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  1. Not on the cruise we just did. Would have been nice, though.
  2. Yes, you get the same table each night. The one exception on the itinerary when they dock in PR at 5pm is that they have open seating that night. You just show up whenever.
  3. No, they will take you to MIA instead of FLL.
  4. I hope they are still giving the booklets out on our cruise on 3/16. They gave us Drinks on Us and we don't drink and wouldn't convert it to the Adult non-alcoholic package. Other than water, it's of no use to us. The vouchers would at least let us get gelato.
  5. Mine does not have this - just has the Enhance Your Cruise part. We've made our final payment, but there isn't any way to see my account or anything. We did the status match from NCL Platinum to Black. Wondering if we have any status?
  6. If anyone has some to donate, I will thankfully accept! We don't drink but would use them for gelato! Our cruise is March 16th.
  7. Thanks for this suggestion. I just talked to the access desk and they said whenever we book, then email them. They will email back saying they will contact the ship and let them know it's okay, then to carry their email with my fan. They said not to pack it in checked luggage.
  8. We do both cruises and land-based vacations. Usually one, possibly 2 cruises a year, and one long driving vacation. One year, we drove to all 5 national parks in Utah. Another year, we drove to Niagara Falls, Ontario, swung through Boston, the Louisville, and St. Louis - that was a lonnnnngggg trip! The initial allure of cruising to us was seeing different places but only unpacking once.
  9. The waterfront is fine. We don't drink much so no thoughts on the bars. Very long lines for the ropes courses and for mini golf. The atrium is nice but the one thing I didn't like it for was for live music. Everyone is sitting at the same level, chairs pulled into whatever configuration, and it would have been helpful if there had been an elevated stage for music. Otherwise, it worked fine for the not so newlywed game and the others they played. I would have rathered had the football games shown there than the Bliss Lounge. It's a pretty ship, but with a ridiculously small theatre. After seeing it, I understood why you needed to have reservations. We had reservations for 2 shows but never went.
  10. Not that I needed anyone to validate my thoughts, opinions or experiences, thanks for your input. It was the first 7 night sailing for Breakaway out of NOLA, and I don't think they have another one until Christmas. The whole thing did seem "off" as you put it. Some people were on point, but it seemed like the majority weren't - and that has never been our experience on NCL. I never got a "happy crew" feeling while on this sailing. I was happy most of the time - not the issue in O'Sheehan's, but otherwise I was. Just because I notice or experience not great service, that doesn't mean it changes my mood. But I still take a mental note.
  11. I understand what you're saying. But since that issue was resolved, I let it go but would like to figure out how to keep it from happening in the future. Someone suggestion contacting the access desk, and I'm going to do that - but don't know if I should wait until we book another NCL cruise or not. When I'm on vacation, I'm in vacation mode. That means moving on from bad experiences, especially if there was a positive resolution. I can do that not on vacation, unless someone is messing with my kid (on or off vacation, that IS the danger zone!). Then you need to watch out!
  12. Since it was returned around 7pm, it did not impact my view of the cruise - just my opinion on how something like this should be handled in the future. If I hadn't gotten the fan back, my view most definitely would have been affected because I most likely wouldn't have slept much.
  13. Since the fan was returned by 7pm that evening, it didn't impact my view of the whole cruise. It would have had it not been returned. The stewards DO get a portion of the DSC - confirmed by several HDs I've known over the years. My friends' experience of not being able to get into any MDR until after 9pm is atypical? Maybe when you don't make reservations on a big ship. They waited more than 2 hours with one of those pager things. I know my friends, their expectations and values, while I do not you. I will continue to listen to them. Had I not, we wouldn't have been able to get into specialty dining until after 9pm and sometimes not at all - and we had the dining plan plus the platinum vouchers. I've heard both good and bad about MSC. And I'm getting lots of good info from a friend who's an HD with MSC.
  14. Evidently, they are now "booking" via your cabin tv somehow. And I think they were booking in groups. Not positive on how it worked since we didn't do that. And it could be different on smaller ships by now. All I had to compare was our previous cruises to this one.
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