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  1. Here is some fall color at Lake Valhalla, just a short hike from Stevens Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail. Less crowded than Leavenworth, but no "little shoppes" to explore.
  2. Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, WA is officially cancelled due to COVID-19 this year. They are already selling tickets for 2021 events. From the traffic on Highway 2 the past few weekends, you would think Oktoberfest was actually still happening.
  3. What email address are you using? I was told that I would get a response if I used: reservations_submit@hollandamerica.com as the address. I tried it and got an automated response saying it would take 10-14 business days for someone to get back to me. That is considered "expidited".
  4. FCC is not transferrable. HAL has no obligation to refund money paid for privately arranged and non-refundable excursions. That is a gamble you took when booking those excursions. The flight from Perth should be compensated up to what they agreed to pay others for a changed itinerary. Sorry your experience has soured your mood toward HAL, but it is understandable that you are not pleased with how things turned out.
  5. They aren't old enough to read the deer-resistant plant list.
  6. Picked up the keys Tuesday; stayed a couple nights before having to go back to work. Beach and dunes walks prove to be soothing for the sole (soul). Saw deer, eagles, other sea and land birds, snails, and slugs. Nice couple of days.
  7. The company line is that they are clearing the backlog of refunds and FCC based on sailing date. Then they talk about a series of 'pauses' and mention five different cruise pauses. An agent told me on Friday that HAL has closed out all of the accounts from the first two pauses (both done in March) but I know that we are still waiting on FCC from the second pause, but have received FCC for a cruise that HAL cancelled (paused?} in the fourth round of cancellations. I think they are attempting to act like each of us is an exception to the norm, but from what I see on Cruise Critic, there are
  8. Your welcome. Even in the HAL mix of ships there is quite a range of results for PSR. Because of physical distancing concerns, I think it may be a factor that gets looked at more going forward. The chart I shared is a couple years old and strictly used the gross tonnage/passengers to determine the ratio. I do know that not all space is equal and how it is allocated to use will change the feeling of crowded vs. comfortably spacious. I have not been on HAL's Pinnacle class ships yet. I wonder how much more crowded they will feel based on losing the full promenade deck and the density o
  9. I love living in the mountains, but I also miss the ocean. A few weeks ago my DW and I went to Westport, WA, and looked at some condominiums for retirement (maybe 6-8 years in the future). We will be closing the deal this next week on a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with ocean view just steps away from an 18 mile long sandy beach. Since we won't be cruising this summer, we plan to invest some quality time at the ocean.
  10. I think capacity is based on double occupancy for all of the cabins. Many cabins can accommodate more than two people. To go to your Amsterdam example--capacity is listed as 1380, but 'maximum passengers' is listed as 1772. More passengers in the same space will result in less space for each passenger. When we were on the Zaadam the ship was sailing with less than capacity and it felt very roomy.
  11. We received an email today telling us our Future Cruise Credit is Now Available. It looked pretty small, compared to what we thought we would be getting. Turns out that it was FCC for a September 20, 2020 sailing. We still haven't received FCC for a May 3, 2020 sailing. I was told (again) that it would be expedited. The May 3rd sailing was cancelled by HAL in mid-March (Pause-2). Also, not expecting FCC for HAL cancelled February 2, 2021 sailing until later.
  12. If better passenger space ratios help cruising restart sooner, it may actually help offset some of the lost revenue. Lower revenue with cruises would be better than no revenue without cruises.
  13. One reason I have enjoyed cruising with HAL is that the ships don't feel crowded. Most of the HAL ships have a higher passenger space ratio than ships from many other cruise lines (except the luxury lines). I would love to see HAL make moves to even increase passenger space going forward. I realize that any steps taken to increase passenger space will also require a price increase. One idea for making ships feel roomier would be to encourage single occupant rooms. Maybe giving better rates for single occupant rooms? Here is a link to an old article with Passenger Space Ratios of
  14. Thank you, cruisemom42, for the link to the to the research paper produced by Livable Places. The conclusion to the paper was that New York City is almost four times as dense as Los Angeles, and that using an urbanized area comparison was not comparing apples to apples and was a low-quality comparison. For myself, I live in a town in King County, WA, with a population of about 200. We are surrounded by National Forests, and National Wilderness areas. Even in our counties largest city, Seattle, the feeling of elbow room and physical space is far better than in Los Angeles. And
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