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  1. I was a few cabins from fwd elevator on deck 13. I should have had a good signal from the satellite.
  2. Coconut flour delish? Sorry those are not 3 words I would ever put together in a sentence. 😀
  3. I would question that because I was told that port fees were set as of the day of booking and would not receive anything back. I even spoke to a supervisor who said the same thing.
  4. The Anthems voom with stream was horrible this March, I went down to the internet desk a few times that week, in fact at one point all the internet had shut down and they had to reboot the entire system. I can understand that happening but the fact I could not stream all week was annoying. I also would try at odd hours of the day and night figuring the bandwidth would be better....it wasn’t.
  5. On the Anthem I wound up cancelling Chops after the 2nd time I went, I found the food so much better in Jamie’s. I think between lunches and dinners I must have gone to Jamie’s about 6 times that week. Also, we went to Wonderland and decided to go back and they wanted to upcharge us $10.00 per person for going twice, this was under the ultimate plan. Does anyone know if they still charge this when buying the new unlimited plan?
  6. We all purchased the $18.00 drink plan during the glitch using OBC and a credit card. My cousins studio cabin dropped over $100.00 (NY Resident special) last week. I called in and asked 2-3 times if it would affect the drink plan pricing...they said no.....we took the price drop and I kept the CSR on the phone until the $38.00 balance due showed in the cruise planner and I had them take payment while I was on the phone with them and then had them send me the new cruise planner & booking confirmations. I actually posted it to my roll call because everyone was leery about making any changes for fear of losing the glitched out pricing on the drink plan.
  7. Check the following few sailings and you can guess-timate what the pricing would be on your sailing.
  8. Good to know....We won’t ever book that ship. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. That is correct and the entire reason that everyone who speculates that it is based on what you previously paid for your room is incorrect. Royal and NCL do not send over financial information over to a 3rd party that they are outsourcing to. I shake my head every time someone repeats that information on social media as it is 100% false but someone saw it somewhere and they repeat it, and they repeat it until people actually believe it. Think about it logically.........
  10. The key is showing $37.99 for me (I have suites so I would not buy it anyway, I wasn’t impressed with Chops at all on the Anthem and the other perks are not worth anything near what they are charging). Also, the deluxe beverage package jumped from $54 to $60 (The $60 price was right after the $18.00 glitch) and now jumped to $65. I am sooooooooo glad they honored the $18.00 price.
  11. WOF has $3, $5, $15 & $20, max bets depending on the version. QH has $3, $5 (dollar version) and up max bets. The penny version can be changed to nickels, quarters, dollars etc
  12. Nope, not a problem, I sent it, thank you for confirming receipt. I didn’t check my email prior but I did receive both emails from you. Have a great day!
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