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  1. I've called on board outbreaks as concern because it would be annoying but I do agree it's very unlikely. Still, more than any real concern over an outbreak situation, ultimately my desire to cruise with vaccinated passengers is to avoid masks, tests, any other annoying protocols. I get the need for them and I agree the protocols are exactly what makes the outbreaks highly unlikely...but if the protocols are lessened by only allowing vaccinated passengers then I'm all for it. If I don't have to wear a mask or be tested every time I turn around and they're still confident that prot
  2. Generally I agree but I know my major concern from a cruising perspective is the prospect of a significant outbreak on board. While the CDC might be pushed out from dictating cruising protocols, they will still have the jurisdiction to disallow a ship to disembark if there is a significant outbreak on board. It'll be on the cruises to manage this and make sure they avoid it, but the more unvaccinated on board, the more masks are needed, and the greater the risk for outbreaks. Even as someone vaccinated, I don't like either of those things. The more vaccinated on board, the bette
  3. Scrapping all plans for a passport from a government perspective does not preclude businesses from requiring vaccines/proof of vaccination, even if there isn't an official government issued "passport". Hope you're right about covid burning itself out. I think between vaccines and improved treatments covid can be reduced to the same threat level even if it's a while before its legit gone. Still a ways to go on that but the current path is good. As for the original topic I don't think enough people will have the stones to show up to check in for a cruise and hand over a
  4. This is the primary takeaway. Personally I'd opt for the Sky but only because I want to add some variety. I've been on the Caribbean Princess back to back in my last two 7-day cruises, and the last 2 cruises before that on sister ships Crown & Emerald. I need to expand my horizons on ship class, but that shouldn't be read as anything other than a massive endorsement of the Caribbean princess and the grand class ships in general. Love 'em!
  5. I think that'll happen too, but I think you'll see cruise lines operate in two different capacities - fully vaccinated cruises and non-fully vaccinated cruises. The non-fully vaccinated cruises will operate under significantly more restrictive rules and procedures in terms of tests, masks, etc. Other states will allow this distinction and I believe that's where most of the cruise business will go if FL doesn't allow it. I'm not saying zero cruises will go out of FL. Non-vaccinated cruises will represent some portion, but I think the vaccinated / less restrictive cruises will be
  6. I think the cruise industry will find a way around the FL executive orders and I think the Gov of Florida will be quietly happy when they do. He will publicly oppose it for political purposes but behind closed doors be happy to be overruled and get back all the jobs and revenue from cruising. When push comes to shove the almighty dollar will win out, and holding cruise lines to the current executive orders vs allowing vaccine validation will result in a fraction of cruises operating, if at all. This is too costly to too many people...I think something will give.
  7. 100% Doesn't have to be the only cause to be the difference between life and death. As for the overall question I think it's a foregone conclusion that Vaccines will be required and that makes sense. I think it's the path to cruising sooner. We could wait longer until we're at the point where it's not necessary but that would.....well....take longer. Sooner is better. Also, it might be a trade for no masks / less masks, which is very attractive to this cruiser. While I fully support mask policies in public spaces everywhere it's definitely quite unattr
  8. 2 takeaways from this: 8X% is not sufficient mask compliance People don't listen when you tell them not to travel and gather for the holidays
  9. The CDC has indeed called out the benefits of goggles/face shields. This is not new. No one has been covering up this information. Guidelines have focused more on encouraging frequent hand washing and avoiding touching one's face to address transmission through eye membranes rather than via pushing goggles/glasses, but this info has been readily available in the public domain. In reality, masks, goggles, glasses, handwashing/sanitizing....all help...the more the merrier. Having said that, the heavy hitters for controlling the spread are distancing, masks, handwashi
  10. I only took a 4 day cruise on the Island and it's the first time on anything other than the Grand class. While I came away from it still preferring the grand, I had no major complaints. A good time was had by all. The number of available covered balcony mini-suites was a nice change from the grand. If I have to nitpick - a couple awkward features..most notably the lack of IC and the other thing that stood out to me is going across the Lido deck to get from the front elevator banks to the pool area and the rest of the lido amenities having to either cut through the spa or go outs
  11. Back around 2008 my then roommate and I purchased a gaming console. Just as we had just gotten home and taken it out of the box, hooked it up to the TV, we were rushing to get it set up and itching to start playing games on it we were faced with a screen forcing us to create a login name / set up an account. ::sigh:: We couldn't use either of our own usual login names since it was going to be shared. We thought maybe we'll create separate accounts later but that's complicated - we need to start playing games right now so let's just go with anything. Pretty much exactly at that m
  12. Always a fun topic. I hit the limit once. I've been very close a number of other times I'm sure...they're called sea days. I drink vodka-tonics and the pre-defined pour amounts make for a pretty weak drink. Don't get me wrong, it's plenty of alcohol, but starting around lunchtime and covering a 12 hour period noon to midnight, it's barely more than 1 weak drink per hour to get there....it does add up, but it's not that difficult to hit on a lazy sea day.
  13. There's an observation deck on 2 decks forward. I want to say in addition to Caribe you can also go out to a similar observation deck on Baja? It's either the deck above or below. Sailed on island back in December and based on intel from cruise cruitic I think I went out onto the Caribe one for sail-away from Ft Lauderdale and was surprised to see people immediately below me on an identical observation deck one deck down. On our sailing neither observation deck was very well known...my wife and I were the only ones out there and on the deck below us another couple had that one to themselve
  14. My original math where I feared a threat to March cruises had assumed the inaugural sailing WAS the November cruise. I had mixed it up with the Sky's launch timeframe in Q4 of last year, not realizing Enchanted was actually originally slated for June of this year. So the reality of June delayed to November actually does land grenade-close to the 6 months that popped into my head, so I guess I've got that going for me. Hope all goes well and November kicks it off for Enchanted.
  15. Much appreciated the responses, as well as the pictures!
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