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  1. Oh dear. A bit more than I was hoping for! Thank you for response. Enjoy the rest of your Cruise.
  2. Just wondered if anyone would have a rough idea of the number of predicted Passengers on 2nd October Sailing? When we were on in August, the Crew seemed to have this information. Thank you in advance.🙂
  3. We recently sailed on the Anthem and the Diamond Lounge was mostly empty. Very different to pre-Covid times. I am Diamond so 4 Drink Vouchers on the Card. Although it's Ok being able to use the Vouchers at any time and almost any Bar, I found on a couple of occasions Bar Tenders took too many Vouchers off by mistake. We then had to call Guest Services to rectify this. In the middle of your Evening, this was a nuisance. I think the Open Bar was a massive draw for so many people to reach Diamond Status. We actually met some people who had cancelled future Cruises with Royal because of the Changes! We used to like using our 3 Vouchers for Water and Soft Drinks and would have a Couple of Drinks in the Diamond Lounge or Schooner Bar before Dinner. It's a shame that this wonderful Perk has gone. The new System is working for some and not for others.
  4. Yes, Tea / Coffee are all supplied by Room Steward. We were on sailing in August which was very crowded, booked again on 2nd October because it's a beautiful Ship so hoping it will be a very different experience. Protocols were all in place which made us feel safer. Have a lovely Cruise.
  5. Yes, I agree. I am addicted to Cruising so it goes without saying that Cruise Critic and Youtube Cruise Vloggers are taking up a lot of my time. During our Lockdowns though I couldn't even bring myself to look at anything to do with Cruising such was my sadness. Once the Cruising started up again we booked at went on the 2nd Sailing on the Virtuosa. The addiction is back.☺️
  6. Yes I hear you. This isn't "Normal times" though. That's all.
  7. Hello, do you know are the Sailings on Anthem still requiring Tests up to 72 Hours or has it now gone to 48Hours?
  8. Yes the Money was a "Refundable On-board Credit" so if it isn't spent it's credited back to the Account you paid with. It was Nail Biting waiting for the Result. We had no choice because the nearest Eurofins was 70 Miles away.
  9. Ok. Thank you for that. We may leave that Sailing. Just off the Cruise last week where there were 800 Children. Hoping for a different Cruise Experience next time.
  10. We were on the Explorer Transatlantic from Southampton Oct/Nov 2019. Even though Itinerary was changes it was a wonderful Cruise.
  11. Just wondering if the Sailing on the 9th October will be rather full? Can't find out from TA or Royal. Hoping for a quieter Cruise next time.
  12. We were too far from the nearest Eurofins so we booked with our Local Boots Chemist (which was on the List of Government Testing Sites to use). They still sent it to Eurofins for testing though. The Result came through 2 1/2 Day's later. Royal Caribbean have just credited our Account with the Money for the Test today. Great.
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