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  1. Service is spotty. I had waited 2 weeks and then called shareholder services. Gentleman's name was Mario. Could not be nicer and applied the OBC to my cruise.
  2. Thank you for telling me the obvious. Viking replied to me but not to my question. Here is their reply- -Tipping on board is at your discretion. Should you choose to tip your gratuities will be distributed among the ship’s staff, Program Director & Tour Escorts who travel with you in China. I guess this is the best I can expect.
  3. Thank you Fran. Very interesting what you wrote. However, the Viking rules appear to have changed. Viking will now automatically add the "discretionary" service charge to my shipboard account. They did it on my Viking river cruise this July in Bordeaux. No problem paying 15 euro pp. I know I can tip as much as I wish. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask how the $25 pp cruise and $10 pp land was calculated for China. I think it's excessive. (That must be obvious). All these employees should already be receiving a living wage.
  4. I re-directed my email to"Tellus@". And thank you for forwarding the Undiscovered China question. I see it was asked and no one could answer it.
  5. Peregrina651 (or is this Katrine?) Are you confusing me with someone else? I previously asked about putting the tips on a credit card. Or is the my underwear question that's confusing you? Anyway, I have enjoyed reading many of your replies. Many are very helpful. Unfortunately, this one is not. Viking should be replying to everyone's reasonable inquiry. If only to say. we aren't going to reply to you. Not replying is rude. When I asked this question, it actually got directed to Australia. The reply was as follows- Gratuities are included in our cruise fares. We do not provide itemised costs If they cannot reply as to how they arrived at the suggested amounts, then they have no right to auto-charge it to my credit card on board. They might as well tell me the gratuities will be $200 per day. Tipping in China is not the same as in the US. I have read in multiple places that it is considered rude and impolite to leave a tip. I guess the Viking alternative to not being rude is to tip generously. I think my inquiry is reasonable.
  6. Hello All.. So I had directed this question first to the "AskViking" staff but they don't want to reply. So, if I may, I would like to ask the question here. Please allow me to say that I know questions about tipping are a landmine. Tipping is a personal matter. You do what you are comfortable with giving. With that in mind, here is my question to Viking. Thank you Could someone at Viking please tell me how the suggested tip amounts were calculated? I have previously sail on European Viking cruises where the suggested amount were 15 euros per day, In China the amounts are considerably higher ($25 pp on board and$10 pp to the land escort). Why is this so?
  7. Let me ask another question- All things Money- Did you have any problems using a credit card? Can you put the Viking tips on a credit card...both river and land portions? Is their a need to brush up on one's bargaining skills? Thanks again
  8. OMG!!!! 19 days.....I will need an extra suitcase.
  9. Question- Since these China trips are long- Were you able to go to a laundromat to wash your "unmentionables"?
  10. Try sleeping on your balcony! Better yet, ask the hotel director. His office is right off the atrium. But first have a drink at the bar.
  11. I suggest that you contact Viking directly to straighten this out. Yes, I know you have a TA. I also use a TA (after first booking directly with Viking). One time, I had a problem and I called Viking directly. Insisted that my calling was better that a three way with my TA. (My days of three ways are sadly over.) They took the call and resolved my issue. Your TA might not have been involved with getting you air. Therefore, it's not necessarily their problem. Since transfers are included with your extensions, perhaps Viking should have notified the TA that this info was needed. And, when there is some critical change in the itinerary, I have found that Viking contacts both the TA and passenger. That should have been done here.
  12. So for an extra drawer or two, you would spend thousands more? You go girl! Suggestion-Have the coffee maker (that does not brew well) removed from your cabin. That extra drawer space will, no doubt, overwhelm you!
  13. If you happen to be on a cruise with more than a couple of sea days.....what else is there to do! The package then pays for itself.
  14. Very nice comparison Clay. Sea you on board soon.
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