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  1. Jareds_mommytoo

    Eurodam Laundry service

    We did the unlimited on our last cruise, it’s per room not per person, it’s $7 a day, for the four of us it was a good value.
  2. Jareds_mommytoo

    Non-alcoholic beverage package

    We had it last cruise it’s $18 a day plus 18% I’m not sure about everybody having to get it, we got it for our teens
  3. Jareds_mommytoo

    “Returning” a gift given to us

    When my teens and their friends went, there were 9 of them ages 13-16 they said it was so much fun, the staff really looked after them, made them feel grown up.
  4. Jareds_mommytoo

    “Returning” a gift given to us

    My teens and a group of their friends had a great time going to dinner on their own a few nights
  5. Jareds_mommytoo

    Beverage card question

    Nothing yet.
  6. Jareds_mommytoo

    Beverage card question

    We did send off an email, but we have seen numerous times on CC what head office says and what happens on the ships are sometimes not on the same page. Just like the SBP the agents on the phone are adamant you get 15 drinks total, where many on the board are reporting on different ships they get unlimited non alcoholic drinks and 15 alcoholic drinks are counted.
  7. Jareds_mommytoo

    Beverage card question

    The travel agent we are speaking to about transferring our reservation to has offered a $50 beverage card as their perk, we have the explore 4 as part of our package. Could we put the $50 towards a quench package for the kids?
  8. Jareds_mommytoo

    Signature drink package unlimited non alcoholic drinks?

    Oh good, I love sparkling water and would probably use my 15 credits up on them a day lol
  9. I’m looking for some recent experiences with the drink packages. A few months back people were reporting that you get unlimited non alcoholic drinks like the quench package and 15 alcoholic drinks, even though HALs website says 15 drinks total. Also it might be ship specific how they interpret the policy. We are going on the neuiw Amsterdam, I was wondering anyone has any recent feedback.
  10. Jareds_mommytoo

    Drink Package Pre Cruise

    No it’s the same before or on board.
  11. Jareds_mommytoo

    Non-alcoholic Beverages Questions

    We got the kids the quench package it was $20 a day I belive ? It was unlimited nonalcoholic beverages that include any juices, bottled water, nonalcoholic cocktails, nonalcoholic beers and specialty coffees. It worked out great. Basically 4 drinks a day it was paid for.
  12. The only travel agency I see in Canada that give any perks is Costco
  13. We have alway booked cruises direct with the different cruise lines, is there an advantage to using an agent over that?
  14. Jareds_mommytoo

    What are your favourite drinks.

    It was early didn’t have my glasses on yet lol.
  15. Jareds_mommytoo

    What are your favourite drinks.

    Lime wedge Celery salt to taste Salt to taste 1 1/4 oz vodka 4 oz Clamato (clam & tomato juice taste better then it sounds) Pepper to taste 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce 3 dash hot sauce Celery stalk Rim a highball glass with lime and then celery salt. Fill glass with ice, add salt and pepper, vodka and Clamato juice. Season with Worcestershire and hot sauce. Stir. Garnish with celery stalk and lime.