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  1. I am on this cruise, as well! Look forward to your take and experiences. Will be reading along while aboard with you 🙂
  2. It must be..my FB group is not having any luck seeing it either. I guess I was randomly picked, lol.
  3. I am not sure, but some people on my FB group are not seeing the reservation and FTTF like I am and they are on my cruise. So, wonder if it is being rolled out in phases to users. Thank you, I will print out my boarding passes! On another note, I do not have specialty restaurant listed on my cruise docs but I do have all of my email confirmations. I will print those out, as well.
  4. Good morning! We are getting on the Horizon next Saturday and I have a couple of questions. First, do I have to have my cruise docs printed out or is printed to a PDF on my phone okay? Second, Carnival updated their shop and that is where you make restaurant reservations now and pre-pay for them. I made my reservations months ago. Surely I do not need to go in and do it again now that they are pay in advance..right?? On a side note, FTTF is now located separately in the shop away from the shore excursions making it easier to monitor 🙂
  5. I live in the USVI and boy did the forecasters get this one wrong. We were pummeled. The eye went directly over my island (Water Island) and we got gusts up to 106. Expect the unexpected with this storm. She does not play by the "rules".
  6. Anyone have the donuts on board (particularly the Horizon, but any ship will do)? Are they good? Are they bad? Worth the money?
  7. I live in St Thomas. I will post here when it moves through and let you know what we get as far as rain and wind.
  8. Thank you! I think my son will like the planetarium 🙂
  9. I am wondering if anyone has been to this. Staying an extra day after our cruise and it seems like a great place to take kids. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you all! I will need to pack a pair of pants 2 sizes bigger to debark in now! I cannot wait to try all of the great suggestions.
  11. Thank you all so much. These are great! I have made a list of all your suggestions and will be trying them all😁
  12. They are usually Tuesday and Thursday. Have fun!
  13. Yummmm...burrata...thank you for the recommendation!
  14. Thank you! I love antipasto...I will try this for sure. I am up in the air about the table art. My travelling companion is 10 years old, so would maybe be fun for him to see done. We will see. I appreciate the recommendations 🙂
  15. Good morning all! I am going to be on the Horizon in September and have booked several specialty restaurants and also plan on trying a few of the places that do not require reservations. Living in the Caribbean, it has always been more convenient for us to hop over to Puerto Rico and jump on the Fascination. This time, we decided to get on a ship with all the bells and whistles! My question is what are some of the "must try" foods at the specialty spots. I am mostly wondering about Cucina (heard the meatballs are amazing), Jiji , Bonsai sushi and the Seafood shack (I do not do mayo, heard you can get lobster rolls without it-true?), but if anyone has something they found amazing anywhere on the ship please share. Thank you all! (I tried searching, but the search function on here leaves much to be desired, so if there are already threads on this that I missed, please let me know)(also, please note that I am not looking for food hacks such as peanut butter with chocolate melting cake or soft serve with root beer-just mainly what specific dishes to try at the food joints) 🙂
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