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  1. I thought I'd give an update on what I've found/done at this point. Chacos are a definite NO for me! I had high hopes, but they were dashed. I ordered a pair of Viakix Siena Sport and they are the dreamiest pair of active/hiking sandals. I put them on and they felt fabulous! I wore them the next morning for my 2 mile walk and no rubbing and they felt awesome, but I knew the real test would be when I get up the next morning. Lo and behold, my feet felt great when I got up! YAY!!! Ordering 2 more pair Viakix in different styles and colors. I normally wear either a 6.5 or 7 and I ordered a 7. Viakix.com and free shipping. I did go to healthatpain dot com and will be ordering inserts for shoes. For dressier shoes, I will look at Vionics - hopefully when they're on sale! I will also check out Abeo for some sneakers at some point. And when I venture to the mall, I will check out the Oofos (love the name!).
  2. We have a trip to Israel booked for November. Our airfare was booked with American. Our non-stop flight from DFW to Tel Aviv was canceled. We weren't rebooked because the trip is so far out and they were dealing with more current flights. I called and asked about rebooking but they wanted us to pay the higher price for connecting flights - not even non-stop. $600 more per person for that. We live in OKC, but frequently will drive to DFW or DAL if it saves a significant amount. It's a 2.5-3 hour drive. The flights from OKC to TLV were $500 more per person. Did some checking and found flights from OKC for $300 more than we paid (we do have to connect twice, cuz OKC isn't direct to tons of airports) on Delta, and we don't have to drive to Dallas. So I contacted AA and requested a refund. Not a problem since they canceled our flight (and they only had one non-stop flight per week DFW - TVL to begin with, and now none). The trip includes a week on our own and two weeks on a tour. The tour hasn't canceled yet, but last I heard, Israel still has the 2 week quarantine thing going on. If they keep that, the tour will be canceled.
  3. I have one type of Keen, but haven't tried it yet so I need to dig those out. Where would I find Activa? I did a search and came up empty on that one. Looking at the Camel Crown, they don't have hardly any arch support and no heel cup. I have an average arch that just needs support. If I didn't have PF, those would probably be comfy. My Skecher's used to be comfy - before PF!
  4. They do look like they would help - if I wore shoes!. They won't work with sandals.
  5. I don't wear shoes except for 2-3 months out of the year, and that's only if going outside the house during those months. Inside, I do have a pair of flip flops specifically for PF and they are fabulous. The orthotics dr's prescribe aren't for sandals, which is why I'm mostly looking for orthotic sandals that aren't flip flops. I have looked into the night splints. My problem is that I don't sweat, which is why I wear sandals even when it's cold to most people. It's not usually cold to me. The night splints are hot and will prevent me from sleeping, and I sleep like a baby so I don't want to interrupt that! I do stretching and massaging of both feet but not the very first thing - cuz that's a trip to the bathroom! I do appreciate the suggestions!
  6. I have seen ABEO before and almost ordered a pair from Zulily but I was gun-shy. I will check them out again.
  7. I've heard of them, but never checked them out. There's a nearby store that carries them so I may venture out in a week or so to try some on. From what I can tell, they do not have an athletic sandal (one that straps on your foot) and that's what I'm really looking for. But I will check them out. The shoes may be a viable option for cooler weather.
  8. I would agree for shoes, but I haven't found an athletic type sandal from them. They have cute sandals, but not particularly for lots of walking or hiking.
  9. I've been battling plantar fasciitis for a little more than 6 months. I bought arch supports for some shoes, but that only works in very few and no sandals. I wear sandals 8-9 months out of the year. I found a pair of flip flops with fantastic arch support and heel cup. But there are times that I need a more secure sandal than a flip flop. I thought I had it under control, and went back to my old sandals, and I was wrong! I need a sandal (or two) that can handle walking/hiking a few miles at least. And when it gets cold, I would like to find a couple pair of shoes that will help. I need definite arch support and heel cupping . Suggestions?
  10. I had my haircut & highlights done yesterday, and I'm glad because our governor is shutting all salons & spas down at midnight tonight (and other non-essentials, too). I've been a SAHM since June of 2012. At that time, I had to develop a routine for getting up and ready even when not leaving the house. I have to be up to let the dog out so that's when my day starts whether I like it or not. I bathe, dress and do skincare every day. I wear regular clothes every day. They are comfy clothes but I wear them in public, too. Make up only when leaving the house. Hubby is considered essential since their company does the online banking platforms, so he's still wearing his suit and tie to work every day. He carries a letter in his car from his employer should it get to the point of police or national guard pulling people over. My son is a senior in high school. There's a lot of emotions that go with that - more than would normally be there. He gets up at the same time every day and does his morning routine, which include jeans and a t-shirt. The has a few "classes" online with CollegeBoard to hopefully prepare him for the AP tests he will have to take. Our state is still trying to figure out the distance learning thing because there are many rural school districts and some sketchy internet access out there sometimes. His concurrent college class will start back up next week online. He and I are still busy applying for college scholarships, and not knowing how orientation is going to happen in June complicates things He's supposed to move in at college for a summer bridge program on 7/19, but who knows if that will happen either.
  11. Not on the cruise we just did. Would have been nice, though.
  12. Yes, you get the same table each night. The one exception on the itinerary when they dock in PR at 5pm is that they have open seating that night. You just show up whenever.
  13. No, they will take you to MIA instead of FLL.
  14. I hope they are still giving the booklets out on our cruise on 3/16. They gave us Drinks on Us and we don't drink and wouldn't convert it to the Adult non-alcoholic package. Other than water, it's of no use to us. The vouchers would at least let us get gelato.
  15. Mine does not have this - just has the Enhance Your Cruise part. We've made our final payment, but there isn't any way to see my account or anything. We did the status match from NCL Platinum to Black. Wondering if we have any status?
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