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  1. In 2020 we had one cruise cancelled (at the last minute) by Seabourn and then we cancelled another Seabourn booking well before final payment date and never paid our travel agent a penny. A business can put in place any rule or policy as they see fit, but in today's day and age it seems pretty silly to charge your customer a fee for a cruise which was cancelled by the cruise line. If I was in your situation I would have an honest and open conversation with the agent about the upcoming cruise and what happens if/when it cancels. If you get the party line again, I would take my business somew
  2. Interesting - have not been on CC for two or three weeks and logged in today to see how the refunds were going. We are waiting on a FCC - and have been since March. Word through our TA was the credit was "done" and would post to our account in a few days. That was a month ago. Based on klkaylor78's post above (THANKS!!), logged onto my account on Seabourn.com and low and behold my FCC is shown in the new Future Cruise Credit section. How about that! (by the way, I accessed the website through my MacBook Air with Safari v13.x) But, logging into my spouses's account - and few
  3. Not sure if you received an email with the offer? Here is the mice type from the email we received two days ago. Maybe this is the not full T&C's - don't know, but it is what we received. *Sensational Suite Savings: Offers are valid through July 31, 2020 on select 2020 & 2021 sailings. Offers vary by sailing. Featured fares are per guest based on double occupancy and promo code NG. Fares are in U.S. dollars. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are additional and range from $125 to $2,840. All savings amounts are included in the fares shown. Complimentary Veranda Suite Upgrade
  4. Don't you love reading the fine print? "...Guests using a Future Cruise Credit and/or rebooking from 2020 voyages are not eligible for this Offer..."
  5. I agree with norm2002 about some type of communication misunderstanding. I have been following this refund and FCC credit pretty close and first I have heard of 6 months. The Seabourn party line has been 60-days since March, with some mention of 90-days starting to come out. A variation of the 90-days is "60 working days" which I find almost laughable. If I were you, I would ask your travel agent via email (if you have not already) and ask them to email you back a response. Would love for you to post this exchange here on CC of course with names and company info deleted.
  6. No, that can't possibly be true. I thought the 12 week delay for refunds/FCC's was because the big backlog of work. <sarcasm intended>
  7. Looking at the Governor's quote posted above (thanks capriccio) - he seemed to emphasize "south" Florida. There are other Florida ports. I can't see any way there will not be a solution for a Florida port. One way or the other.
  8. I've followed all evening and noticed the speed after Zaandam cleared the locks. It sure seemed fast to me as well. I've never sailed the Canal, but sailed a couple of US Navy ships into many ports and narrow waterways. 14-15 knots in such waters is "warp speed" as Copper 10-8 says!!
  9. Looks like both are underway now. Great job by all the HAL sailors involved - and the passengers as well. Get thru the canal and into a port where everyone can get sorted out properly.
  10. With you 100% also Hank. There's been mention of compassion here and there in this thread - what HAL is doing getting the second ship in place to provide what were surely critical medical supplies and staff is a great example. Just my opinion - forget the arguments of why did HAL sail, why did the passengers get on this cruise and who is going to pay for it. We as a human species tend to show compassion for our fellow human - even more so when there is a dire need. Getting the passengers and crew to a location where appropriate care can be effectively applied should be the priority.
  11. Nice tool to calculate distance between two points using latitude/longitude position. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gccalc.shtml Old school would be a proper nautical chart and a set of dividers! Thanks for the position reports.
  12. marinetraffic.com currently shows the Zaandam about 10 nautical miles off the port of Manta, Equador. Posted course and speed suggests they are headed to the port.
  13. Recent history suggests Seabourn will be the last to make this announcement. Hope I am wrong.
  14. Excellent - happy that you received support including a solution which met your needs. And thank you for taking the time to talk about the positive.
  15. Westmount - thanks for the ongoing updates. Sounds like everyone, guests and crew, are making the best of the situation. It great to see that and read your reports. I suspect you all with have a heck of celebration the night before your landing in Broome!!
  16. What might be more interesting coming from the CLIA would be their member's plans to deal with the COVID19 cruise ship refugees if and when situations like Princess has found itself. It seems to be so far, CLIA members have handed the problem over to the government of the country where the ship finally lands. Take a look at what the California Governor said yesterday - and was hinted at by the Fed's. I don't envy any cruise line and just yesterday cancelled a cruise on Odyssey almost exclusively because the issue of what happens "...if". A very trying time for everyone.
  17. We are in the same exact situation and same cruise - not too worried about the virus - more worried about the hysteria, ports closing and potential for a quarantine in a country in which we don't speak the language. We had two calls to Seabourn today and one to our travel agent - company speak is all we got. Just looked at all the major cruise lines - best I can tell only Seabourn is on the 30-day notice. There may be others, but Seabourn competitors Silver Sea and Regent are both 48-hours. Crystal just announced today a 7-day cancel policy which if followed by Seabourn would not help us.
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