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  1. NCL has single (studio) cabins on its larger ships and, as a result, many solo passengers, but you won't find those ships on New England-Canada itineraries. The ships with studio cabins also have a studio lounge for those cabins, and all NCL ships have a "solo host" who organizes group dinners, etc., for solo passengers who want to participate. The best solo host in my cruises was on a ship that did not have studio cabins. Here is a list of Royal Caribbean ships with single cabins: Note, however, that the Radiance-class ships (Radiance, Serenade, Brilliance, Jewel) have only
  2. Church around the corner - mostly to practice with an unfamiliar camera.
  3. Mine, too. And my state's rules changed while I was posting the message above. The latest is that quarantine for arriving from another state won't be required after April 1. Vaccination status won't matter. BUT the state has determined that vaccinations are only valid for three months, starting 14 days after the final dose. This doesn't pertain to travel, only to quarantine after being tested following possible exposure. They've also announced that a travel form, which is supposed to be completed online, will be required to leave the airport. They haven't said how you'r
  4. For a non-cruise in August, I plan to get a test before departure, partly because I have an overnight layover in Seattle and the State of Washington still requires it. (The situation may, of course, change before that.) I'm more concerned about a test before returning home. My state currently require one three days before returning, and I have an overnight on the way back, too, because even the earliest flight into SEA misses the last flight connecting to here, other than a redeye. It may not make that much difference, because my state also requires a test on the fourth day after r
  5. With a Greek isles cruise just cancelled, I've been considering booking a replacement (on a different cruise line) for the fall. Now it just needs Italy, Montenegro, and Croatia to do the same.
  6. Well, it's longer from Zürich. The route I took was Zürich-Bern-Interlaken Ost-Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg-Eigergletscher-Jungfraujoch, slightly more than 4 hours each way, but a route via Grindelwald is no faster. Except for the first connection at Bern, all the changes were merely across the platform, and from Interlaken Ost, everyone seemed to have the same destination. In the Jungfraujoch terminal I was mistaken for an employee. I was wearing a quilted vest, true, as do the employees, but mine was red with an American label, not blue with a Mammut (Swiss) label.
  7. AIDAdiva in Willemstad, Curacao, in 2016
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/03/07/travel/covid-travel-tourism.html Skagway is the second entry.
  9. On my first cruise I took an ice bag and a carpenter's folding ruler. I had dislocated my shoulder the week before--the ruler was for a mobility exercise where you hold the ends of a stick in both hands and use the good arm to push the injured one.
  10. The Husband usually ordered 3 starters which he would only accept one at a time meaning the rest of the table had to wait until he had finished until we got our mains! It's the standard procedure on NCL, if a passenger orders two of any course, to serve them one at a time and not to clear that course and serve the next course to anyone at the table until all are finished. I verified this with a dining manager after having to leave before finishing in order to get to a show. What happened was this: NCL also organizes a group of solo passengers to dine together at one ta
  11. I haven't given any thought to COVID treatment, but I do check on a country's medical resources before travel--really only to judge whether to purchase travel insurance with a higher benefit for medical care, especially medical evacuation. Last year I was on a cruise that changed course to facilitate the transport, by helicopter, of a passenger to the Turks and Caicos. Now, the standard of medical practice there is good, with doctors from Canada or the U.K., but Grand Turk has only a 10-bed hospital and Providenciales only a 20-bed hospital. The patient was going to be evaluated an
  12. A year or so ago there was a report that NCL no longer allowed door decorations -- stewards would remove them and place them inside the cabin. However, I think that the accessibility department, if called in advance, would agree to something since it's for function, not esthetics.
  13. There was a post several years ago by a mother of eight about a cruise with mom and dad, all eight children, and two grandparents, split among three 4-berth cabins. It would not have been possible without a grandparent, because the cruise line that each cabin be booked in the name of an adult, although it would allow children to occupy a cabin alone if the responsible adult's cabin was very close by. They would have liked connecting cabins, but none were available, and I doubt that the ship would have had any sets of three connecting cabins anyway. They put the two youngest children, who were
  14. Yes! I've been checking twice a day, and by the second time today, it had been. I've booked. For anyone who's considering this, know that it's almost the opposite of cruise travel; cabins are very basic, no luxury at all. In fact, on the Kennicott, one option for cabins is a "roomette" with no services (not even a sink) and no linens, just bunks. There is no requirement to book a cabin for overnight travel. Many passengers sleep on loungers, often with sleeping bags, and it's possible to pitch a pup tent on the upper deck.
  15. Update: the summer AMHS schedule is usually released at the beginning of March; last year it was on March 2. I learned on another site that the proposed schedule, however, was published in January. It has the Matanuska leaving Bellingham on Wednesdays--for as long as I remember, the Bellingham departure has been on Fridays--and arriving at Ketchikan on Friday, Juneau on Saturday. In alternate weeks, the Kennicott leaves Bellingham on Saturdays, arriving at Ketchikan on Monday and Juneau on Tuesday. (From Juneau the Kennicott continues across the Gulf of Alaska toward Ho
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