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  1. Interesting question. I'm guessing they just eat the cost and bank on the theory that they sell more by making it so easy an seamless for the customer to cover the marginal transaction expense they incur by doing so. I'm also sure they're at the top of the available tiers for credit card processing costs given the volume they do. Semi hi-jack, different question, but if I made a fresh topic I'd pretty much use exactly this subject name 😂..... If I bought multiple Cruise Planner items in one transaction and want to cancel just one item can I do that without impacting the other item I bought along with it? It seems like a silly question and I'm 99% sure the answer is yes, of course, it won't impact it at all, it's 2019 the systems are smart enough to handle that, BUT it does involve the $18/day drink package, which I don't want to put even at the remaining 1% risk. Not that it matters but I'm considering replacing the current internet package with the key package. Internet package and $18/drinks were purchased in the same credit card transaction.
  2. Haven't found a least favorite yet but sailing on the Island in a few months. Total one-off oddball sailing...4 days one stop in Dominican and back. Bonus vacation for DW and I, couldn't care less what ship if it's taking us out of Pittsburgh in December. Having said that I will be curious to see how much less bad it is than the reviews around here make it out to be. So far in my experience, everything has exceeded expectations when walking in with CC influenced expectations.
  3. Yeah that's very odd. Should be sent 2-3 weeks before the cruise. Also I'd expect your husband to receive it not only at the same time but I'd expect it to come in the same box. Not that it would hurt anything to have it this far in advance, even if you lost it they can replace it, but I'd be inclined to call princess and ask for clarification just because it seems so far out of the ordinary. Are you somehow on a cruise over labor day weekend and didn't know it? 🤣
  4. The fact that the website is wrong and the real drydock is in 2020 clears it up - thanks!
  5. I'm reviving this old thread here in August rather than creating a new one. The linked schedule above shows a dry dock for Dec 6 through Dec 19th, and I've seen a brief mention of an upcoming dry dock mentioned in a youtube video as well, but Princess is selling a 10-day panama on the 6th and a 4-day Dominican getaway on the 16th. I'm booked for the 4-day on the 16th, which I could reconcile with the dry-dock schedule as a conservative dry-dock schedule and the 4-day basically a glorified road test, but the fact that it's scheduled for the 6th really has me scratching my head. Is there a dry dock coming up? Conflicting evidence.
  6. Each machine has a reader on which you scan your medallion. Then you use the touch screen to enter password to add/access funds, etc. It's actually a little more secure compared to the cruise card for those of us that are prone to leaving our cruise cards in the machine when we walk away 😂 Edit: table games work the same way, you can add/access funds by scanning your medallion.
  7. There's nothing to do with the Ocean Ready app on board. There are many other apps that will only work when connected to the ship's wifi. You don't have to use them but there don't seem to be nearly as many issues as Ocean Ready. New System...the kinks will get worked out. FWIW when my wife had the same problem with her Ocean Ready we were about to just bail and deal with check-in at the pier but for the hell of it I tried making an account under my e-mail address (not the address the princess booking was through) and much to my surprise was able to link the booking without a problem and everything worked perfectly from there through disembark. Linking the booking, uploading docs, uploading photos, fast check-in, everything on board; literally zero hang-ups. You mileage may vary, but it is possible.
  8. My cat was my photo...I thought it was great seeing it pop up every time I walked by a screen.
  9. Yes. I swam in the pool and ocean with my lanyard on and worked all week. I did notice a degradation in how sensitive the "keyless entry" feature was at the cabin door as the week wore on, so I do wonder if it had some sort of effect. It still worked when held to any scanner, including the cabin door but it seemed in the last couple days the cabin sensor was either picking up my wife's or I had to hold it all the way up to the sensor, whereas in the beginning it picked it up from my lanyard around my neck without having to do anything. First world problems, and may have had nothing to do with the water...definitely a small sample size, but noteworthy.
  10. I think you are talking specifically about the balcony category not just pure balcony size inclusive of mini-suites, but D732 & D733 as well as E730 and E731 are the farthest aft mini suites and thanks to what appears to be aesthetic design feature to have a curved off end to the balcony rail/half-wall all the way aft, they have almost double the balcony space of the rest of the balconies on the same deck & mini suite category. Good photo in this thread. That extra curved off white wall space is 100% usable balcony space.
  11. Didn't use one but saw them up close they look very secure. People who saved a few bucks and fit them into fitbit bands - not so much. Thinking back to when I was an active 12 or 14 year old I probably could have conceivably found a way to break a medallion loose from the band, but it would be no small task....the wristband would be fort knox compared to the default lanyard where a lost medallion would be all but guaranteed. Just speaking for my own 14 year old self...yours may have their heads on straighter 🙂
  12. Huge fan of that cat. Obviously on shore in Roatan but hysterical mixed in with the dinner & menu photos. I would be fine with an optional dinner table cat to keep everyone company.
  13. It's basically just the free ice cream location that also sells premium coffees & milkshakes. Oddly enough they don't sell normal hot drip coffee, but if you want an iced latte they can do that. I do not believe there are any drinks with ice cream in them. The ice cream is machine soft serve....vanilla, chocolate, or swirl.
  14. Same as cruise card. Loyalty level is the same as loyalty level has ever been. Medallion will be colored appropriately just like the cruise cards were. No change.
  15. D118 mini, May 18th Sailing, first full 7-day itinerary after dry dock. All in all I gave it a B/B+ It struggled to keep up in the heat of the day while stopped at port but once the ship got moving and the sun went down it caught up fairly well. When laying down for bed at 10pm I could have gone for a couple degrees cooler but that felt like nit-picking given the heat level outside, it wasn't that bad. When I woke up in the middle of the night it felt legitimately chilly. I did have to turn the AC back a couple clicks from full blast on a couple of occasions. I don't recall anything extreme one way or the other anywhere else on the ship except for club fusion which was absolutely frigid. Not a complaint, bingo was a nice chance to cool off, but there definitely seems to be an opportunity to spread the wealth between club fusion and what some people apparently experienced in their rooms. Since personal temperature preference factors in heavily to different perceptions of how well the A/C performed, for reference - I generally prefer temps on the cool side but not to an extreme. During the summer my target temp is somewhere in the 70-72 zone, a few degrees cooler overnight if possible.
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