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  1. I agree with you regarding your class system, the main problem with yours is the people at the top of the the food chain really are just junkyard dogs & at least one of them deserves to be in chains. 😉
  2. I also have the backup paperwork showing my 3rd date. There should be no issues.
  3. Makes no difference. Plenty of vaccinated people are catching the Delta variant.
  4. No people are just making that rule up themselves.
  5. I would think because the parents of non vaccinated kids can still be asymptotic carriers.
  6. The Binex test is done via a virtual appointment..aka tele-health.
  7. Does Virgin accept the emed Abbot self test for Covid-19? I am fully vaccinated. I cannot find anything on the website. If someone has a link, even better. Thanks in advance.
  8. Can someone point me to the thread on the cancellation of the 11-11? Thanks!
  9. I am not sure if my cousin was busting them on me but I asked him for a picture of his passport last week and he sent me this….lol
  10. I use dish anywhere through my fire stick all the time. I will be bringing 2 sticks with me on my next sailing since it is a suite. I hate having to figure out what channel is what and it’s great being able to access my DVR.
  11. From what I have been seeing the key has been cancelled on a bunch of people and it doesn’t show in my cruise planner so I would just get the internet package when it goes on sale.
  12. I saw that last night but I wouldn’t fly to California for a 3 night sailing.
  13. It makes sense to offer that now as they have limits on the numbers of passengers, they keep the #’s the same but utilize the unused cabins. It’s a shame they don’t offer the option to combine cabins to upgrade to a suite, people ask for that all the time.
  14. There’s a reason I blocked that person.
  15. There was a glitch and all bids were cancelled. You can now rebid.
  16. Haha and I live in NY city in a state with over 20 million people but we wised up to what needed to be done and did it.
  17. My guess is it will sail as they have already scheduled the test cruise from Bayonne for Aug 22-28. Personally I would probably bid a little over the minimum for the grand suite to get the extra perks like all day Coastal kitchen, the suite lounge with beer & wine 11am-11pm (which will only be for suite guests and not C&A tier based) and the suite deck. As you are 3 people an extra couple of hundred per person would be worth it to me.
  18. Not sure but my ability to bid has been removed lol. I wasn’t going to bid anyway as I already have the Grand Panoramic. What is crazy is the minimum bid for the owners panoramic started at $300/$600 and the room is almost identical to mine. Also, all the Star class suites have been gone for months, I got the last one a few months ago.
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