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  1. Weird, I logged into my cousin account and she has the offer for our late October sailing...I logged out & logged in as myself....no offer......we are in the same cabin. 🙃
  2. I’m very sorry to everyone in this situation. It is really just terrible.
  3. A friend of mine applied a few days ago, after the bill was signed and is only getting the normal capped amount.
  4. That is incorrect, the government is not giving an extra $600 per person. Some states like NY are capped at $504 a week for unemployment which is total crap when a studio apartment goes for 2K a month. Also, where are these jobs? They don’t want people leaving their houses so it’s not like you can pound the pavement. The “extra $600” only applies to high salaried employees. You still need to make double that ($2208.00 per week) to get the new cap of $1104.00. FYI it is disgraceful that NJ gets $713 per week and NY only gets $504.00.
  5. I will make sure to say hello to you at the terminal this morning. 🙃
  6. NYC does not have bullet trains, we have LIRR & MetroNorth commuter trains. The US does not have bullet trains because the country’s track infrastructure is crap.
  7. Does anyone have the list of cruises for code # R20CBN105? I see it in my account but have not received snail mail/email. Thanks!
  8. Yeah I really feel for everyone who are losing their jobs with this and thankfully I am fully stocked on everything I need for a while though I do have my downstairs neighbor picking me up milk and bread every few days since he is still working outside of the house. I am glad you were able to get your game on prior to this, I am already planning on hitting Atlantic City for a few days whenever this calms down. I just hope people follow the recommendations and stay home so to slow/stop the spread. If they did that this would end a lot sooner then they are expecting. Stay safe!
  9. Don’t forget if you have less then 2500 points you can still use it as free play just lower then 25.00 or you can save your points for another sailing, you just have to tell the host on your next sailing your last ship and date and they will move your points to that sailing. BTW.....How have you been? I was supposed to be on the Anthem next week...but nope....I will be on my couch avoiding people instead.
  10. I agree but I also think they will be sending comps out once they start sailing again. The cruise industry has taken a huge hit in the mainstream media so they will be looking to get people onboard and the first people they will be looking at will be casino players and people known to only book suites and/or known to spend a lot of money onboard. I am still getting monthly offers from RCCL but am curious to see if any get sent on April 1st. Also you can reach out to a junket company and book that way.
  11. We got the cancellation email and the next morning we got another reminder to RoyalUp that room (Lower prices from previous emails). Why not rub salt in the open wound?
  12. I have the same issue, I called and cancelled, never received a confirmation, checked in espresso, showing active, called the 24 hour line, yes it’s active but I cannot help you, call back during normal business hours. So round 2 of long waits on the phone. Fun fun times.
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