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  1. so even though the staten island ferry is a free ride , you still have to get off and then get in que to get back on for the return ride ?
  2. Is anyone from Breakaway signed up for this on Tuesday October 23rd ?
  3. Hey all is there any good ziplining in San Juan ? If so which excursion would be recommended? Thanks Colin
  4. So just to be clear , would that apply to the whole stretch between say Rockefeller center and ESB , {Hotel is pretty much between the 2} all the way up 5th avenue for example ? And for clarification , when I say evening I am talking 9-10 P.M... If I ever kept my wife out past midnight after a long day in NY , she would turn into a pumpkin. Thanks Colin
  5. So the Staten island Ferry just does a 'drive-by'of the Statue , doesn't actually stop on the island , correct ?
  6. Thanks Lenny, See my previous post.. all booked. By 50's are you referring to streets ? And as far as safety , would anyone here have any reservations walking at night any place between the Times square area and the Empire state Building area. We are hoping to make those both evening adventures to be able to appreciate them after dark. I'm thinking walking will be fine between my hotel and both spots, but also could easily take UBER if we felt necessary. Thanks again Colin
  7. Just booked The Hotel at Times Square for $415 US for 2 nights... Now that I'm in a more central location i'm feeling I can much more easily work out remaining plans... Now to finalize my ideas for the big apple, and then I've got a whole week left to figure out plans for each of the 5 stops on the cruise... My heads gonna explode ! Thanks for the help Colin
  8. First of all thank you all for the responses. I normally would have all these plans made a month ago but a family situation has arose that has made that impossible , so I'm left scrambling here 'last minute' to put this all together. So thank you very much for your time. 138east- I agree the 2 towers in the same day would be overkill, so we are likely to only do one. I had also been thinking that both Times and ESB would be more spectacular at night. When it comes to transport to cruise I was planning to UBER , even though obviously more money, seems with luggage would best . Got2Cruise- when it comes to transfers it is not the safety aspect that concerns me , but rather the possible confusion aspect and ending up on the wrong route. Though that can be part of an adventure , trying to squeeze as much in as we can would not want the time wasted .Direct just seems simpler is all. Now on another note I explored another option {til 3 AM last night }that seems plausible. Though this would be substantially more costly , I have given thought to the idea of staying in the ESB/Times square area. That would enable us to do Times square the evening we arrive {flight due in at 2PM, UBER to hotel}. Next morning take subway to WTC , and then have plenty of time for ferry to Lady Liberty, return back to hotel area with plenty of time to do ESB that evening .Next morning be a short UBER from cruiseport. I have one hotel option that seems perfect location for this. The Hotel at Times Square , 466 for 2 nights... Or I could book a good Hotwire Rate , which guarantees me to be in the Times Square area , for probably sub $400. Would we be more comfortable in that area, to be walking in the evenings, depending on how far to hotel?... If not UBER still just a click away. New York sights we'd like to see seem to amazing to not do them right in the short span we have. Would love to see the skyline at night rather than daylight , and same with Times Square... we've only flown over and that is amazing on it's own. Let me know thoughts... Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the responses A few questions... You say you are not thrilled with the Hampton. particular reason ? seems to be rated a bit better than Robert Treat. Also if at Robert treat you mentioned getting a cab back at night but the shuttle would be complimentary and run in the evenings as well, yes ? And lastly looking at the map for the path, it seems to be a pretty convenient option if I am reading it right, but I am wondering If there are any transfers involved on the following routes , or are they direct run? Penn Station Newark to WTC ... and reverse ? 33rd St. to Penn Sation Newark and reverse ? and also WTC to 33rd.. and reverse? wondering if the subway makes more sense for this last one ? As it doesn't look like So I'm thinking what I may try to plan is heading to 33rd from Penn Newark early on the 15th, go do ESB,{ then walk to Times square ?}, then back to 33rd to head to WTC, on path or subway whatever makes sense , Visit the memorial and then maybe if there is enough time left , check out One World Observatory before heading back on the path from WTC back to Penn Newark...though I feel that may be too much to squeeze in so possibly drop OWO... Please let me know if there are glaring problems with my plan or if I am anywhere near on the right { >> TRACK <<}
  10. 1 cruise... Breakaway, oct.16 , not Bliss 10/21 st. Thomas 8-6 10/23 st. kitts 8-5 10/24 tortola 7-1 enjoy busy {but gorgeous} beaches, amenities, do snorkel, don't have own gear do enjoy catamaran/snorkel , just unwilling to play cruiseline prices Thanks
  11. thanks, looks interesting for sure
  12. I am wondering whether I am being steered wrong as the more I look into this the more it looks like I can pick up the path at Penn station Newark as there is a direct run from there to WTC , then figuring out subway system from WTC north to Empire area as well as Times Square seems like it would be not too tricky. ? Actually, looking a little closer seems there is also a stop at west 33rd {near Empire, and Times square ? }on the same line. What am I missing ? Am I reading this all wrong ? Help me out New Yorkers :confused: Thx. Colin
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