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  1. Sailed Anthem 5 night this past July—lobster night was night 4.
  2. Oh, believe me, if it was up to just me, I’d be booked already😀. The other part of my fam, my dear in laws who will not set foot on a ship, are planning a land-based family reunion next summer as well. I have to wait until that gets nailed down so I know for sure which week we can sail. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! I’m currently stalking prices for Oasis...hope to book before too long😬
  4. This is all I can find looking downward from my balcony. I think they are all taken looking down and aft. I’m pretty sure there was a lifeboat more or less straight down from me as my dad and I both remarked that we were surprised how dirty it looked. It even had a pool towel that had fallen on it!
  5. It’s POP! Thanks for adding your thoughts dad! I’ll be your travel agent/cruise director/cruise buddy anytime❤️ Save some calendar space next June, and whatever you do, don’t lose your sea “bass”!!
  6. Thank you so much! Happy cruising! Thanks! It was fun to relive it! Thank you so much for the kind words, and for reading along! We talked about taking this trip for so long, and I’m so glad we did it! Such good memories❤️ Happy sailing to you too!
  7. Return to Cape Liberty Always sad when a cruise ends! Normally I would prefer a longer trip, but 5 nights was the perfect time to be away from my kiddos. We passed back under the Verrazano around 6:15. We were docked at 7ish, and the ship was cleared by 7:45ish. I had grabbed a quick bite at cafe promenade and some caffeine from the freestyle machines next door at sorrentos, then joined a line on the esplanade (deck 4 I think) of self assist passengers waiting to depart. Once the ship was cleared, customs was easy-peasy. Facial recognition technology sped us right on our way. We were at our car by 7:55 and on 95 S by 8:10. Last pics were of the gorgeous view of NYC sailing in.
  8. Thank you! Glad to help, and thanks for reading along! Thanks for following! We did have a great time!
  9. After North Star, we headed to Cafe 270 for lunch—wish we had made our way here earlier in the cruise. It was not crowded, and 270 was a nice place to sit and eat with its huge windows looking out. Roast beef sandwiches were yummy! After lunch, we did a bit of pool hopping, swimming in the indoor pool and then the main pool since we hadn’t spent any time there earlier. I ended up reading on my balcony awhile and packing...pics below are of how calm the seas were!! We had reservations tonight at 6:30 for We Will Rock You. Loved this show! It was by far my favorite of the 3. It was almost 2 full hours long. After the show we had reservations at Chops at 8:30. We were a few minutes late as it took awhile to get out of the theater but that wasn’t a problem. We had: Mushroom soup Lobster bisque Filet Ribeye Tots, Asparagus, and mushrooms to share Apple Pie Everything was good! I’ve been to Chops a few times, and it never disappoints. I must say I’m not used to eating dinner after 9:00...I could not stop yawning! Once again my young at heart father proved he can probably outlast me any day! We turned in after dinner in anticipation of an early start the next day. Kept our suitcases as we would be doing self-assist debark the next day. Next up: Day 5 compass
  10. Day 5 Sadly, the end approaches! Today was a low key day, and I didn’t take too many pictures. We ended up in the Solarium quite early, and hung out there the whole morning. Love having the solarium bistro right there to pop into....we had a light pre-lunch there, before our North Star reservations at 1:00. Thankfully it was running again! We headed over around 12:40ish, and it was just coming down. We got on the next trip. It goes up pretty high—300 feet according to the crew member running it. Fun views of the ship!
  11. Hi, I just posted some pics and video of my Ifly experience on Anthem...scroll down to posts 22-24 on page one of my review if you are interested. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2685523-dynamic-duo-on-anthem-5-night-bermuda-72719-includes-compasses/
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