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  1. When has a thread ever survived the original post. 🙂
  2. Applied in last week of March. Still nothing
  3. Sad but true words from many sources on this thread. Cruise ships do their best to contain a whole host of problems from health, sanitation...drunken @$$ hats. But their design is not conducive to this type of viral avoidance. This virus is gonna be a pain in the derriere to eradicate from the amount of surfaces and with the amount of passengers on ships. Also as with most viruses they just keep mutating. It could mutate into something harmless, or something worse. I love cruising and in the last few years am doing it much more often as our kids have/will be leaving home and retirement is very close. However, for the next few years or until evidence has shown that the sardine effect treatment of passengers from the cruise lines stops we will be land vacationing (Hello Maui baby!) Although it is a popular vacation destination it isn't like a cruise ship. Because as they build ever more densely packed ships in order to keep that low price, the effects of ANY virus will be easier and easier to find away to spread. And there are fully functional hospitals at most land destination with doctors I'd trust also. I'm still a fan of cruising, but once this years booked are cancelled by us and them...well, we will need to separate for awhile.
  4. While I agree eventually they'll have to raise prices to offset the losses from the fire sale prices they're using to put anyone on ships at the moment if you know you want to cruise again in 6 -8 - 10 months, book right away. Currently latitude pricing for cruises is great. Example, December 14 Day Sydney Aus, around NZ and return is about 2000 per person Balcony with all perks. That don't suck! So book once you get your refund (should you wish to cancel) and get a higher cabin/longer cruise.
  5. Actually it's good for 2 years and 9 months. "Anyone choosing to cancel will receive a full refund in the form of a future cruise credit to be used for sailings that embark through December 31, 2022." So...
  6. The FAQ you can follow from the letter is that ANY cruise, regardless of when you booked, inside that time window, Mar 10 to end Sept is eligible for a credit if you call after Mar 10th
  7. Aah, I misunderstood, I thought you were upset because you cancelled before the new policy came out. And it may have been useless for you but for us we're within 2 weeks of going. We couldn't cancel. So our bacon is saved, financially. Not because we want to cancel, but now we can if it gets worse.
  8. Check your email...not refund but 100% future credit!
  9. And waiting was worth it. Still on the fence but leaning towards a resched. That's 6.2K (ok, that's Cdn, but still a ***** locker full of money) for a future cruise. Maybe add that last few thousand next year and party in the haven. Aaah, Haven.
  10. Going on a cruise out of Tampa in 3.5 weeks. Not cancelling since I don't want to lose 100 Percent of every thing. Now if I get there, or before, and THEY cancel, well at least I'll get the cruise money back or a 100 Percent credit (which I'll happily use). Worst case scenario, I spend a week or two in Tampa/Orlando/Miami. Win Win
  11. Being a Canuck I also have experienced this situation. My solution...screw the company website and go onto Expedia or other site. The prices aren't any different, and usually they have extras that the companies have negotiated with them that are add ons. Went to a dedicated HA presentation by one of the TA's in the area and the HA Reps said not to use their page and to use the TA's site because of the same reason I already mentioned. Good Luck
  12. Happy New Year. Hope you had a chance to get to the Cowichan Valley for some Timmies.
  13. MMM...my fave. Will definitely get them to add the floater on the next cruise in March.
  14. Hey VictOriann give that cruise ship company agency...you know, on Yates or on Millstream a call. Just booked an Alaska Veranda with grats for first two pax and drink pkg, and OBC etc. Not sure if it's on all trips, but the Alaska trips next summer are a deal. On until end of day Friday the 29th.
  15. During a cruise last year on the NCL Sun the Officers and Captain held a Q & A for the passengers. The question of sourcing food around the world came up and the answer given by the Officer in charge of that was that all food is sourced in the USA (not necessarily from the US but sourced there) to ensure consistency and the logistics team at the headquarters ensures that containers of supplies are put on ships to arrive just in time in the countries and ports or call. Almost everything is either canned, refrigerated, or frozen. Take that for what it's worth, but that is what he said.
  16. If you have access to the Haven you will find it a lesser Haven that on the big ships but I like that. It's very quiet and relaxing for getting away from the crowds. I enjoy being at sea and peace and quiet, this is the only way to do that nowadays. I answered a question awhile ago about Haven on the Pearl. Albeit we were on the Jade, except for maybe a color scheme and artwork the pics here should give you an idea of what to expect. We were in a family suite but did tour the DOS and GV with our butler offering. They seem like if I were to win a stock lottery or just a plain lottery, I would stay in them. These pics on the link are from Mar 2019
  17. Have done both lines, along with RCL, and Carnival. All lines are different, all ships in a line are different. We go out of our way to not go on the newest mega ships regardless of line. I guess if I was in the correct tax bracket I'd sail Regent or some other "boutique" ships. But I'm not. So Princess has/does/allows things that NCL doesn't which pleases me. Bring soda on for cabin, bring wine on board, drink prices are reasonable compared to NCL (when you don't have package). That said NCL is good for access to shows, anytime dining (plus or negative, mostly plus) NCL has for all intents and purposes (with a few fees) a built in drink package in their fare. I like to sip on drinks through out the day/evening and saves me a lot of end of the cruise money on my sail account. I find NCL rooms, again on the mid-size ships, bigger than the ones on Princess. Food is hit and miss for who has the best, but NCL's buffets I found more varied. My experiences, not anyone elses, but mine. Mid size ships. Enjoy your trips, meet lots of people. After all that is the best part of cruising, the social life if you choose it. We have friends all over the world now.
  18. I can speak to 5 months ago on the Jade they had the White Party. Up on the pool deck music dancing and a hard working cruise director pouring energy into the crowd, without which, I think it might have curled up and died at anytime. When the ships dancers came out and snagged people out onto the dancing area then the damn broke and all fun was had.
  19. Jade had service all day long. Bam Bang (yes his name) was excellent bringing drinks up to the courtyard. After 3rd day all I had to do was catch his attention and it was done. No talking. After hours a quick 30 second trip to Mojito Bar got the job done. Once the bartenders got to know you, they just prepared the drink while doing others and just put it on the bar. Being Haven is the best.
  20. If you have the time then the museum, as previously stated, is a great visit. it would be rushed and that would be a shame, but it is a "get into history" type of museum, not the "look at this history" type. September has some of the most gorgeous evenings and strolling downtown and have a nice dinner or sitting at a Patio at a pub will be wonderful.
  21. I'd pay up to 1000pp or even more from Mini suite to get into Haven area. I know this will come with a whole bunch of disagreements and some agreements, but that is MY preference. Just so worth it to be in that environment, the simplicity of cruising when Haven. The quiet, the service, the space, mostly that, the space. If you got a deal on the mini, treat yourself.
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