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  1. nclh corporate layoffs of 9% = lots of people out of work just before christmas
  2. always sad to see people put out of work especially this time of year axing a trusted colleague who helped get you to the top + promoting a family member ????
  3. why if you want the new air credit you pay the new cruise fare what is the problem
  4. did you tell your ta & regent of the change in your bank details when the cruise was cancelled? who did you pay? your ta or regent?
  5. not sure why you feel it necessary to shame a cc member over their disappointment in having a cruise cancelled ambassador & scottish government made a business arrangement to the detriment of ambassador guests. there are many other alternatives for housing the refugees
  6. https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/royal-caribbean-group-acquires-cruise-ship-endeavor-growing-silversea-cruises-expedition-offerings-860709525.html https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/27863-silversea-acquires-former-crystal-endeavor-for-275-million.html
  7. duh - it is a seabourn loyalty scheme advertised by sb as ".......enjoyed by those and only those who have sailed with us, as members of our exclusive Seabourn Club" benefits now likely to be downgraded
  8. slap in face for loyal sb customer done to boost bookings to help sale of sb
  9. so sorry you felt my posts to be arguing not my intent I was giving information unlikely as it is the clia members who decided to no longer arrange testing at embarkation
  10. viking still recommends testing before departure for all cruises as well as requiring tests for specific countries cruise lines international trade association there is no problem with cruise lines taking a careful approach by following CDC & EU health advice does silversea or other cruise lines say this in writing? cl preference? I am sure all cruise lines want to be rid of all covid measures for crew and passengers but still need to take a cautious approach
  11. it is used by eu member states to formulate their rules & guidance also accepted by clia & most cruise lines to base their protocols & advise crew & passengers when in europe - saves constant checks with every country & port viking is not a clia member
  12. https://www.healthygateways.eu/ https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EUHG_Operational_guidelines_CoV_June2022.pdf?ver=2022-06-10-140149-413
  13. so regent had work of 5 booking & 5 cancellation with no fee & 5 cabins blocked
  14. a timely thread in memory of a failed cruise line rip crystal
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