is constantly updated based on bookings compared to models. The fact that there is such a premium represents the opposite, that the demand is above normal. You think they are stupid and just raise prices with decreased demand? I can't find the quote but I remember there was an interview with either the RC or Celebrity CEO saying profits were higher than expected due to the higher premiums they were able to charge for Edge. They don't just chose a price and sit back and twiddle their fingers. The fact that there are 100 rooms you can choose don't necessarily mean that they are all unsold. They may be sold and just unallocated. I think this board does not represent the crusing population overall, especially compared to that pdf i linked (https://cruising.org/-/media/research-updates/research/consumer-research/2018-clia-travel-report.pdf). When you are on a cruise you mostly run into people with similar schedule that you have, so like the similar demographic. Like if you are the type that goes to diner early and goes to sleep and wakes up early to go sunbathe or go excursion you aren't going to be hanging out with those that go to the late dinner and then go to the bars/casino/venues until late at night. So everyone's view of the cruise demographic is biased. There are also a lot more rich european and asian's on these more premium cruises that isn't reflected at all here. I think also a lot of the target population is waiting for the prices to come down. The prices are high not because celebrity is arbitrarily making it high, but because of high demand. I also wonder what the normal timeline for booking cruises is between ages. I suspect younger people live more flexible lives and schedules and tend to book cruises much later than traditionally. Maybe after all the people who don't like the changes stop going and chose other lines then the people who enjoy it can start enjoying it. I personally think it's brilliant and I suspect it will do well. Just imagine it the other way around, if you are the target audience. If you are a young professional, young genx/millenial/old geny, making >$100k a year, living in a metropolitan city with certain expectations of decor and food, more independent to whom good service means something different than traditionally. What cruise line caters to this demographic? What if you want to go slightly upscale from norwegian?
  13. UnorigionalName

    Edge Overpriced???

    Despite all the doom and gloom about millenials, yes they cruise, yes the spend money, and yes their money is as good as yours, or maybe even more since they have more years to go. Avg age of cruisers might be lower than you expect, and is going down http://www.windrosenetwork.com/The-Cruise-Industry-Demographic-Profiles Millenials make up as large or larger of a portion than baby boomers, and it's just going to continue https://www.statista.com/statistics/705071/royal-caribbean-international-users-in-the-us-by-age/ Millenials spend similarly on vacation to baby boomers, less than genx'ers which you expect https://www.statista.com/statistics/456160/travel-spending-us-by-age-group/ "MILLENIALS RAISE THE SALES The percent of Millennials who “definitely will” book a cruise for their next trip increased from 63% to 70% this year. We are also seeing millennials develop a taste for luxury. Their share of the Premium and Luxury segments is higher than average for these segments." https://cruising.org/-/media/research-updates/research/consumer-research/2018-clia-travel-report.pdf I like how so many people in this forum think that they know better than a large company that I am sure does their research.
  14. Recently off the symphony, did not have the experience you had. Most waits were pretty short. Plenty of bars around. If there was an event and line was long at one, just walk like 50 yds to the next bar? Maybe I was on a relatively dry cruise? Doesn't the daily planner show the closing time of all the bars? Can't you just use the app and find one that is open?
  15. UnorigionalName

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    I like how everyone thinks that they are the only type of people in the world and that every line must cruise to their exact demands. I personally am very interested in the Edge, in the style, the food, the decor. Also am very interested in the infinite veranda. I am probably part of the target audience. I can afford it, it looks interesting, and I plan on trying it in the future. Why get so salty if it's not for you? Just voice your opinions and move on. Just vote with your wallets and everyone will see if it was a good move or not. Are you just afraid of becoming irrelevant? Upset that the one of the new hip fancy ships was made to some other people's taste? Worried this is going to be a trend and that you are going to be relegated to the cruise lines catering to those of advanced age? It's bound to happen sooner or later as demographics change. You think in 20 years the cruise ships will still act the same? Think of the changes in the industry since 20 years ago.