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  1. Milk is also available for free in the Lido Market at breakfast.
  2. You could try using the 'quote' link and then deleting the text you don't want.
  3. Booked a cruise on board our last cruise and got a reduced deposit.
  4. We loved Maine, even with snow from October to May and having to shovel off the roof a few times one year. Maine truly has four seasons of beauty, and wonderful people. If our roots had not been in the Northwest, we might still be living in Maine.
  5. Thanks for all of the posts and pictures. Even though we lived in Limerick, ME for a few years we did not make it up to Acadia National Park. A New England cruise is on our list of future cruises we hope to go on.
  6. I was certified as a 'Special' Education Teacher and taught "Special needs" students. I think everyone is special in their own way and I invested a lot of time trying to help parents and others look past the labels placed on the children and see them for who they really were. I found that the various labels did more harm than good.
  7. I didn't know there was a Bar Harbor in Massachusetts! I think they meant 'ME'.
  8. I should clarify that "Apostleship of the Sea" is who supplies the priests for HAL.
  9. We were on the Zaandam this year during the Easter season. HAL supplied a priest, but he was taken off the ship for medical reasons and died. It took a couple weeks to replace him (just in time for Easter service). The protestant services were 'congregationally led' and well attended. HAL doesn't supply protestant ministers except for Grand World Voyages and Legendary Voyages (according to 'Guest Staff' department).
  10. In the Navigator app, look to the bottom of the page on the right side of the screen and you will find "More", tap that and another menu appears that includes "Feedback", type in your comments there.
  11. It sounds like "full disclosure" is the issue. Paying our fair share is never a concern, but knowing what that is prior to booking is important. Things have changed over the years. When I flew in the past I did not have to pay for baggage, checked or carry-on. We were served pretty good meals, even in coach. The only drinks you had to pay for on a plane were alcoholic beverages, which I don't drink. I love the thought of a $329 cruise to Alaska, but you have to add in port charges and HSC. Realistically an inside cabin doubles in cost for many cruises. The percentage of increase is less in higher category cabins, even though the dollar amount is higher. With "full disclosure" a passenger knows what all of the actual and potential charges will be and they can plan accordingly.
  12. Perfect! That makes more sense and describes the true purpose. Then the envelopes we give (in addition to the service charge) are truly tips.
  13. It may just be semantics, but when a company (cruise line, hotel, restaurant, etc.) adds a charge and tries to label that charge as a tip or a gratuity I wonder if they might have better labeled that line item as a service charge or just included the amount in the original price. Then a tip or gratuity would truly be from the heart and not feel compulsory.
  14. We have never done a GTY with HAL, but a few years back we had one with NCL. We were assigned a Balcony cabin about a month out; then noticed that it had been upgraded to a higher balcony a week later. Just prior to leaving for the cruise we checked online to verify the cabin number and found we had been upgraded again. Then the final surprise was when we checked in at the pier we were assigned a mini-suite.
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