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  1. No, it was 7 nights. The issue was the cabin type: I had a studio on the Radiance, and there are only 3 of them. The other itinerary was on the Serenade, a sibling ship that also has just 3 studio cabins. It was compounded by misinformation from RCI and by the original reservation's having been made through a travel agency that didn't want to put any effort into changing a booking when the departure wasn't imminent. In the end it turned out that a studio was available on the Serenade. I eventually made a new booking but that wasn't all bad--while I had to pay a new deposit, the FCC from the original deposit will be available to apply the new cruise or another that is booked for earlier in 2021, and the total came out to be less, because of better discounts available now.
  2. According to RCI, the equivalent booking wasn't available on the other itinerary, either.
  3. I've canceled my Alaska booking for August 2020 and made a new one for 2021. It's not a "Lift & Shift," because the equivalent booking wasn't available. In fact, it's not even the same itinerary.
  4. Only once in the past two months have I been able to sign into the RC website. The rest of the time it's "We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later." Is there something wrong with my account? Is the site always swamped? Or is it just RC's outstanding IT?
  5. When I was there in 2018, the Pompeii ruins were open on May 1, but we did not know until that day that they would be.
  6. Yes. Some posts have seemed to imply that the lines should cancel all cruises in that part of the world, refund everyone's money, and keep the ships idle until the outbreak ends, which is neither likely nor reasonable. What is likely and, I think, reasonable, is to change itineraries as needed. It's inevitable that passengers with upcoming bookings will feel anxiety and would be relieved to know what is actually going to happen, but changes in itineraries may have to be announced one at a time, cruise by cruise. Changing an embarkation port is more complicated than changing a port of call: it's not just berthing that has to be arranged, but also provisioning (of fresh produce and dairy products, mostly). Because HAL has Yokohama departures, it has suppliers there, but the suppliers are not necessarily ready to provide everything for a 14-day cruise on a moment's notice. Nevertheless, passengers with air travel and land arrangements at embarkation and disembarkation ports would be helped by knowing sooner rather than later, to the extent that it's possible.
  7. I managed to book a single cabin on the Radiance for this summer, but I booked it on the day that booking opened -- I believe that there are only three on the entire ship! For two other cruises I've booked a double and just paid the supplement. Because of the 30% off or BOGO50 offers at the time, it was a price that I could accept. Yes, it was more than a studio on NCL for a comparable itinerary, but also more comfortable. Go by total cost, not whether the cabin is a single or a double.
  8. In 2001, entering at Needles in southern California, I was allowed to bring in a house plant, but only after it had been very carefully inspected.
  9. Beaches and snorkeling aren't priorities for me, so last week I took a shared van ($16 RT) to Christiansted and explored on foot. The van parks near the Danish historical sites, which are run by the National Park Service. I'm told that Christiansted, which is larger than Frederiksted, has better shopping but I didn't check it out. Ships dock at Frederiksted because the harbor is deeper. There is a St. Croix subforum in the Ports of Call/Caribbean forum.
  10. I've been on the Epic twice. Each cruise had one problem that really bothered me, but one problem was caused entirely by passengers and passengers contributed to the other.
  11. I have tendered in some rough seas but it was no fun and this is much worse. As already mentioned, the Lido Market was oddly quiet at noon, although the pool areas at either end of the same deck were crowded and noisy.
  12. Only once did I have non-refundable OBC left. That was the only time that I bought duty-free liquor on board.
  13. Tendering at HMC now cancelled because of two-meter swells that are only expected to increase.
  14. AFAIK the Nieuw Amsterdam is still going to tender passengers ashore at HMC this morning, albeit two hours late. However, all excursions there are off because high winds (27 mph a short time ago) are keeping guides from getting to HMC from other islands. Most passengers don't book any excursions on HMC but, not being a beach person, I had booked two.
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