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  1. I was able to program my Harmony remote for that model TV. We'll see if it works next week!
  2. @calicakes We are on the Equinox next week and hope to bring our Apple TV along to stream movies. Would you mind checking the brand and model number for the TV? We want to bring our universal remote along and it would be a great help to program it before we leave! Enjoy your cruise!
  3. I'm shocked at the ruckus my simple question caused. I never imagined anyone would care so much what I'm wearing on my feet. I am a boomer in my mid-fifties and when I was growing up, they were called thongs and "thong sandals" later when thong underwear came around. I agree with the posters who said a flip flop is a flat rubber shoe with a strap between the toes that makes the flip flop sound when you walk. My "flip flops" do not have a flat bottom, they are leather, and they definitely do not make the flip flop sound. I also own a pair of leather sandals that technically meet the dress code
  4. You're absolutely right! They are Vionics and were more expensive than my fancy heals that I'll wear with my gown and they are worth every penny!
  5. LOL - aren't they the best! I have them in black too!
  6. Are "dressier" flip flops like these allowed in the dining room in the evening?
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