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  1. This is very frustrating considering the email said that they would automatically be refunding and you don't need to call. Guess I'll call tomorrow and get it processing. Thanks everyone for the info!
  2. Any updates from people regarding their refunds? We still haven't received ours just wondering if others are still waiting or not.
  3. Haha see how much attention I pay sometimes. Thanks
  4. I had a similar experience recently. The first person I talked to said there would be no problem transferring my deposit to another booking, then she said she ran into a problem and needed to transfer me to another department(she didn't specify which department). When I talked to them they said they would be happy to do it but that I would loose essentially half my deposit because of change fees so it would cost me $150. We booked the Mardi Gras 15 day for $100pp x 3 of us so $300. It was a casino offer. We were having second thoughts on taking that much time off to go. For us it will essentia
  5. not gonna lie it was more boring that I was expecting. I thought there would be more to it.
  6. The TLDR on this is not very helpful. It is much clearer if you read the actual post to see what happened according to the reddit user. Just FYI for anyone reading this and wondering.
  7. How was the cruise overall? I think a lot of us got the impression that you were not thrilled to be cruising Carnival in the first place and you were going to make that the theme of the cruise. It was gonna be bad no matter, so I'm interested to know if it was as bad as you thought it was gonna be or were you pleasantly surprised?
  8. I think the logic was that after 7pm most people would be eating dinner, going to shows, gambling, but not swimming or sitting in a hot tub. Therefore if there isn't as much demand open it up to everyone to encourage people to utilize it and want to spend time there and at the bar. As I said in my post I wanted to check it out and see if it is worth booking, at this point thats not gonna happen so I probably will never book a Havana cabin. I don't blame them for making it exclusive but I feel like the more things the make exclusive to certain categories the less likely I am to book that ship.
  9. Not gonna lie I'm dissapointed in the timing of this. We are going on the Panorama over Christmas and I was planning on checking the area out at least one day to see if I thought it was worth possibly booking a Havana cabin. Now since I'm assuming this will be the same on the Panorama as the Vista and Horizon, I will not be able to. Guess I should have made the effort and checked it out on the Horizon when we sailed on it.
  10. We tried the IMAX on Horizon and loved it, but the Skyride was closed for our entire sailing which was the 2nd sailing from NYC after the ship arrived in the US. So within a month of her inaugural the skyride was already down. I'm hoping that the Skyride will be operational on our Panorama sailing so we can try it. I would also love to try the trampoline park but the IMAX was great for relaxing and cooling off after being out and about on a sea day. Im wondering if the nighttime blacklight glow party will be part of camp ocean activities or not. I would imagine not considering its all ages and
  11. We have really enjoyed the playlist shows, they usually have a different show every night with two seatings so you can make it to the show no matter if you have early or late dining. I have found the production value to be good, not blow your socks off amazing but good and worth seeing. Also on longer sailings they usually switch out the comedians half way through the sailing so you get some fresh faces with fresh acts half way through. We have never been to a comedy show that hasn't been full so we always try to get there early. I do remember seeing the juggling on the horizon
  12. Does this apply to filling a growler? Im assuming it doesn't apply to buying a new one with a fill...
  13. Yeah Id look happy if I was getting paid big bucks to ride it too lol
  14. Personally I'm a little excited about it but more dissapointed in the lack of IMAX. I think they should have put it on a top deck and gotten rid of the skyride which always seems to be broken.
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