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  1. I believe it's a research ethics issue. Once there is a publically available intervention (eg Pfizer under EUA) that has been shown to work better than the control arm, then it is not ethical to leave trial subjects blinded, as it takes away their agency to decide if they want to stay in the trial to benefit research, or to exit the trial and get vaccinated.
  2. I mean, why are people wearing trousers to a dressy night, those are casual clothes. Dressy occasions clearly call for breeches:
  3. No, times have moved on, they are a thing and have been a thing for a long time. I don't understand why everyone thinks style and culture are frozen in time and there is one "correct" one. The whole purpose of fashion is to constantly change. Nordstrom even has a category called "dress sneakers" https://www.nordstrom.com/browse/men/shoes/sneakers-athletic/dress-sneakers
  4. Lol, I feel there is a large social divide, why these threads will never stop. Times are changing. Squeezing into an ill-fitting $100 "tux" isn't seen as anything special anymore. Sportcoats are like $50. The social purpose of dress clothes to form a social hierarchy is changing because textile manufacturing has revolutionized in the last hundred years. The discriminator between nice clothes and not-so nice clothes is no longer the category they fit in, but more the brand and "fit" of the clothes. Accept that times have left you behind, and just enjoy you
  5. I'm actually super excited about it, and I think there's good reason for EUA. It's a much more conventional protein subunit vaccine, which have been around for a while and have not been shown to have long term side effects. Some of the most valid reasons to avoid the current 3 vaccines are due to the unknown potential for long term side effects. Hopefully they will get it validated for children quickly, who have the most chance of developing long term side effects. Hopefully it will also allay the fears of some fence-sitters and convince them to get a more conventional vaccine,
  6. Minor quibble, but it sounds like they ARE requiring you to be vaccinated, it's the SHOWING paperwork part that is regulated by the Florida law. So you will have to declare you are vaccinated to book, and then at the pier it's a voluntary showing of your paperwork. Those that decline to show are treated as unvaccinated. So can you lie and say you are vaccinated and get on the ship? yes. But is it technically "allowed"? no. Is how I am reading it.
  7. I believe the issues are 1) They can't sail with <95% vaccinated by CDC (without doing the test cruises it doesn't look like they want to do). 2) Florida doesn't let them ask for vaccination status. It looks like their solution is to make passengers giving vaccination status optional, and to make not-giving vaccination status so costly and onerous that every one will anyway, and then they will be able to have >95% report a positive vaccination status without running afoul of Florida's law.
  8. That's the old goal. The new goal is somewhere between 90 and 95%...
  9. It depends on your definition of "herd immunity" It's the reason we do and don't have "herd immunity" to other strains of coronaviruses. It's kind of mathematical, R0, the transmissibility of the disease, goes down as people become immune (through vaccination or prior infection), when R0 gets to 1, it reaches a steady state in the population, or eventually regionally R0 drops below one, and the disease kinda disappears for a while, but as more people are born who aren't immunized, and natural immunity wanes, the disease can come back in waves every few years (for other coronaviru
  10. What medical disability is a contraindication to all 3 vaccines? Are cruise lines covered entities under HIPAA? I actually am curious... they are health care providers but not in the US? I suspect the entity that covers the passengers and operations of the cruise ships are not covered entities, and therefore once you release information to them, I don't think they are obligated to protect it in the same fashion as covered entities.
  11. Looks like a pretty standard contract??? Nothing seems really surprising unless you've been living in the woods for the past year and a half and haven't heard of COVID?
  12. Perfect solution. No vaccine checks at port, but everyone is confined to their room. Once at sea, produce vaccination status to be let out of your room.
  13. Why do people act like there's no pragmatic split where >95% of the passengers can be vaccinated. The science does not seem to show a few unvaccinated kids are that high risk. Why are the only 2 options 100% mRNA vaccines or complete anarchy.
  14. aggregate us data is not what I am saying, I am saying newer variants. and why are you fixated on only death? so-far-permanent fatigue, depression, and change of sense of smell are pretty bad outcomes in young people, and not only seen in severe cases. Who knows what the long term costs are going to be.
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