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  1. The package seems to suit our drinking habits. We see at least 2 reds, 2 whites & a rosé that we would drink, and I think they may have cava/prosecco in some bars. Plus, we'll get cheap brandy and separate lemonade and add one to other. We also drink lots of bottled water (need to make do with 0.5L bottles) and have been known to drink liqueur hot chocolate. It should also cover my espresso and americano habit. I did plan to bring decent wines from our own cellar and pay corkage but can't be bothered with packing 12-14 bottles to fly into Heathrow. We typically pay about 13€ in France on
  2. I would be wary of being too critical of some of these shareholders. While their management remuneration is probably obscene, the funds invested in Carnival Corp and others may belong to client pension funds. If you think that these investments could be the pensions of a teacher or a nurse, the real investors may not have the deep pockets you imagine.
  3. As I think Bluemarble pointed out earlier, QE is currently off East coast of Australia heading north slowly "Awaiting Orders". It looks like they intend to try and find a berth for her somewhere in the Pacific so she'll be in a better position to restart the Alaska season. Obviously that depends on if and when the authorities permit them to restart.
  4. It would be nice for those involved if you're right. I suspect they've just managed to arrange berthing somewhere between Australia and Alaska, rather than return to UK. The QE's summer season is all Alaska and extra cost of returning to UK and then getting back to North Pacific would be substantial. The other 2 ships are due to operate in Atlantic, Baltic etc for summer, so are best back in UK.
  5. Absolutely love this!!! Abandoned in Ft Lauderdale and having issues with your grocery order. Meanwhile in France we're facing curry deprivation next Saturday night! Government has just decreed that various public places including restaurants will close from midnight for an unspecified duration. We hoped to travel to Grasse for the best curry in the region next week. But there are exceptions. Tobacconists (among others) are exempt! Are they hoping that the lung cancer death rates stay higher than CoVid-19?
  6. Here, here. We'll also be keeping our bookings. But I've planned for various contingencies. If we're not allowed into New York we may join you on the trip up the Canadian Coast! And everything is paid on cards that are jointly liable, and also covered by insurance.
  7. My email says following: (hopefully this formats ok on the post). Saver Fare: Period before departure within which notice of cancellation is received by Cunard Original cancellation charges % charged New Temporary Policy (assuming voyage paid for in full on due date) % refunded and % FCC applied From the date of booking until departure, including failure to embark. 100% of fare Refund 0%. FCC 0%
  8. Does anyone know the answer to this? We booked and paid for an 8 night crossing M019, but arranged to board on day 2, so only on QM2 for 7 nights (although we paid for 8). Will we be entitled to $600 or only $300? Coming home will only be $300 as it's clearly a 7 nighter.
  9. I think you'll find there's only one Amarone on the list, and not that expensive. Why not splash out and have a Château Lafite! lol.
  10. Hello butabeach, Hope you had a good trip and got home safely. Did the big chemical plant fire at Rouen have any impact on your Seine Cruise? Do you have an update on boarding times at Le Havre? And have you any other useful observations about boarding there? Thanks
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