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  1. October 17th on our 2nd favorite ship, Sunshine! Bermuda yeaaay!
  2. Thank you so much! Now our kids and grands will be happy!
  3. I wish! Lol I couldn't edit it to say "we're going on" we don't board until the 5th...
  4. Hey all, I apologize if this has already been asked/answered, but I've been scrolling awhile and haven't found it as of yet... Anyway, we're on the much loved by us: Sunshine- 8/5/19. I cannot find the Aug movie list anywhere. I've tried. I don't do fb, so I thought I'd try here. TYIA😀
  5. For ALL adults, thank goodness. It's awesome. From interior to suites, any adult can enjoy!😀
  6. The beer is actually separate from the cooler when delivered to your cabin. The neoprene coozies, cups, bottle opener,ect are all inside of it. The beer is room temp. As soon as you see your steward just ask him/her for ice. Or you can call aroom service and have them deliver a couple buckets. We've gotten these a few times. The old red ones are awesome. The bluish-gray ones, not so much. They leak. A lot. The top flap has a magnetic closure that never actually closes tight. We just bring an inflatable "champagne bucket" and keep my Hubs beer in there. No leaks. No mess. Just throw them away when disembarking... The Carnival coolers make good RoadTrip snack/picnic bags later on though.
  7. Ok, so we finally got home. It was an amazing cruise, as usual. We were both sad to be getting off the Breeze, BUT much worse was waiting for us. As soon as we turned our phones back on Saturday 2/16 when we got back to Port Canaveral, they both started blowing up & we didn't even know when the messages were from. Tim's Mom had a massive stroke Fri and his siblings were trying to get a hold of us to let us know. She'd already died early Sat morning before we even docked. 9 1/2 long hrs later, we got home, took care of some things here, repacked and left for TN where she was going to be laid to rest...Now we're back home, I haven't even unpacked our cruise luggage or anything yet. So, I just got on here, saw @cruisecraze96 post and am really glad that someone already posted the fun times for y'all. I don't see it anywhere, but my mind's a bit frazzled right now. IF they're still needed from 2/9-2/16 just let me know. I'll scan them into a PDF file and email. Or I think I can insert the file here? Sorry I'm so late getting back on here. Certainly NOT the way I'd expected it to all go. Have a Blessed day.
  8. I'll usually have 1-2 on a 7day. Lol my sweetheart Hubs has the need to consume at least 8-10. I prefer Blue Iguana. Much less fat content in my salads there. Of course, at 6'5" and 190, he can eat however much & often as he wants!😏 Me otoh, yeah not so much 😂
  9. Congratulations on such an awesome milestone!!! We're going on the Breeze Saturday also. She's one we've not yet been on. Cannot wait! Lol, if we do cross paths on the ship, don't think I'm a crazy woman! We'll just say hello 😀. Again, awesome milestone!🏆
  10. When you get BB/or just bring it to the bar, they fill the cup/glass full up with ice, pour and leave you the can if anything's left. There always is. The soda cup is 14 actual ounces. They say 16, but not with the lid on. The coffee one is 12oz, again with the lid on. 14oz without.
  11. I *think* they're around $8-10. Hahaha, I honestly don't pay attention, just sign the bar slip. We get ours at the Atrium/Lobby Bars. Sometimes(not often) they have them upon boarding at the lil table set up to try to sell Bottomless Bubbles... They keep soda, tea, lol even my Hubs beers, cold a good long time. They are double wall insulated. The 2 blue ones in the center, are coffee cups, with aluminum (I believe) wall inside and a tight rubber gasket screw on lid and tight rubber seal also on the flip-cap(?) closure. Those REALLY keep drinks hot or cold longer. We'd NEVER use those for sodas/beer because of the tight seals. Coffee, tea, ice water, ect stays really well. Those we get at the coffee shops. They're smaller capacity then the all plastic cold cups by 2-4oz. Long winded, but I hope this helps. A bit at least.😀
  12. This is the one for bottomless bubbles, or it can just be bought onboard at most any bar. We have blue, green, orange, aqua, plus of course this red one. We've also got the blue shark water bottles and the tumbler with the lid/straw. The lid on this bb one is a push on, with a very tight rubber gasket. The lid "spout" slides open and shut. Our Grands and son(2/10/7) all use these on cruises for soda, mostly because it's not an airtight seal on the sliding top, so if they shake it or drop it, it won't turn into a huge mess. The little one uses the Stephen Joseph shark tumbler for juice also. The boys all 3 use the shark water bottles onshore. {Yeah they're all spoiled rotten 😁} Hope this helps some. Lol, as I reread it, it IS kinda confusing. I don't know tech words to describe it.
  13. Okiedokie. We sail from 2/9-2/16. Probably going to spend a couple days in Jax with our oldest daughter and our SIL before we come back home. Lol messaging me to remind around that time would be great!😁
  14. I'll have them after the 17th when we get back. Yeaaay! Prob not much help now tho.😞
  15. Lol, I just reread what I'd written. Thx for adding on! My mind's on 9days from now when we'll be heading to Warmth! Away from this Frozen tundra😁 for 8d. Yeaaay!
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