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  1. Interesting about the tides. Let's hope we hear from the August 10th passengers with updates. Maxine Kane, and Arline Moran.
  2. Hope to see you all in Montreal on the 18th. My friend Arline is arriving from another part of California, and we are two solo's. This will be her first Silversea cruise.
  3. Hi Emdee, glad you know you are on the upcoming August 20th voyage. I found a website that states there is a cruise port in Iqaluit. I wonder if there is sea ice in Pond Inlet, if then we can avoid that 2nd flight! And how it would change the schedule. Are you starting in Montreal also? Maxine
  4. Thank you for the update. Kindly share if you need a zodiac to get to the ship in Inqaluit. How is the hotel there? Did Silversea provide all the meals at the hotel? Anything to see around the hotel?
  5. Hi, interesting that you leaving from Iqualuit! I'm on the August 20th Endeavour cruise from Pond Inlet. Please share info on your trip. Enjoy!!
  6. Hi Mysty, I use TWO over the door shoe caddies. Best to use a skinny one on the outside of the shower door; and then I use another one on the bathtub rack, since I rarely use the bathtub. I have seen other cabins where the shoe caddy was used OUTSIDE the bathroom door successfully. The best use of space, for more than one person on Shadow/Whisper is to have the crew put a wood board on top of the bathtub. Great shelf. And then they have a clothes rack built on top of that area. Since I am solo, no need for that much space. But, I use the shoe caddies successfully to store daily items on one; future items on the other caddy (vitamins, contacts, all kinds of stuff that I will eventually need!).
  7. I bring one or two over the door shoe caddies and they are wonderful for storing easy to reach items. Has anyone received a quote for the other over land (not China) trips?
  8. Hi, hoping we make it to China on our cruise. I believe that if one is not doing a pre/post or the over land couple nights excursions, no Visa is required in China for us.
  9. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Have you needed boots so far?
  10. Thank you Rothco. Have you been on the Endeavour in Greenland?
  11. Hello "A", I have a late August trip similar to yours. If you have any comments during your travel, kindly post. And let me know if you really needed heavy boots. Thank you.
  12. Hello and thank you for your day to day postings. I'm on the Silver Endeavour August 20th. With Zodiac landings, do you think hiking shoes with Bog over shoes to the knee is enough? Instead of renting boots?
  13. Hello, I will be solo on this voyage. Anyone need a bridge partner during sea days for duplicate games?
  14. Has anyone taken Silver Endeavour from Pond Inlet for Greenland and Canadian Artic? Are boots needed?
  15. Hi, are you interested in spending a day in the Ble Mountains which are located outside of Sydney?
  16. Mysty, please email me at maxine_kane@msn.com I would like to send you info on a full day to Blue Mountains for out first day in Sydney.
  17. Hi, if there is an interest I will research this summer. I'm traveling right now.
  18. Anyone interested in taking an all day tour to the Blue Mountains when we are in Sydney on Feb 23, 2024?
  19. Mysty, do we know the exact dates that WC passengers will be away from the Shadow for the overnight excursions? Thanks.
  20. Hi all, something interesting about China Wall. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/china-beautiful-great-wall-sections-cmd/index.html
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