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  1. Thank you SM77. A good man is hard to find. 🙂 I was going to ask you for his extension. Once Viking reads that his extension is known, I fear for his safety. However, for now I am going to wait for my TA to get back to me. After all, the cruise was paid in full. Should be a pretty easy fix. But, what do I know.
  2. And as I indicated above, I was having problems with getting a reply to the amount of my FCV. I had my TA call Viking. MY TA left a message with my Viking agent. So, guess what my Viking agent does? Time up. Answer- She applies the credit to a river cruise I'm taking next year. Sends a revised guest statement to my TA. Just one problem....It is already paid in full! I couldn't make something like that up. Now my agent has clean this up.
  3. Maybe yours can. I subsequently asked my agent. She cannot view availability of individual cabins.
  4. So, you can teach an old horse (me) new tricks... Three questions... 1-If you book thru a TA, are you allowed to contact Air Plus directly to book your flights? I thought if you booked thru a TA, everything must be handled by the TA. 2- What is the telephone number of customer relations? I generally talk to the folks at the extension of already booked passengers. And they are not extremely helpful. If you question anything a second time, they tell you that your TA must call and ask the same question. 3-If you book directly with a TA, do they have the ability to tell you immediately which cabins are available? Vikings website lacks that ability. I am having a similar problem with FCV. I am having my TA handle this with Viking. Thanks.
  5. Glad it worked out for you. I have always felt that the "service" you received before boarding can be anywhere from poor to very poor. They seem only to be trained to "keep calm and carry on". You have to be persistent or very lucky to have a problem resolved.
  6. Does that $10K of your hard earned dollars that Viking stole from you include any of that 125% future cruise voucher money that they gave you from the first cancelled cruise? If so, well you know.
  7. Dave... Please don't lose faith! I stand strong with you......well I will stand approximately 6 feet from you. So many self righteous complainers on this thread. I will make them happy...no longer will be notified of any "updates".
  8. Dear Dr. Jon, You were just in the right place at the wrong time!
  9. Jonthomas- Why so clueless? Really you are. Viking has acted most responsibly out of all the cruise lines. Your ship could not dock in Spain, so it turned around. What else do you expect them to do?
  10. It appears from reading some of these posts, that losing all sense of being a rational person is lost to exposure to Covid-19. Spain and Europe has been in shutdown mode since you arrived back safely in the USA. Viking arranged your transport home. And lucky you, stuck in your home with "busy" work.
  11. Let's be honest. Clay expected some sort of refund. And most everyone reading this wants to know how much. Because it is Viking, I would not be surprised if it was $250 or $500 towards a future cruise. But Viking delivered. I have been on cruises that had ports cancelled or missed because of weather. It wasn't Viking. Nothing was expected....nothing was offered. I think in situations like this, we are always told to "re-read" the cruise line's contract.
  12. Could someone please tell me why Viking must "compensate" this sailing? It looked like a great sail (except for the weather). The captain had to turn around. It appears no one got sick.
  13. As far as I know, you can only purchase a future cruise voucher (Cost $100, worth $200 towards a future cruise) on the river cruises. You can use them on both river and ocean.
  14. Am I reading this correctly- If I now book a cruise for a sailing in 2 years, I made avail myself of Viking new cancellation policy? Seems way to generous.
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