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  1. The comment you made was that there were no state laws regarding drinking and I have proved that there are. There are and have been people that sue the cruise lines for alcohol related incidents on cruise ships including sexual assault and wrongful deaths. You said that the cruise lines make arbitrary rules regarding drinking, they are anything but arbitrary and based on US federal and state laws that do in fact help them to cover their asses in the event of a law suit. They can go to court and say they took reasonable precautions based on US laws. May not immediately stop all law suits against them but it does help.
  2. “Due to state laws, we cannot sell CHEERS! until the second day of the cruise (starting at 6:00am) for voyages departing from our Texas and New York home ports.” I'm not saying they have to follow US law 100% of the time, what I am saying is that they are subject to it and they can and have been sued no matter where the incidence take place. The last thing the cruise lines want is problems (especially major public law suits) arising from drinking.
  3. Pretty sure I've never seen a sail and sign card with an age printed on it. I could be wrong here but I'm fairly certain that my sons card did not have anything identifying him as a minor. I'm sure if they checked it in the computer they could see his age and info but possibly not at a POS and even if they could there is no guarantee that the particular employee would adhere to the rules. Could be that if you slipped a bar tender enough cash that they could ring up the drink as non alcoholic. Highly doubt this but again mostly replying to the comment about S&S card identifying minors. There are plenty of state laws about drinking. Most states have made it Illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or posess alcohol due to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984. And if I'm not mistaken in order to drink alcohol you must be in possession of it. All of the major cruse lines have offices within the United States which puts them at risk of being sued within US jurisdiction. And with the recent events on cruse ships leading to them being sued such as the rape case where the underage girl was drinking I would not put it past the cruise lines to crack down on underage drinking to ensure they are no liable.
  4. Also you might check on a phone or other mobile device. When I looked on my phone it allowed me to without pre paying.
  5. Hello all. We are cruising on the Panorama for Christmas and will be in Mazatlan on Christmas Eve and PV on Christmas day, we are wondering if things are going to be open or if it will be pretty limited. We are booking excursions for both ports so we will have things to do but are hoping to do some shopping and stuff after the excursions. Especially PV after the excursion we are there until 8pm. Thanks for any info and help.
  6. If you go onto his Facebook page and click on the posts tab you can post a question to his wall and it will show up under the community tab. He will answer every question or have his 2nd in command Jacinta answer if he is busy. Keep in mind if you ask and question and he answers and you have a follow up question you must post a whole new question otherwise he won't see it. 😁
  7. Same as you love love love the Lido. Its so nice to be so close to everything. Our first cabin was on the Starboard side and from then on we have always booked on that side. I think I would consider booking on the port side if it was all that was left but maybe not... Idk thats our one weird thing I guess.
  8. Yes we are usually waiting in line to eat around 5:30 when the dining room opens BUT sometimes we have other things going on or a late port day or any number of other things that has pushed us to later than when we prefer. For example on Christmas day this year we will be in Puerto Vallarta the ship docks at 8am and leaves at 8pm so we would have to be back on the ship changed and ready to eat dinner 2 and a half hours before the ship even leaves port if we had early dining or our Christmas dinner would be spent at the Lido Deck. I would rather have an extra hour or two in port then get on the ship and shower and get ready for dinner and still be able to eat in the MDR without having to worry about what our dining time is. Sometimes we have even gotten back from an excursion early and taken a nap only to wake up late and have to eat closer to 6:30-7 pm. The main thing with YTD is that it is Your time, its flexible. No worrying about pissed off table mates because your a few min late. No eating on the lido because you missed you dining time. Also with only dining with our group instead of a large table we can rush dinner if we want to some extent and not feel obligated to sit the whole thing out. We can say no thank you to desert and move on with our lives and drop our kid off at camp and get good seats in the theater for a show with a drink from the bar. Flexibility my friend thats what its all about.
  9. Johns response: Hello mate and yes indeed we are starting this but at the moment it is not for everyone and only a percentage of people who book online are being asked to pre pay. You can get a refund if you cancel within 24 hour and with the large groups there should not be a problem and if there is I will be here to help. We are indeed doing this to cut down on the number of last minute cancellations which prevents others from booking. Hope this is Ok and if you need anything I am here for you. Cheers. So that being said if I were you and you want to book a reservation for a large group and not prepay I would message John and see if there is any way that he can put the reservation through for you. Obviously there are no guarantees but if everyone wants to pay with there own S&S card that's what I would try.
  10. I would check now, when I looked the early saver option had half off deposits all the way through December of 2021. Dealers choice offer that I have is $99/pp deposit (not sure if your a past gambler or not) through April of 2021. That dealers choice is a non refundable deposit though so read the fine print. How low are you looking for?
  11. One thing I would keep in mind if the ages of the kids range from 5-9 that they will be split up at Camp Ocean based on age. Penguins (2 to 5 years), Stingrays (6 to 8 years) and Sharks (9 to 11 years). Night owls is a different story and they will all be together. Personally I think that 5 is a little old for Penguins and am glad our son is moving on to the Stingrays I think he will enjoy it a little more with activities geared more towards his age and other kids more on his level than 2 and 3 yr olds. As Ray said they do allow the kids to eat dinner with camp at times just check the activities list but the main thing to remember is that on sea days camp is closed from 5-7pm and you must feed your kids before taking them at 7 or take them to the Kids Only Dinner from 6-6:50. Check this link out for all the details about camp --- https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1063 Our son has loved camp ocean and always asks to go. Take time to check the fun times for family activities like Build-A-Bear and green eggs and ham breakfast. There are many more! After our first cruise we bring a few extra sets of clothes more than we think we will need. Unfortunately on two of our cruises our kid has ended up with diarrhea and needed extra undies to change into. It never seems to last long but with that many kids its easy for them to catch something. Be diligent about hand washing and encourage the younger ones not to put anything in there mouths. Also we always hit up the Ice Cream machine after we pick our kid up from Night Owls for a late night snack. This gives us some family time before bed to talk to him about how camp was and what they all did. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Yeah the Lanai is great, my family spent plenty of time out here, they have chairs and also the beds? that they have on the serenity minus the top where you can lay and relax. The only place I can think of that is covered is the seating areas on the Lido deck. On the aft of the ship by the Pizzeria Del Capitano and the seafood shack there are some good covered seating areas they are before you get to the tides pool on either side. Unfortunately the Library bar and Piano bar where you might get some peace and quiet during the middle of the day are on deck 5 with the Lanai. You could try and find a spot on the Lanai near one of them and if the weather turns then come inside one of the bars. The glass wall around the Lanai on deck 5 is probably 6-7 ft tall so I didn't feel like wind was much of a problem and there is plenty of foot traffic for people watching. If I remember correctly some of the out croppings also have tables with umbrellas. Hope this helps. Sorry if its scatterbrained and all over the place lol.
  13. Yeah they must have updated this in the last week or two. When I booked our reservations it was the old way, and we got a confirmation email a few days later. Now when I go look you have to add it to the cart and pay for it. Not sure I like this system but I imagine it will cut down on the number of people that reserve and cancel. Honestly it took Carnival a week or so for one of our reservations and I was worried we didn't get it so I put in for an alternate date so now I have two reservations. While it was not my original intent to book multiple nights I'm now thinking about holding on to both reservations until we get on the ship and I can check out the menu for each night and then decide which night I would like to keep and which I would like to cancel. Who knows maybe its things like this that lead to Carnival changing the system to pay upfront. To many people booking specialty for every night then canceling if they find that the MDR menu is to their liking. I also wonder what the refund policy is like. Im gonna shoot John a message on Facebook and maybe he will clear things up a bit.
  14. I would love to use the app but we always ask for a table next to the window and usually get it considering we go right away at 5:30. Any idea where they start to seat people with the app. When we go it seems like they start by the windows and fill in.
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