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  1. And can you find it on My Viking Journey?
  2. Does anyone know how much the Viking transfers might cost from Reykjavik airport to the cruise terminal? Thanks
  3. As Ringo would say.... Peace and love, peace and love.
  4. This question was literally asked the other day! Why don't you look back and find what your fellow cruise mates wrote. And I'll repeat a comment I made previously. Do your homework, ask questions here before and not after. Go over everything with the agent before you enter into a contract. And please don't worry about Viking going bankrupt.
  5. I misspoke! Truly sorry. Heidi mentioned that the OBC was per person. I was thinking per cabin. Here is a cut and paste of the offer- Up To $1,000 To Spend Onboard We're treating our customers to up to $1,000 in complimentary onboard spending when they book select Viking River & Viking Ocean sailings. Use your shipboard credit for drinks, optional shore excursions, spa, and much more. Amount of credit will vary based on number of nights sailed and number of guests per stateroom. Call for more details. It's like $300 for one week, $600 for two weeks and $1,0
  6. Everyone has ssome sort of opinion so here is mine- 1-First I agree with Clay about the 30 day time limit for transferring a cruise. That has been told to me by my TA. Once you do book directly with Viking, there is no need to wait to transfer. 2-Heidi (in post 2) said the OBC would be $500. It's actually $600. 3-Yes, once you transfer a booking to a TA you cannot officially speak to Viking. However, I always do. How you ask? I'm glad you did. I speak to the agent I booked the cruise with. I believe in loyalty. I tell that to the agent. He will gladly speak to me as a
  7. I humbly agree with your last sentence. And I assume that the answer to my question is, no I don't have another Viking cruise booked.
  8. I agree. It is petty. You should get the $400 past guest discount because the prior cancellation were not due to you cancelling the cruise. I have a question for you that might help- Do you have another Viking cruise prior to this re-booked cruise?
  9. Did you get that $5.00 pp off price on our Transatlantic cruise? If so, I feel so worthless!
  10. I'm also sorry you had a bad experience. I'm a big fan of the Viking on board experience whether it's river or ocean. But I will admit that many of my initial experiences when booking with Viking has been less than satisfactory. I find an intelligent agent, and chances are they are gone next year. Ask three reservations agents the same question and..... you guessed correctly. Always been happy with customer service people. If no one returned my call, I would have called Viking and spoken to someone else. Finally, Viking does Nickel and dime" you, however they are more
  11. This has been asked previously, and answered. There is no acceptable answer if you are asked and then make your final payment one year from sailing. The most I have been asked is six months. I think that 60 days too long! I think the "palatable rational" used in my case is that I have 2 Viking river and 2 Viking ocean cruises booked in 2021. When I book, I tell Viking don't even think about something over 6 months.
  12. Hi..this is just my humble, unsolicited opinion. Most of the Viking reservation staff are not as good as they should be. I have been on many Viking river and ocean cruises. I have had a multitude of agents. If I find a good one, they are not there the next call. My last two was Linda (from da Bronx) and Chasity. The Viking agents will never tell you about a "special" that isn't on-line. That is why their brochures are so important. This months discount code is "EXP". Lots of free air and double past guest. As a result I now have 2 river and 2 ocean cruises booked fo
  13. I did the Viking Bordeaux cruise a few years ago. My wife is into wines. I'm not. However, I can say we had a great time. If you like to cruise France, do the Lyon to Avignon itinerary. We took a train and stayed in Nice for 5 nights after. Did a number of day trips to surrounding towns including Monte Carlo. Just a great time.
  14. Sorry, I know this is not the proper board for a River question. Does anyone know why there are no Viking China rivers cruises on their website. We did this in 2019. It was excellent, so I'm a bit surprised to find nothing there.
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