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  1. crusinpsychRN

    June 18 Paradise Review

    I've got a call in to Carnival to switch to Paradise for all the amenities Miracle doesn't have.
  2. crusinpsychRN

    Carton Prices on the Ship - No grief please!!!

    Chantix worked great but caused me to have a seizure.
  3. crusinpsychRN

    June 18 Paradise Review

    Oops. I'm on Miracle, not Paradise in Sept.
  4. crusinpsychRN

    Can you bring on wine at each port to drink onboard?

    Put it in a bottle you take on shore and it goes on the ship with no problem.
  5. You can make yourself a drink and carry it out of the cabin any time you want.
  6. crusinpsychRN

    Eating solo in steakhouse

    I've eaten solo in the steakhouse many times. I take a book. Never an issue.
  7. crusinpsychRN

    Twice a day service...

    I asked for twice a day and ended up telling him not needed in the evening as long as I had towels.
  8. crusinpsychRN

    New Ports?

    Great list!
  9. crusinpsychRN

    No fridge?

    Ask room steward to keep the cooler filled with ice. I always take mine.
  10. I quit a job once when they changed my schedule and it conflicted with my cruise.
  11. crusinpsychRN

    Specific Food Questions - Sea Day Brunch

    I love the hollandaise. Can't stand the hash.
  12. crusinpsychRN

    What? Carnival got rid of this too?

    I was in London and the waiter brought a basket of rolls to the table. I moved stuff out of the way, took the basket and set it down. He looked at me rather strangely. It sure was a lot of bread for the 3 of us. Another table was seated and he took the basket to them and each took a bread and he kept the basket. I realized the mistake I'd made and felt so stupid.
  13. crusinpsychRN

    What's a good book to read while on a cruise??....

    Great choices.
  14. crusinpsychRN

    What has changed since 2015?

    I can't stand the new shows.
  15. Open the night club for smoking during the day.