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  1. Back around 2008 my then roommate and I purchased a gaming console. Just as we had just gotten home and taken it out of the box, hooked it up to the TV, we were rushing to get it set up and itching to start playing games on it we were faced with a screen forcing us to create a login name / set up an account. ::sigh:: We couldn't use either of our own usual login names since it was going to be shared. We thought maybe we'll create separate accounts later but that's complicated - we need to start playing games right now so let's just go with anything. Pretty much exactly at that m
  2. Always a fun topic. I hit the limit once. I've been very close a number of other times I'm sure...they're called sea days. I drink vodka-tonics and the pre-defined pour amounts make for a pretty weak drink. Don't get me wrong, it's plenty of alcohol, but starting around lunchtime and covering a 12 hour period noon to midnight, it's barely more than 1 weak drink per hour to get there....it does add up, but it's not that difficult to hit on a lazy sea day.
  3. There's an observation deck on 2 decks forward. I want to say in addition to Caribe you can also go out to a similar observation deck on Baja? It's either the deck above or below. Sailed on island back in December and based on intel from cruise cruitic I think I went out onto the Caribe one for sail-away from Ft Lauderdale and was surprised to see people immediately below me on an identical observation deck one deck down. On our sailing neither observation deck was very well known...my wife and I were the only ones out there and on the deck below us another couple had that one to themselve
  4. My original math where I feared a threat to March cruises had assumed the inaugural sailing WAS the November cruise. I had mixed it up with the Sky's launch timeframe in Q4 of last year, not realizing Enchanted was actually originally slated for June of this year. So the reality of June delayed to November actually does land grenade-close to the 6 months that popped into my head, so I guess I've got that going for me. Hope all goes well and November kicks it off for Enchanted.
  5. Much appreciated the responses, as well as the pictures!
  6. I'm slated to go on March 27th sailing out of FLL. Just today read the article confirming that the Enchanted was delayed. Can't say I'm shocked given the situation but I hadn't come across anything confirming it until today....perhaps subconsciously on purpose. My first thought was I can't imagine it's less than a 6 month delay, which would eat up the March bookings. Admittedly, the 6 months without any substantiated logic or calculations....it just felt like a reasonable time-frame for a delay given the situation. Realizing I'm pulling that 6-months number entirel
  7. Same. Just a quick bonus getaway from the cold thanks to a great deal. In the grand scheme of cruises it was a perfectly nice few days but not much from it was likely to make anyone's lifelong cruising highlight reel.....seems much more significant in hindsight now!
  8. I don't see any other messages of yours that provide any of these details so if I've just missed them then ignore this, but I'm pretty sure that would depend on when you cancel. They allow cancellation up to 48 hours prior to sailing but if you wait that long it will be 100% FCC. I think anything under 30 days would be 100% FCC. Prior to that I gather it will be a mix of refund/FCC based on the standard cancellation policy...the difference from normal being that the cancellation "penalty" becomes FCC rather than an outright loss for you. For example if you're 65 days out there's usually a
  9. Fair enough. Concept is the same though. I don't want my money regardless of how I get it - I will never be able to get those prices again. First world problem...there are greater tragedies in the world for sure, but if I can keep them I will try!
  10. Sailing May 17....like most, the biggest fear is not illness but quarantine. I am assuming in the next 2 months this will either blow over or blow up. Either way the decision will become clearer as we get closer. If I had a sailing 48 hours from now I would not be cancelling, but I don’t love the current trajectory. Not panicking but watching. In reality if they’re sailing I’m probably going along. I’m too stubborn with the $18 drink package and $50 coco cay beach club to get those back in FCC and have to rebook at current rates lol
  11. I feel like it's not impossible to get an adjustment/OBC after final payment - I've done it before (although it wasn't nearly as easy as it is before final payment) but there's definitely a point where you've entered last minute pricing territory where you just have to tip your cap to anyone who was willing to wait it out that long to book the cruise. One thing I was able to do with last minute pricing with ease was to upgrade my room. I hit a point with my last cruise where they wouldn't refund my $100 difference to the currently offered last minute pricing but they did allow me
  12. 100% enforced. Sorry to say your sampling approach will not work on a very large scale on Princess at this point. To be fair unlike other cruise lines that do offer unlimited, princess does not require all adults in a room to purchase the package. While it was technically a better deal before they implemented the limit, it still seems fair in the current market. I'm slightly biased because the fact that I can buy it for myself but not my wife is a huge win for me. It takes hundreds of dollars off the top of a princess cruise compared to another cruise line where we'd both be f
  13. I use a TA who is a family member. Kind of obligated. I don't mind it and there's always a little bit of OBC through her agency but I would probably go direct if not for the family factor. To me a TA would add enough value if they watched price drops and notified you. Needless to say that doesn't happen for me, I'm on my own the same as if I booked direct. Despite that, she is very responsive and is willing to put up a fight with the cruise line when needed, so it works out. It's just still on me to watch prices, know about promos, etc...and there are plenty of moments where it becomes ob
  14. Pretty sure that's a no. I've been on mini's on Crown, Emerald, Caribbean, and Island. From my recollection 100% identical crown/emerald/caribbean. The only notable difference between the Island and the others was that they wall-mount larger TV's on the wall rather than use the top shelf of that half-circle shelving unit (I'm sure there's a word for it but I don't know) in the middle of the room. I considered this an upgrade because it meant larger TV's, more storage space available on the shelves due to the lack of TV's, and a couple unused power ports on the top shelf which are used for t
  15. Looks like somewhere in the $50 ballpark before tip in a standard uber X.
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