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  1. We are on Liberty. Jeff Arpin started yesterday, August 18. He will be onboard until Brian Leavitt returns on October 13.
  2. Jeff Arpin starts on Liberty on August 18. I’ll be onboard the next two weeks. I’ll try to find out for how long. Sorry to miss Brian. I hear he was doing a great job.
  3. I just read that Capt. Anders and family were on Jewel two weeks ago, and folks on the Liberty the first week in June and Dustin was there. Sooooo
  4. Captain Dustin Castlesky is the Captain onboard Liberty this week. Not sure why. It's mid-rotation on Liberty and Capt. Anders cycle, and mid Captain Dustin's rotation on Jewel. Trying to get more info about how long he's on Liberty. He and the new cruise Director, Brian, look like twins! Really.
  5. Hi Mario... And oh no....I'll miss Captain Angel on Navigator on 10/21 then. I had asked him and knew it was close, but we may miss him by about a week. Sigh. I really like him!
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