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  1. My wife can only travel during peak vacation time, so we typically pay the premium prices that go along with that. Our last few cruises together included two in the NCL Haven and one in the MSC Yacht Club. On the couple of solo cruises I've been able to go on off-peak, I was able to get great last-minute bargains for a balcony cabin on NCL Dawn and Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. I've never really considered the Haven or YC as a solo because I just don't want to pay the extremely high (IMO) single supplement for those types of cabins. However, I recently found a fairly good bargain on the M
  2. I was able to log in and view my booking just now.
  3. Thank you, but that was the one detail I was clear on. What was unclear to me is what OP meant by "every thing else sucks" about MSC. I was wondering if OP thinks MSC sucks because of the virus.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that you missed your cruise. I know first hand how that feels having my April cruise cancelled. I've been looking forward to this for almost a year. You mention that everything else sucks, but you only list the one issue surrounding a dispute on the amount of refund for your taxes. Did MSC cause you other grief as well?
  5. Wow, that escalated quickly.
  6. Was it an upgrade offer for $230pp, or was it a chance to bid for an upgrade starting at $230pp? These are two very different things.
  7. Yes. No. I agree and I think you're correct. In my opinion though, MSC needs to be sure they make a financial decision that keeps them solvent, otherwise customers won't matter. I don't know their financial situation, so I can't say hand-over-heart that they're not doing what they think is best. Anyway, I think eventually (today?) they'll publish a new refund policy. Then, we can turn our outrage at the inadequacy of that new policy.
  8. I get that this is a difficult situation for all of us, but I just don't understand the outrage towards MSC. I’m a believer of consumers voting with their pocketbook. If you don’t like a company, don’t buy their product. If you don’t like the way MSC is handling this or their response timing, I’d say take matters into your own hands use the cancel for any reason insurance you purchased. That's why we purchase it in the first place.
  9. Very true. IMO, on Seaside YC, any deck, any side, all cabins are in a good location. When you walk out of your cabin door, you're right where the action is (although still fairly quiet if noise bothers you). You're either a short walk to the restaurant, a deck or two below the pool deck, near the concierge, or by the Top Sail lounge. I really like the Seaside YC layout. And, you have the rest of the ship right outside your door.
  10. But only on the starboard passageway on Deck 16.
  11. Yes, we think the same way, although I don't sail until April.
  12. We had 16003 on Seaside last April and we loved the cabin. So quiet and isolated. We asked our butler to put a lounger on our deck and it appeared later that afternoon. You have to backtrack a bit toward the concierge area in order to loop around to the Top Sail lounge, but I didn't find it much of an inconvenience at all. Actually, I did some research before I sailed and heard about a door just across from 16003 that led to the starboard side passageway. I found that door on the first day as they were using it to deliver the luggage to the rooms. However, it is clearly marked as ships personn
  13. I am looking forward to this. Given the choice between a Duplex Cabin or the YC experience, I will always choose the YC. Now, it appears I won't have to choose between the two.
  14. Log into your RCI account and go to Cruise Planner and click on View Boarding Pass. Then click on View SetSail Pass. You can read the bar code on your SetSail Pass using an app on your smart phone (I use QR Code). The last numbers (after the dash) are your stateroom number.
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