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  1. So for an extra drawer or two, you would spend thousands more? You go girl! Suggestion-Have the coffee maker (that does not brew well) removed from your cabin. That extra drawer space will, no doubt, overwhelm you!
  2. If you happen to be on a cruise with more than a couple of sea days.....what else is there to do! The package then pays for itself.
  3. Very nice comparison Clay. Sea you on board soon.
  4. Dear Quite Curious, I booked the river cruise January 30th. Final payment is February 28th. My cruise sails on June 29th. I always thought I was special. 🙂
  5. It is good news. It's crazy to expect final payment more than 90 or 120 days. I just looked at my booking. Final payment is the end of February and I sail the end of June so it's only 4 months.
  6. I hate to disagree with our Host (except for the previous times I did), but I just booked a Viking river cruise and my final payment is 6 months from sailing.
  7. I have a timeshare I want to sell you.... I thought people from Long Island were more sophisticated. More fake news, I guess.
  8. The OP is such a PHART that it is time to move on. I hope we never meet on any cruise ship.
  9. Many times, Viking does make things "right". They have done so for me a couple of times. My complaint has always been the bad (or incorrect) information initially given. The product on the ship or longboats are great, but until you get to that stage, it is sometimes a less than perfect (or satisfactory} experience.
  10. There is no point waiting if the promo you see includes free air. Promos on the ship are weak.
  11. I didn't want to enter this fray, but I'm one not able to look away from a car accident. Just because Viking or any other cruise line suggests giving a gratuity, does not mean much to me. If they think the guide or driver or worth a certain dollar amount, let them reach into their own pockets. Those amounts are meant to be high to take into account all the passengers who don't tip at all. My tips vary depending upon how good the guide/driver was. And even then, it's probably less than the "suggested amounts". I do try to tip my doctors at least 15%.
  12. Bill- I feel your pain and wish that Viking would. If you paid the $50 Air Plus fee you should absolutely demand that the flights be changed. Whenever I called Air Plus, I told them (and sometimes they asked) what I wanted. They would then tell me if there were additional charges. One time there were so I changed my flights. I don't agree with your complaint about the excursions. I have an upcoming Ocean cruise with another couple. They booked first and the times were not available for my category. My friends changed their times to mine. With 80 % of the cabins being the same size, Viking had to resort to "split hairs" to justify the price differential between cabins. Great business plan!
  13. Sorry to hijack an already hijacked question... Does Viking have diet tonic water? Thanks
  14. The Viking website and the cruise documents will tell you the suggested amounts. Not everyone tips. There is not a tipping culture in Europe. Not even sure why I do on a Viking cruise. However, I do tip staff directly.
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